[Sub] Dimash at “Central Television”, 2020

[Sub] Dimash at “Central Television”, 2020

In Moscow, on the 9th of March, in the largest Sport Palace, was held perhaps the last large-scale concert of the recent period of time. Despite of the coronavirus fervor, the already world-famous singer from Kazakhstan, Dimash Kudaibergen, and the composer Igor Krutoy, managed to gather a full stadium of people. However, this is not something surprising. It seems that fans would go to attend his performances even if the end of the world was underway. For the next week, the star plans concerts in Germany that he also was not going to cancel. Maybe the love for Dimash gives immunity against infection or maybe frau Merkel herself was preparing to attend his performance. We’ll find everything now. Dimash Kudaibergen and Igor Krutoy are today in the Central TV’s studio. I want so bad to applaud you but we don’t have audience Hello. Operators and everyone we have in the studio, you can applaud instead. Thank you very much. Dimash and Igor Y, you had a huge concert on March 9th. But immediately on the 10th, Sergey Semionovich (mayer of Moscow) banned all mass gatherings. Admit it. Maybe Serghey Semionovich (mayer of Moscow) was standing somewhere in the hall, in the first row, maybe the mayor of Moscow is your fan? Why exactly on the 10th, only after your concert? I don’t know… it happened like this probably. And the day after that, I was going to hold a concert in Kiev, and the same thing happened there. The next day after the concert, they announced the quarantine. I don’t know… maybe I was just lucky like that. Fortunate… Yeah, fortunate… Did you take… especially, Igor Yakovlevich (since he is older), did you take some precautions? I don’t know. Maybe turning away the hands of the fans or maybe standing at the piano with a mask. Well, my precaution was not going to Kiev. Yeah. Well, actually I was not able to go there But in regards to Moscow… well, you didn’t perform before while wearing a mask, right? I should try… How the voice will turn out. Yeah… how it will sound. Well, yes, interesting. Tell me, you are planning to tour in Germany but many artists already canceled these European concerts Did they make an exception for you? Open the mystery for us. Or, after all, coronavirus is stronger? First of all, even if they would’ve made an exception, I would’ve been afraid myself because you can’t put people’s lives at risk. It would be better to postpone them. Yes, better to postpone them calmly, after that, without hurry, we can… So, concerts will not take place yet. Yes. It seems like a correct decision to me. By the way, when was your last time in China? Half a month ago… Or maybe a bit more… When did coronavirus began? That is to say, the virus was already there. Yes. When coronavirus broke out, I was in Beijing at that time, and after that I took a flight to Kazakhstan we had some video shootings there, by chance and the next day it turned out they closed the borders with Kazakhstan. Unbelievable. Interesting to know, have you considered such a scenario… they say that in China the virus started to decline, maybe it’s worth hiding there from the viruses that are spreading here? I don’t know, I don’t know… You can’t guess what will happen there… There’s no place where one can hide, I think We need to hope that they will find a cure, after all. Uh… Well, yes, everyone hopes that. I don’t know if the virus is to blame or something else for that, but I wanted to ask about a video from your concert. Show it to us, please So you want to know if he is infected or not? Firstly, yes, that. Secondly, is this a common happening at your concerts or did this comrade already understood that all the concerts will be postponed and decided to fire himself up on the last one? In my opinion, this is Todis’ branch in Kiev (soviet and Russian ballet group)
(lmao) Yes, probably. Dimash, I know that at your concerts, besides singing, you also play on an amazing instrument, that is called dombra And you’re even doing rap. So why didn’t we hear it before? Well… By the way, there is the video too Can you play something? Give as the dombra quickly. Can you show us for a second? It’s possible to rap along with this? It’s possible to rap along with this? I don’t know. Like that saying: “The young man is playing on the violin and says: “I don’t know how to play it and I didn’t try it before”. Like I already said, performances are being canceled everywhere in the world, not only in our country. Only in our studio. Even though today we don’t have audience in here, there are millions at the TV screens, I beg you to go on the stage. Before going, I want to thank you because at every premiere of a new song, we come here, at your invitation This is already a tradition This is a tradition and these songs are having a good and easy fate after that so let’s not break the tradition We’re not going to, it will take place here, at the Central Television So, I propose to make a gift. You can go to the stage. I propose to make a gift for everyone that wanted to go at the concert of these amazing artists, but couldn’t because of the well-known reason. I think and I hope this is the first and the last time when they will perform in an empty hall. Dimash Kudaibergen. Igor Krutoy. The premiere of the song “Your Love”, that gathered more than 1,5 million views in only three days. Igor Krutoy and Dimash Kudaibergen. The hall is so empty and silent. There should have been applause. In the times we live the hand-shaking and embraces are not welcomed but I will do it anyway. Awesome song. Thank you very much for coming. Applause from those who are in the studio. Give them to us. Thank you. Thank you. I wish you success. See you.


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  • This week had so many filming and performances that he no longer has the mood and the strength to respond to jokes, Igor very competently and correctly draws attention to himself and helps Dimash:)

    In any case, in his free time he will regain his strength and will do what he loves.

