like and subscribe right now are this spider or crawl on your face when you're sleeping hacen bundles are selling the rarest bundles in fortnight for the cheapest price they have many reviews vouches and an online shop where you can buy your favorite skins at get you exclusive fortnight bundles now in the first link in the description down below oh I'm using an exploit on stream it's not next boy this unimportant competitive Twitter or whatever it is so at this point and it's accepted so you're correct in every other tournament we were never allowed to do it so I don't know anymore Tim I don't know oh god I gotta reload this real quick and I'll be ready with them it's so good [Laughter] Timothy the tattoo man is destroying more Fivey limbs yeah maybe six year hey fortnight clips fans want more V buck giveaways make sure to use code fortnight clips in the item shop and we'll continue to give out redemption codes just like this don't forget to Like subscribe and turn on post notifications so you don't miss out or take us back to OD for a map or the whole new map – season 10 hold me back I'm Sam and I'd have the old four time app as a game-mode not be sick bring back season one baby please let's go oh my god hell yeah brother I wish that happens man the lord is gonna explode and take us all back to season one just the map take us back to season one just everything bro weapons skins gameplay key binds everything dude can you please bring back oh gee fortnight and if you don't want to bring back load you fortnight can you have an OG fortnight game-mode please as like the LTM or something I beg you that'd be awesome dude that would be one of the best things that could ever happen bro I'll be so happy with that I don't even know man if I could jump around me in my underwear I'm streaming my water in a LeBouf but I'm kind of scared of getting banned you know me where's halfway this chef Wade me in this storm I can get back in my god that was disgusting for like 20 people bro oh you would have been gay if you didn't use his teammates I'm not hard really good I have zero King bro I'm pushing this heavy sniper round yo I need some help voice this is really bad I call night I didn't my eyeballs are dry is New York a dry State it's a up there if you can hear me stand still and don't move and let me sleep your head if you can hear me stand still let me sleep your head for the gravy no I'm charge of this game bro it's a new bro oh my god rose brother brother brother so easy fucking this don't sound like ID'd holy fuck all I do is get in buddy yeah later YouTube later mangle I learned that one from cypher it's sitting behind the chest for you I mean I just don't really see the fun Oh Oh my man Duke just got Dookie Dom I mean Jesus mention justice Judy's only shotguns yeah oh these guys are you know they are that they go south on me I'm a dude what weights or a buck there on our turf they're on our turf who is this guy yeah I did I don't think that I think that I don't think we can in a custom because I had a dude literally land on top of me a slip on a tree I hit this yogi $575,000 oh oh 81 unluck death okay I'm with you I'm with you go back up you guys hit me in a box in a box oh my god he's invisible dude what the fuck is that to seize on obey we stay on my way take a picture make it last like I said



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