Streamers React to *EVENT* "SEASON 10 MAP ORB" (TIME TRAVEL) in Fortnite

Streamers React to *EVENT* "SEASON 10 MAP ORB" (TIME TRAVEL) in Fortnite

hey do you want to improve your mobile gaming experience on fortnight pub G or any other mobile game well gaming supplies giving away 50 or they're number one rated for pad gaming controllers for free they're rated number one for reaction time durability flexibility and much more it works on any touchscreen device so hurry and get your free four pack gaming controller by clicking the first link in the description down below I'm good I'm still gliding me I'm good five minutes one guy's very on you literally WG this guy wkyt's Oh Mother of God Jesus Christ you got a monkey monkey we're monkey we're monkey there's one middle I don't have and I'm no shelling like two teams on me I'm getting lasered bro what's going on with this what's going on with this deployed magical no that's my okay so the way we got new rotation on the mountain you gonna stop shoot it wish I thoughts on the whore bad little leg is rumored that it won't blow up it take us back to a new mattress season 10 we were talking about this yesterday and I was thinking the exact same thing I was thinking that it was gonna bring a new map I hope it do hey telly you sexy man cleans dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab if you like underaged girls I did that before the last part of that that's another guy behind back and like he's in the air still maybe this it is the fucking it is yeah yeah your boys shooting them out of the fucking house yeah my fucking area it's I'm gonna go execute him oh shit I'm 37 blew me this night I have no raw assets don't get broken out take your time take your shots when you see it nice the to be I think it's a 1 B 2 B 1 good take it storm damage didn't get shot down be careful 1 B 2 1 B 1 1 B 1 I love what coaches when you I just played my life right now or one yeah move it forward I just died right there II may I'm gonna kill him let's go building up they're building up these guys Archie why there's no way they're not on the stick speed like there's the zero percent chance good raft I gotta heal I gotta getta you there's a third party I got third party I look I'm dead I hit you there you go chat yeah you couldn't split those mini no I couldn't no God did you just are you feeling well my man got deleted oh okay okay we'll be seeing you yeah Swift space yep mmm looks like these guys five-eighths with supreme here back with my braids a YouTube video um guys I'm really really happy to say we've been doing YouTube for seven years now and we are at 25 subscribers thank you so much to my mom and my dad for finally making accounts and something to me to get us over that edge also guys I'm really try to get some Porter crater code so if you guys go ahead and use my code early item shop my kotas I'm a fucking loser asko finally guys I'm thinking I'm starting on my stream on mixer because things weren't working out on twitch Facebook YouTube D live a periscope my so you guys can go ahead and support me out over there on mixer because guess what I do i stream snipe for a living guys Jesus Christ dude pool shaped like a chug chug you can just hell yeah dude toxic Jack I love that that's the best birthday gift that guy yeah I'm vlogging did the the for night event is three days I can get plenty of content yet I'll just put Brookes face on there on the thumbnail I'll vlog did no no no no Bobcat you told me to think like a youtuber before huh did you told me to get content okay well you can't just there's a difference between getting content and just using your your girlfriend review this well there are some youtubers that do that those I mean I'm gonna vlog no matter what so I might as well won't you come once you come down here but once you come down here little shit get bucks 20 Matt he's crap he's on the metal jumpy traps he's quack damping these double camping aah I have a lot of stink so we can one-shot my pad wit heart then I'm gonna die I've 20 maths I died I died it's all you oh my god you're nuts


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