    I wish you health and well-being, thank you very much for translating Ruxanda

  • Ruxanda Dear thank you for this awesome treat. Hope you are feeling much much better,
    Dimash's voice needs to be declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, Honestly its out of this world. Accolade to you dear Ruxanda for services to Dimash's Dears ❤

  • Mychannelverona says:

    Thank you, Ruxanda, you are amazing! I will go on the official page, too, anyway! Just to gine him more likes! 🙂

  • Hello hello one hope you having a great day Yolanda Diaz NYC I just wanted to say that I'm not worried about the language that doesn't bother me any language that's different than English it's beautiful anything that has to do with my prince dimash it's even more beautiful this man is the greatest in the world and he is greatest in my life he has been and always will be that special someone in my heart I don't care about what language how he sings it if it's just talkin I watch it I'm a fan to the heart and the Dearest of his dear I kept my promise and that is sealed nothing or no one can break it that dimash is the only one that has the key of my heart and soul I know things are little scary right now but we are strong together we need to unite and battle this ugly fight and we will win because we are as one to everyone just be safe careful and protect yourself to my Prince dimash I send you my blessings my deepest strongest love stay healthy and protect yourself and your family to all the families out there hold each other guide each other and love one another dimash I'm on your journey I'll follow you wherever you may be my promise is kept and will never be broken because you never broke it any of yours to me?❤?❤????????

  • Божественный мальчик. Уносит в космос своим пением. Восхищение. Я никогда не восхищалась пением артистов. Да нравились. Но чтобы так. Душу выворочивать и слезы это нереально сама в шоке от себя а уж от Димаша. Это. Вообще

  • Спасибо что пригласили Димаша вы в студию это надежда сто все будет хорошо и наш очаровательный мальчик не смотря на опасность здоровья хочет порадовать людей и подбодрить

  • Обалденно с каждым выступлением по новому звучит первое великолепно. А. С е йчас. Шевреал.но

  • Elisiana Rocker says:

    Como sempre, Dimash td lindo e maravilhoso, encantador❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????♥️♥️♥️♥️, não canso de escutar

  • Verónica Mena says:

    Ruxanda, bello reportaje y sobre todo agradezco la traducción, espero que te encuentres mucho mejor de salud , espero que tú familia se encuentre bien, te mando bendiciones y muchos saludos desde México ?❤️?????????❤️?

  • Зинаида Василенко says:

    У Димаша какое-то голос простуженный, когда давал интервью, когда начал петь, вроде все в порядке.

  • Pocha Cisneros says:

    Hermosa vos de Dimash?????, bonita canción, perfecto dúo??, bonita escenografía??. Me encanto como todo lo que hace nuestro DI??

  • Зинаида Василенко says:

    У Игоря Яковлевича прекрасное чувство юмора, все в тему.

  • Colleen Mooney says:

    Thank you so much for your translations Ruxanda. May all stay well and when this has passed we all meet to see Dimash perform again. Much love and respect to all.

  • Andreina Pedreros says:

    Ruxanda Translations gracias por la traducción me encantó la entrevista y lo más importante la nueva canción de Dimash

  • Thanks Ruxanda! I prefer this version of 'Your Love' for some reason. Maybe Dimash was more relaxed or something. Igor really stepped up in this interview to bridge any uncomfortable moments with humor. You can clearly see why Igor and Dimash get along since they're both charming and charismatic.

  • Grazie Ruxandra come sempre tesoro sei unica pet le traduzioni…sono sempre in debito con te con il cuore grazie cara è quwsta canzone è stupenda..m????????????buona notte..

  • Milagros Ortiz says:

    Dismas, sus padres, sus abuelos y toda su familias, al igual que al señor Igor y toda su familia se tienen que cuidar mucho, y usted tambien se tiene que cuidar y es mejor que suspendan todos sus conciertos, es lo mas recomendable, Dios los proteja a todos, muchas Bendiciones ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????????

  • Hola #RuxandaTranslations Fue Interesante esta entrevista, hubo momentos de incomodidad que el anfitrión tuvo que sacar adelante, cuando mencionó que #Dimash no cancelaría sus Shows pensé : ESTA LOCO !!!!! ???
    Después #Dimash aclaro que pospondria sus conciertos en Europa ? ? ?
    Casi caigo de la silla, Ya me calme ???

  • Ruth Herdoíza says:

    Que lindo y que ganas de estar ahí escucharlo en persona. Es magnífico con o sin orquesta con o sin público es extrsordinario. Cuídate mucho hermoso joven besos

  • Cuando el Anfitrión dijo : “Los #Dears te siguirian, aún si el Fin del Mundo estuviese en Marcha"
    Pensé : Siiiiiiiiiiiiii adonde tu vayas, Yo te seguiré #DimashKudaibergen ?????
    Luego entre en razón !!!! ???
    Ojalá el Amor por #Dimash nos volviese inmune contra el Corona virus, pero NO ???????????????

  • Gracias por la traducción !! Es muy interesante lo que se trata en ella , espectacular la interpretación de Dimash en su nueva canción. !!!! Bellísima !!! Saludos Ruxanda , desde Buenos Aires , Argentina . Haydeé

  • Cholidah Chldh says:

    I've been wondering why he kept touring in the middle of the outbreak. Wish him well and the rest of the world can be normal again. Thank you Ruxanda for your hard work. I can't donate now, but will surely do once I can. Wish everything's okay in Italy too.

