Story Break Animated: Duke Nukem

Story Break Animated: Duke Nukem

this week Duke Nukem you gotta have a
scene where there’s a bunch of clone Duke Nukem this is the gag I want to do
is like there on the alien planet and they’re like and he turns around all the
Dukes are standing there like we’re not coming back and they’re like well it’s
like we only last yes for 24 hours or whatever’s like oh no and he’s like
mind if I say goodbye and the cops like Yes, go ahead. Say goodbye to- Yeah it’s
fine say goodbye to yourself. You have this dramatic moment they’re all crying or whatever and then they
start melting but the Duke that you think is the main Duke starts melting too –
and they all disappear and there’s one guy in the back that’s like, I guess I’m the
real duke. So he forgot? It’s all about just the one long shot with one guys in the back still standing up as all these guys are puddles of goo. And he’s like Oh. Oh Shit. Alright. Let’s get out of here. That is the best gag of all time.


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