49 thoughts on “STRONK Polish politician shocks leftist women and the mainstream media”

  • These ladies are fucked, take those Muslims in ur own home and see what happens….idiots
    Proud of u Poland

  • Zaara Janssen says:

    If you want to come to Europe than apply for a visa like everyone else and come legally…
    This is all your fault Germany!

  • Well done Poland. You have chosen the right politicians to safeguard your country. All the best and love from India 🇮🇳 ✌🙏

  • DrummerJacob says:

    So we're supposed to be "human" up until we don't have any countries anymore. Up until nothing connects us anymore. Until we have nothing in common anymore and theres no cultural continuity.

  • Moslems don't belong living next to humans. They are one of god's creatures
    they have a right to live as much as a rattlesnake also one of god's creations.
    But only a fool would allow a rattlesnake to live in your home it belongs
    outside. Moslems actually are worse than rattlesnakes but they are
    a creation of god. BUT, don't allow them to live with you. They belong in
    the Middle East like rattle snakes belong in the desert.

  • Fuck migrant women and their children! The immigrants are to blame NOT
    Europe. There is no moral obligation to help someone who is taking your
    home and country. They should go back home and fix their own country.
    They are like Locust, they'll destroy Europe.

  • Hey! It's that blonde woman that got schooled by Jordan Peterson! Man, what a classic video. Cheers, Poland. Stay strong, stay proud.

  • This woman can't be that stupid! Their countries have a responsibilities to help their own people!
    Go Poland!!
    No Muslims is the best thing for Poland. Yes!

  • Lynda Mackrous says:

    It’s a plug by Muslim where they want to spread themselves like it cancer across the western world and rise through the political system hope democracy will be stronger than their shower yeah law was just saying

  • Ernst Gottschalk says:

    Why the heck should this guy feel a sense of shame for people that are not his responsibility to begin with??

  • sarang lonare says:

    He is doing right
    U can't accommodate whole world in Europe there should proper procedures either in country or in their neighbors u has stable government if someone has to accommodate them at same time this just happening due to west has economy interest in it
    Look at our side where we leave at1947 and what circumstances after gold nest to poor country if there reprecartion that will humanity after all africans faces hard time since 10 centuries I think so

  • joeashbubemma says:

    I break into your home, you now have a "moral, humanitarian" obligation to take care of me…..liberal logic.

  • HeavyLikesSandwich says:

    Germany is going to pay a heavy price for their "open arms" policy towards Muslim migrants in a few decades. RIP Germany.

  • Bill Stidams says:

    They where chanting “ This is our country now, praise Allah, death to Christians, we will breed or kill you out”. You idiots just don’t get it.. Poland does..

  • How many illegal muslim immigrants have Poland taken in: Zero.
    How many terrorist attack has Poland had: ZERO

    I believe the correct internet comment here is shocked pikachu face

  • Patrick Costea says:

    Good job Poland, now stand forever strong, please continue to support your populace, you are doing what is right

  • You know how many women and children drowned trying to illegally get into Australia?
    Why are these people, who can LEGALLY apply to move to those countries, choose not to?
    What about ALL those other safe countries they traveled into, and then out of, to get to Europe?
    Why should the hard working people in those European countries pay for other people from all over the world?

  • Barry O'Sullivan says:

    That's what I call a leader with balls unlike the flacid, shrivelled up dicks 'ruling' western europe right now…

  • Russel Mohan says:

    I live in Geneva, SHIT Switzerland and migrants have RUINED my city. Can I come to Poland and teach English?

  • harlemmedic19x says:

    finally someone who isnt buying the lies of Islam an illegal immigration…Yes yhe Emperor is naked, thoise are not new clothes

  • Poland accepted 2 000 000 refugees from Ukraine. Isn't that enough? When you order Uber, the driver is always Ukrainian and I have nothing against it.

  • There's this guy that has a YouTube channel Bible flock box he's from California he lives in Poland it's safe there he says not much crime sounds like a good place to live

  • Adorably Deplorable says:

    Nooooooo, you can’t blame the parents. All they did was lay down and have sex without abandon. That has to be only the politicians fault.

  • patrick gouldbourne says:

    Poland is the best poland you have got your eyes open .German is now seeing some of the problem and the worse to come. How many came to the UK and other countries asylum seekers and then go killing enocent people. I bet amongst many thousands there are some who are waiting for the right time to strick

  • Poland is not in the position of sayin no to Bruxelles(not to mention leaving the EU),migrants are simply choosing other western countries to go for the benefits. EU and America need Poland for their economical/military reasons this is why P is still enjoying the largest amount of money from the EU each year takin very little or zero migrants on board while other countries in the EU are invaded.

  • WTF! Leave them alone! Why do you interfere in other people’s countries so much? Refugees are partly created by the same attitude of meddling in other countries! Stop shoving your ideology and politics and culture on other countries. You are the real racists! It’s their country, their laws, their people. It’s their choice to take in migrants or not. You can’t force your so called morality on others. You like to take in immigrants, good for you. Do it. But don’t judge others or try to shame or force others to do the same as you. Or believe the same as you. Wasn’t this the main core value of the left? What happened to you the left? Leave them to decide for themselves. Don’t be such a**holes!

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