  • Angela Llarena says:

    A cuidarnos todos!! Dios nos bendiga a todos!!!
    Que bonita, y melancólica. Con lo que estamos pasando!! Gracias Dimash!!! ?????????????????

  • M luz Eslava Cisneros says:

    Ruxanda, vales mil, me agrada verte pero, también extraño a ECHO PITERA, cuando Dimash, nos enseña humildad y algunos muestran discordia por creerse dueños de su imágen, suceden estas cosas. Por favor cuídate tú de estas personas, que muy seguramente no son Dears. ??????? Saludos desde México.

  • Blanca Arredondo Trujillo says:

    Como siempre, eternamente hermoso. Cuidate mucho te queremos Dimash para siempre. Dios te bendiga????

  • Майра Жоламанова says:


  • good interview congratulations to all and Dimash Kudaibergen we love you Igor and Lara congratulations I loved thank you ?❤️? best wishes

  • Cherry Navarro says:

    It seems that Mr. Dimash has always been so lucky and fortunate in everything in his life. I hope and pray that he would also have that same luck and fortune in his love life. But it seems that in almost all of his song choices, it’s all about a broken or a troubled relationship, losing a lover, wanting someone to come back or asking for forgiveness, being better in a relationship. Could it be that he can relate to these songs, the reason why he sang it all so passionately, as if he was the story of these songs? Could it be that all these songs are the true images of his love life? YOUR LOVE has the same theme. If a relationship is on and off, always in turmoil, it wasn’t meant to be, Mr. Dimash. And don’t ever expect that a marriage would turn it into a bed of roses. On the contrary. It would be worst. You would never have peace. And don’t beg for someone’s love. You will be enslaved and you will always be in her control. You’re a smart and intelligent man, Mr. Dimash. Don’t be a fool in love. Or crazy for someone so not worth it. Wait for the perfect one. Someone who can understand the in and out of your career. Someone who can bring out all the best in you. Someone who can be one with you in mind, heart, and soul. May your luck and fortune not come to an end but continue on and on, non-stop. This my prayer for you, Mr. Dimash.

  • Virginia Leleo says:

    Gracias infinitas Ruxandra es tan lindo saber lo que dicen es tan difícil el idioma ruso y kazajo !!! Se lo ve muy cansado su ojo izquierdo se le inflama un poquito , no me gustó la entrevista solo le pregunta por el coronavirus, y la canción es bellísima cantada por la mejor voz del mundo Dimash y el mejor compositor Igor krutoy!!!!!

  • Лариса Гусарова says:

    И ДИМАШ!

  • Soo glad the concerts have been postponed. Better to attend when everything is as back to normal as it can be after something like this.

  • Wow, I love Igor and Dimash out performing even when concerts cannot happen at the moment with sensible & fun chat ❤️?? ! HEY – ⚠️ – stay well guys – elbow or foot bump – just don’t go against world medical advise and shake hands please ?? – for yourselves and as an example to those who look to what you do. ?? ?? ?? ?! ?

  • Muntasir Billah says:

    Ruxanda, I'm speechless at your efforts. You're one hell of a hard-working person! Well done. Love from Bangladesh!

  • Patricia Palmer says:

    I missed this broadcast and how kind you are to all of us to share it. Igor and Dimash are magic, aren't they? I get such enjoyment watching Igors obvious pride in, respect for, and love of Dimash. Its like, look!! isn't he wonderful ??!! In his eyes and all over his face. Yes, Igor, he is

  • Thank you for the upload and the translation.

    What a fluff of a host. About as shallow as an "interview" gets. Utterly nothing of substance.

  • Muy bien Dimadh que suspendio sus conciertos no solo por su proteccion sino por la de los demas ya seguiremos disfrutando de sus maravillas con mayor calma y seguridad ???

  • Сенге Монгуш says:

    Песня понравилась очень!
    Но, в ней есть мелодия. знакомая,
    которая я пою( обычно у нас пост.есть ) и поэтому мне
    очень нравится, принимаю ее,близко и родной!!!

  • I think he's tired and worried about his health and surely about his family. But I think he CAN NOT cancel his concerts and interviews due to the business he's in. I think they force him to continue. Dimash is pure, kind, and genuine..
    Thanks to Igor that escaped from those really bad questions of the interviewer. ❤ from Italy

  • Dimash's outstanding as always. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on these translations. I subscribed. Keep up the good work!??

  • Siempre la TV rusa poniendo por delante, (en primer plano) en este caso bailarines, la vez pasada patinadores. El protagonista es el cantante, por lo tanto le corresponde el primer plano. No entiendo por que Igor K, y aún el mismo Dimash K permiten ésto.
    Ruxamda gracias por las traducciones ❤

  • Joana Darc Pereira says:

    Que bom que o Dimash vai deixar os shows para depois pois precisa mesmo se precavido este vírus não está para brincadeira é real e mortífero tem que se cuidar ❤❤

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