STORMING AREA 51 EVENT - Real or Fake?

STORMING AREA 51 EVENT – Real or Fake?

hey is it possible that this eerie-looking fish with a human-looking facing real or is this some kind of special-effects wizardry I've got the answer to that fishy mystery plus answers on some other things that you guys sent him like this picture claiming to show a cat getting a ride from a friendly goose a picture that wants us to believe there is a McDonald's out there with a sail through window and the planned storming of area 51 that millions of people have signed up for is that real or some kind of joke I've got all that plus my favorite fake of the week some brand-new crazy voicemails and some fantastic new fan art so turn off the lights turn on your brains and get ready for a real or fake drill round hey guys bill here now I know a lot of you guys are really anxious to find out about that event they're calling stormy area 51 but before we do that let's take a look at that crazy fish with a human face the video was first sent in by Jimmy Tang who just asked bill is this real or fake Jimmy on first look I gotta say you know that video actually looks kind of authentic it was recorded on a wood dock and just shows an odd fish wiggling around as if it's just been pulled out of the water but when the camera zooms in that face looks just a little too human to be real I don't know this might just turn out to be one of those really easy open and closed cases but on the other hand as many of us already know 95% of the ocean has still unexplored so who knows what we're gonna find out there I mean this might be one good example of that and if I remember correctly didn't we already cover a fish with a human face or how about the one with the human lips remember that one or the other fish with the human looking teeth over on Facebook Alpine van said it was real he said I have one in a fish tank and I will take a picture later and post on the other hand Maria Elena s penis said it was fake she said it's only a fish toy with remote control France Ponce de Leon who's gonna live forever went with unknown and Yuvraj pooja just wrote looks like that train Thomas all right well it looks like we got a lot of ideas kind of swimming around this fishy creature so tell you what I think it's time for you to let us know what you're thinking okay now when I say go what I want you to do is just go ahead and vote up here or leave me an answer down in the comment section whether you think it's real or fake or unknown and if you can't do that you're playing with your family or you're in a group it's okay to choose and shout it out you're ready and go while we're waiting for everybody to vote I want to sneak in a little something we don't do too often around here and that is show you one of my favorite real things of the week which in this case happens to be this video it was posted on Instagram by daily dog videos and sent to us by my own niece Alex believe it or not that really is a dog eating carrots as fast as the owner can shave them off but the thing I don't get isn't that dog actually swallowing that fast okay now that we know that Fido is getting enough vegetables in his diet every day what do you say we get back to that fishy fish and find out what's going on with that thing's face because that's pretty weird stuff now me I'm going with fake because you know I know nature can come up with some scary stuff but not anything like that I mean come on that's crazy the only possible case for something like this would have to be the you know something that's related to that Japanese nuclear power plant you know that one that released all the radiation after a big tsunami tidal wave kind of thing well you know right after that happened you know a lot of weird pictures showed up on the internet showing these mutated fish and who knows maybe this could be one of them uh so let's see what it says here Wow okay all right well here's the here's the straight answer guys and this fish actually belongs to a large species of fish known as superf a thanks to a bunch of keen observations from the Facebook team we now know that this is not a toy but rather a 3d animation as Edie gues pointed out if it was real there would be a nose fish have gills Brooks Pierce made another smart observation she wrote fake since the dock is dry under the fish as in no drips and finally Johanna Kadena's provided a link to where it was pointed out that if the video was real meaning someone actually caught a fish with a human face we would see news reports about the discovery all over the place now while we can't tell you for sure where the video actually came from we can tell you one thing and you can say it with me all right so next up is this crazy picture showing a cat getting a lip from a friendly goose the picture was sent in by the finisher who just won't bill is this for real finisher although it would be immensely unusual for a cat and a goose to become friends like that it doesn't mean it can't happen I mean the world is full of examples of all sorts of crazy animals hooking up and becoming buddies now one of my favorites is the crocodile and the plopper bird the crocodile keeps its mouth open and lets the bird clean its teeth that way the croc has clean teeth and the bird gets a meal for his services now more specific I mean there is a particular case where a dog in a koozie became good friends and it's real or how about this dog and an elephant or even this shark and an elephant well that one is actually fake but you know you know what I'm talking about okay so go ahead and leave me your votes up here comments down here or just shout it out I'm gonna get out this and we're gonna find out if there truly is a friendly world of animals out there where they just want to be friends oh and guess what it turns out that this picture is thanks to Top Gun researcher mirror and as Kramer and the BBC we now know it started on Twitter in 2018 and went viral after somebody at BuzzFeed retweeted it that's when the experts in visual effects pointed out the tell-tale signs of image trickery as our own Marla Hanson pointed out the cat shadow is to the left but the gooses shadow is straight back despite it being fake NASA askwith congratulated the person who cooked up this creation saying three cheers for whoever made this it warms our hearts hey you know what I agree awesome it's always better to have friends than enemies now lots of people have been to a McDonald's drive-thru that's for sure but how many people have actually been through a McDonald's sale through the picture was sent in by Simona slapping Ska's who wrote could this be real or just BFF Simonis i don't know any reason why this couldn't be real I mean we live in an age where companies are really going crazy to make it super easy for us to get food in our mouths you know like I mean they deliver food now because they you know grocery trade and who knows what else and what about uber eats and not even mentioning Domino's piece I think you can actually follow your piece of being cooked and watch the video of it being delivered in like three seconds so I don't know why McDonald's wouldn't want to step up the competition and but they saw an opening to get more people into their store by offering it as a sale