50 thoughts on “STORM AREA 51 EVENT CREATOR: I don't want anyone to get hurt”

  • This a cryptic message from our general. He secretly signals using his eyelids that he is held hostage by us government but we should still persevere and naruto run the gates to clap them cheeks

  • If guards do shoot innocent civilians. Doubt those guards/soldiers would make it into heaven. Man has no power in the afterlife or were we go.

  • GTA: San Andreas!!!! They're trying to storm Area 51 to steal the jet pack for Matty Roberts, a.k.a The Truth!!

  • One says there’s no aliens, only US Airforce Base…

    Other is fake news…

    IDK who to believe… But I want to believe, if we all Naruto run in, storm the base. We will not be detected, we will bypass all the sensors, bullets and Missiles. We must create a Diversion on the backgate and storm the groom lake side. For the biggest single handed government secret since Tom Brady, we will make sacrifices.

    There will be fellowship
    There will be s’mores
    There will be bloodshed

    Bring your A Game!!


  • Town of 56 people, "it's going to pull the state troopers and police from where they need to be"

    What chilling on the side of the highway or bullshitting in a parking lot? This will be the most excitement they have ever had

  • When we look back on 2019, and the 2010's on December 31st, 2019… Idiocy will be defined with a picture of this guy.

    Even the aliens inside Area 51, and outer space are thinking, "oh, hes THAT guy"

  • Heavy clouds hang over the sparsely covered Nevada desert, the air weighs heavy on everyone and the day promises rainfall. amassed along the old abandoned highway stand thousands of the Meme-Lord's army, composed of recruits from every order and all walks of life had answered the call; orders such as The Stratagem of Speculation, The Warriors for Societal Justice with counterparts from their allies The Rebels of Anarchea. The tribes of Otaku and Weeaboo were the only ones to answer the call to arms with a smattering of various Edge-Lords.

    At the opposite end amongst the hills and what shrubbery there was hid the defenders for Area 51. Patiently waiting with eyes and their Slug Throwers trained on the alliance of would-be conquerors.

    Suddenly the horde surged towards the exclusion zone. Bent over forward with arms out behind them they ran swiftly towards their intended goal.

    At an utterance from the defending forces commanding officer:

    "Unleash hell"

    Heavy clouds hang over the sparsely covered Nevada desert and the day promised rainfall…….

  • "Sweet Victory" by David Glen Eisley and Bob Kulick

    The winner takes all
    It's the thrill of one more kill
    The last one to fall
    Will never sacrifice their will

    Don't ever look back on the world closing in
    Be on the attack with your wings on the wind
    Oh, the games will begin

    And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory… yeah
    It's ours for the taking
    It's ours for the fight
    Sweet, sweet, sweet victory… yeah
    And the one who's last to fall
    The winner takes all

    You don't win no silver
    You only lose the gold
    You push with a fever
    For your time keeps tolling on

    Against all the odds, against all your pain
    Your back's on the wall with no one to blame
    Wild hearts won't be tamed

    And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory… yeah
    It's ours for the taking
    It's ours…


    You know what he started this stupid event if someone gets hurt because he started this event he is going to get charged criminally

  • Imagine making a joke just for 2 million people to take seriously
    I mean did you really trust he is gonna make a educational music and not raid area 51? Get real and ready up your katana his headband is the true message here, he is gonna lead the Naruto runners to victory!!

  • Kyle the Depressingly Sad Onion OwO says:

    Man I wish it was real
    First things first
    We need those bullet proof vest or homemade armor
    Then knock out the guards and storm in raiding to get the answer

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