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37 thoughts on “Strike a 'Pose' with EW's Annual LGBTQ Cover | Cover Shoot | Entertainment Weekly”

  • Susie English says:

    Family doesn't have to be blood, you don't have to like each other all the time but you do need a Blanca. I hope to be half as good as her. And i just realised that I saw it as a representation of the LGBTQ community but I never so the colour. Not bad for a girl raised with uncles who thought the N word was ok in the 80's even though my Dad threatened to throw them out when they used it

  • christina turmon says:


  • Elizabeth malec says:

    Muy buena esta serie me encanto la musica de mi epoca y las actuaciones me emocionaronπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  • Thomas Havard-Morgan says:

    This show is incredible. It puts the History of a community on screen and gives it such heart. It really shows the tribulations faced by those at the turn of the decade. These were the people who got us to where we were and the story is so important. Representation and visibilty are important. What Pose does is humanise and not sensationalise a community. I came away each week with so many feels. Watch it if you haven't.

  • snickerdoodles and almond milk says:

    i'm glad to see my LGBTQ family be represented but of all the people from this show to put on an LGBTQ cover.. ya'll choose Evan?? he knew to be quiet during this interview and not lecture people about a community he's not part of.. just surprised that he didn't have the common sense to ask why, off all the actual LGBTQ people on this cast, he was there. like we get it, he's a run of the mill straight white guy with a teaspoon of star power. he's not a representative of our community though. a true ally would step aside and let an LGBTQ person have their spotlight.

  • Petrus Delassio says:

    This series just gets better with every episode. I know the show just got signed for a second season but I hear there's going to be much more. All the actors are starting to fly especially after ep3. Elektra's outstanding performance on ep4 is when she finally breaks out in full bloom. ALL the cast is phenomenal! I'm a little late though..I'm only on ep6 as I intentionally tease myself.

  • Omg episode 7 is crazy I can't stand it!!!! I felt bad for papi but I feel so bad for elektra but not for long cause she is a lady….werk girl πŸ˜‰!!! And Angel life I hope stays as sweet as it is becoming but that last scene….omg all I can think about is Paris is Burning and the realness girl in the documentary that was murdered…..I NEED MORE!!!!……I LOVE BLANCA

  • It's our time in the limelight!!!! We HAVE always been here! The force behind ALL THE GLAM! Hollywood, Broadway, Fashion and Beauty, and Dance; The queer driving force behind the scenes! But now, now we're at a point where we are socially able to shine in the mainstream! Goddess Bless! Look out world, you about to get slayed!

  • I love this show pose it brings the understanding of the club life for the transgender and they are talented people with big hearts who knew the truth of their life and bring it out in dance…..I miss my friend Darnell because he would do vogue poses with me when I would see him…. they just want to live life and show the right way the story is told… it and it's getting better….i still think they need some Rupaul dance characters like Estranga La Ganja Gia Gunz and some others…but not the difficult queens

  • Tonda Taylor says:

    I had made up in my mind i wasn't going to watch it cause i thought i knew what it was about…Wrong I was..very good show

  • Qween Rebekkah says:

    MJ YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!! I live for Blanca! she is everrrrrything! I love her. I wanna be friends with her and share clothes lol. You play the HELL outta that character. NO ONE ELSE could play her like you baby! This is my FAV show now!!!! POSE BITCHπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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