through hey why not make sense to me the picture looks like it was captured in England where there are lots of canals and people living on what they call narrow boats so you see what I'm talking about I mean it would make sense for McDonald's to open up a sail through that way people would be more likely to go there then somewhere where they got a doctor boat actually get out and walk someplace burn a few calories eat some clue Andrew san cocina said he thought it was real and posted a similar situation with a girl picking up her Big Mac via kayak Joe Chen also thinks it's real and says it's actually located in guilt soon : but Jeff Kenobi kaliesha thinks it's fake and writes how about this not a sail through not a drive-through but a train through now that's funny wait old Thomas the Train finds Ellen on he's gonna be the first one in line to get an egg McMuffin anyway time for you to let us know what you're thinking vote up your answers on the air showing it up I am gonna get out this and let's see what McDonald has to say once we got it the right side up and not that Old MacDonald has anything to do with McDonald's I mean yeah he just I know he had a farm but oh wow well narrowboat owners may be happy or not happy about this answer because it may be real and then again it may not be real because it actually sales more into the territory really think thankfully konjam aqua and Jody Adams we now have the story that explains the picture there is a youtuber out there named Dan Brown who runs a YouTube channel called sort of interesting a lot of the videos on the channel are about Dan sailing up and down the canals of England his narrow boat called Chile I just read even today give a feelin the general heads up in the actual origin story in the video on the channel Dan explains one of his fans created the image as banner Dan then we posted it to his Facebook and the rest as they say is history special shout-out goes to Dave devil for finding the original picture that the fan art was based on thanks Dave okay so now at long last let's take a look at a whole new category of real or fake here on the show because you know normally we cover you know real or fake pictures videos news and who knows what else but we've never actually covered real or fake events not too long ago somebody on Facebook posted an event for September 20th 2019 called storm area 51 they can't stop us all now as a post time over three million people have actually RSVP'd for this thing and I've got hundreds of people riding in and asking me if this event is real and more importantly what the heck is area 51 anyway shall we area 51 is a very secretive military base about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas Nevada its official name is Nevada test and training range and a lot of people think this is where the Air Force test out new fighter jets and other secret military hardware but a lot of other people think this base holds crashed flying saucers as in UFOs and the remains of aliens over the years UFO enthusiasts have looked around the base to try to find out what's going on in there but have always been turned away by the bases extensive security force this situation only added to the mystery and made people even more curious about what's going on in there so all right so now that's flash-forward to today and the event we're looking at taking a closer look at the event posting on Facebook we can see that it was actually posted by three individuals the event is planned for September 20th and we'll start at the town of Amargosa Valley Nevada starting at 3:00 a.m. all right so I guess what the plan is and the goal is they have millions of people March from this little town of Palmer Gosa all the way over to area 51 and demand answers from the military okay so let's get down to the real question again is this event for real or is this just some kind of cooked up bakery by some practical jokers I'll tell you what why don't you let me know what you think by voting up your leave me an answer down there or just shouting it out I'm gonna get out this and get out the not-so-secret camp which is all right this official answer and it says the event post on Facebook titled storm area 51 is officially and without any doubts 100% Oh unbelievable all fakes today can you believe it thanks to some excellent coverage from Inside Edition we have the college student behind the event and guess what he says the whole thing was just a joke it started out it's just from a peer stroke of imagination it's just meant to be funny I want to do something cool out there now that we have a bunch of people but I don't want anybody to get hurt okay now before we sign off on this story I got to say you know what's really ironic about this story and that is that even though the whole thing was cooked up as a fake it might turn into something real after all so I'll tell you what if I can get 20,000 likes on this video I will personally go there on September 20th with my camera and show you what's really going down okay so get on out there hit that like button send this to your friends get them to hit the like button and we'll have old bill on location at area 51 okay well that's all the time to have in this video but don't click away because right now all new fantastic fan art first up is this crazy-looking bill versus Momo by Adam house akari thanks for the muzzles Adam I just might change my name to Bob why next is this one from surrealist master Siobhan Chatterjee Shihong Salvador Dali has nothing on you Thanks here's some fan art on a popular subject these days asteroids is from flap j-31 who scented it for his very talented cousin Maddy thanks buddy and flop J really like this one next up we have this you're driving me crazy video from Bella car Bella you are a true artist because that is exactly how I feel some day so thank you and keep up the great work our last masterpiece today is this colorful piece for bust it has been confronting that spooky little guy from Key West Florida uh-huh Robert the dog hey thanks Mazz but hey I hope you asked Robert if you can draw a spiritual and hey don't forget we have a new show every Friday so don't forget to hit that subscribe button as well as the notification spell so you get a shot at being first official comment and win the pen if you have a picture and you're not quite sure whether it's real or not send it in to me at bill's channel at and I'll take a look please don't leave links or suggestions in the comment section because really the only thing that is gonna do is turn me into a mega screamer screaming you're drugging me see you next time and now from a favorite fake of the week I get a lot of walking doll videos in my email box but nothing quite as fake as this one it was sent in by class T shin who just wrote real or fake plastiques all I can say to answer that is seriously yes it is the frame of an old chair with a doll head on it but does it somehow have life of its own hello if it did why would it be holding hands with that guy instead of another walking chair hey mo and I love the vid I hope with a few questions for you why is my toilet severe like I just want to say there's a video I saw mine it's about cockroaches and PS Lord


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