Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Gives Break Up Advice | Extremely Relatable | Netflix

Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Gives Break Up Advice | Extremely Relatable | Netflix

– Wait, is this for real? Is this true? That’s terrible. Hey, it’s Sadie Sink. So in Season Three Max seems to be breaking up
with Lucas every five seconds. Did you seriously just
drink the rest of our water? So I thought it’d be
fun to read some tweets about your Middle School breakups. (pop upbeat music) Baylee says, “I will never forget in sixth grade when my boyfriend asked me if
I wanted to see a magic trick and then said poof, you’re single. And that’s how he broke up with me.” Baylee! I am so sorry. You should be happy that
he broke up with you because if he’s gonna do that, you don’t need him in your life. But honestly, that’s like.
(gasps) It’s really funny.
(laughs) Oh. Oh boy, all right. “My sophomore summer, my boyfriend dumped me so I pretended that this
mannequin head was my boyfriend to make him jealous.
(laughs) Yeah, that’s just, that’s weird. Wow! Actually, honestly. Yeah, I’ve. One of my friends would like hold hands with like my, like our best guy friend and like send it to like her crush or like someone she was mad at. Or like her ex, to make her think that
she was in a relationship. So honestly I can relate to this. Because I’ve done it for my friend. This is from Maddie. She says, “In seventh grade I broke up with someone by saying, your ex is really pretty. And when he replied with which one, I said me.” That’s kind of badass, I really
like that and I think that. (crew mumbles) – Yeah.
(laughs) I think Max would use that honestly. Not me. But Max would. “To my very first boyfriend. I’m sorry I had my friend
break up with you for me after a week of us dating because you wore shorts to school and I thought your legs were
extremely hairy and gross. Sincerely, Sam.” That is like the most Middle
School thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t think Max is that petty. Relax, I was teasing. But this is pretty good. (laughs) “One time at a campground when I was in sixth grade
I really wanted to impress this girl I had a crush on, so I convinced her I was from England.
(Victorian music) I spoke with an English
accent for the whole week.” Wow! That is commitment. “In ninth grade I broke
up with my girlfriend because her backpack was too big and I couldn’t walk around with the backpack girl. Sorry Ashley.” He said right here, like Ashley, like you had too big of a backpack. Like you can’t walk around
with the backpack girl. It makes sense! It makes sense. (laughs) All right. “Once I had a boyfriend for
three weeks in ninth grade–” That’s actually a long time, considering that was ninth grade. It’s, you know, you guys had a good run. Anyway. “Three weeks in ninth grade
and we tried holding hands and that was too much commitment for me so I broke up with him.” I mean, she wasn’t ready! She wasn’t ready. You can’t. She wasn’t ready.
(laughs) To someone going through a
Middle School breakup right now, like, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s Middle School. You’re gonna get over it. I mean it’s fun right now, but like, come on, be realistic. I’m Sadie Sink and this has
been Extremely Relatable.


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