Stocks Rebound as Wall Street Gets Lift from Stimulus Hopes | NBC News NOW


78 thoughts on “Stocks Rebound as Wall Street Gets Lift from Stimulus Hopes | NBC News NOW”

  • Take a table tennis ball and drop in on a concrete floor.

    Congratulations! You've just run a simulation of the US stock market.

  • Stewart Professional Services says:

    All of this achieved by teasing a deal. Not actually spending one cent. They WILL, in days, but the space gives the markets a chance to react to newer policy thoughts. How we roll. Trump likes to find a winner then back and promote it well. Millions of people, execute the plan, but an illustration of intent. A good day.

  • trumpo says he wants to "open" America by Easter… it's not a crappy trump hotel…he only closed the borders… he can't just OPEN America… what a dumb weak sad hollow "man" …i hope HE eats a teaspoon of cholorquin like the man who died doing so at HIS advice

  • Are you serious more money into stock market? Why do they keep giving money into it?

    What about the Americans and residents of every city?

  • Ohah Yadon'tsay says:

    WHERE IS Fauci? Sloppy Drump knows ZERO about this pandemic! Sloppydrump, WHY did you STOP Fauci? Dumpytrump EMBARRASSED b/c Fauci is brilliant and PROVED little?drump is an ignorant, LIAR?

  • Ohah Yadon'tsay says:

    WHERE IS Fauci? Sloppy Drump knows ZERO about this pandemic! Sloppydrump, WHY did you STOP Fauci? Dumpytrump EMBARRASSED b/c Fauci is brilliant and PROVED little?drump is an ignorant, LIAR?

  • Rebecca Freeman says:

    Wooooooooooooow, they dont want people to go back to work now that they've got help. And say they are going to help the people when they just got the help we needed.

  • Yes let’s throw money at fat cats who will just buy back stocks and can employees. Trump doesn’t care about the starving unemployed Americans !

  • Go do what your dad do before your mom showed up.

    Finance is not life. This is a joke.

    They are happy to get a bunch of free money for themselves.

    I won't ever fly again, f them getting a bailout, I will never go on a cruise, f them getting a bailout too.
    Those industries have facilitated the spread of this virus and they are the first to the trough of public money.

    How weak a system cannot be stopped for a month, two months or more for the people, by the people.

    Corporations do not have blood, they are considered people under the law, yet they never defined the lifespans of a corporate entity. They are imaginary entities that have assets, they can fix money later ffs

    Maybe this is how they should die, after al they are people.

  • Islamic Eschatology says: Coronavirus Hoax Update, Agenda 21 Depopulation, Forced vaccinations, Economic Enslavement, NWO dictatorial government at your door step. WAKE UP.

  • Isn’t the “stimulus” money just being borrowed from China and will have to be re-paid by us taxpayers?

    Won’t the wealthy and corporations just grab a bunch of that money? As usual.

  • The market is up because the Great President Donald J. Trump said he was going to phase people back to work by Easter. Now the MSM must do their job and call out by name the F' ing A holes from both parties who are trying to put pork into the stimulus bill for the American people. Those politicians need to be fired & shamed.

  • This is no good news!!!!!!! Rebound on borrowed money is not any kind of good news. A trillion dollars a day from the federal reserve can’t save this the greatest gambling house of our lifetime.

  • 1 trillion of stimulus money is gonna do more than trumps printing of untold trillions for street and still crashed fake news

  • The con man trump wants you to get sick and die so that you can save the billioniares and his stocks. See America how trump cares about us…

  • While Americans are dying, Wall Street is excited to receive a TRILLION in SOCIALIST bailout money.
    Trump/GOP and the corporations don't care about American lives.

  • "Stimulus" is always a bad idea… it was a bad idea when Obama did it, and it's a bad idea now. Printing more money & sending checks to the poor… sounds ok to stupid people but, it's going to be bad news for our grandchildren.

  • Gym Jordan's Hairline says:

    There is something egregiously wrong with a leading sector of the economy that rebounds just on hope. And nobody seems to notice. History has shown that the country, the economy abd the rest of the world would be healthier and stronger if Wall Street was shut down for good and the darlings who make money out if nothing for themselves only were given jobs picking fruit & vegetables in the fields.

  • la mulata linda Martinez says:

    The markets rebounded because the gutted depraved investors are banking on getting another bailout and Trump's reasurring them that he's going to put the "sick and infected slaves" back to work in the fields. What an evil country ???

  • That's a relief but please be cautious in spending and need public oversight of any large tax payouts or bail for biz..I still think a federal food stamp card for everyone would be helpful to know other businesses are going to be accessed not just groceries.

  • The stock market running on ultra low interest rates QE and government bailouts. Not very free market is it ? The economy on it's knees and the indexes on a high !

  • If Wallstreet gets bailed out, the people need to go to Wallstreet & make a much needed withdrawal….we know where the money is

  • Inez QTAISH SAY THE END LI FROM stim hop gets rebound + Inez Qtaish ta blue triangle pointing right Qtaish say The END

  • Inez Qtaish say , I warned, I am done Warning, Now is my WAR, Inez Qtaish say people will die everyday until no more evildoers , I will not stop fighting until evildoers stop fighting INEZ QTAISH , Games over, I Am Ready are evildoers Waiting? us ers ld stop fighting ple blue triangle pointing right Game over I am done Ready fighting am done no more evildoers done Ready Game over I Am Ready done Ready am done no more Game over blue triangle pointing right ready Game over dy READY am done right over done Game over ready Game over Game over are evildoers Ready am done dy right done more right over right ready over right dy dy am are evildoers am done dy am done mi ng more right l right over dy over Game over

  • Marius Thefaker says:

    Look at all these corporations slavering over the thought of an unregulated 2 trillion dollar bailout that they can use to buy up fist-fulls of undervalued stocks… make sure they can't Dems! ?

  • Rich get richer and poor get poorer. All these CEO’s that stepped down before this virus hit us are cashing in. Buying these low price stocks to make millions.


  • Oxnyx of The Winter Stars says: made sense gold was down.. you can't eat it and people don't see a job on the horizon in a pandemic.

  • Henrylegrand Legrandhenry says:

    May the covid19 take out all the greedy psychopaths of wall strret the banksters and all their henchmen leaving Trump with a big fat ugly bubble to burst ! Still sleepwalking !

  • George Ramirez says:

    What Stimulis .Only See Lock down.Please Gov. Socially Distance Yourselves From Intercepting Phone Calls.And Stay Away From The People.

  • yep up 2000 points on nothing big scam business still shut down and stocks go up , the rich are just waiting to burn you suckers who put money in stocks right now.

  • this is not a free market, they rigged stocks to run up , they crash it and take poor
    peoples money , then the government loans them money and they run it up again. because the money is free , they will pay it back with stock money from the suckers.

  • This is fake . Bring the countries back to work. Nobody has died from the common cold. You are all deluded. Trump said back last year he will wipe our our 401k.s. This fake flag has. No i won’t take a toxic vaccine.

  • Just thought I'd let you guys know I bought CCL at 12.00 a share and it's at 18 now, once everything goes back to normal it's probably gonna be trading at or around 40 dollars

  • If anyone wants 2 free stocks,
    a trading app is giving it away when you sign up.
    Just an option?

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