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  • Everyone blaming Trump is just stupid. Trump has no control over whats happening in Italy right now which is just insanity with the number of infected people. The coronavirus is preventing the factors of producing from working, we literally rely on China for so much and because of this virus our trade has been brutally decimated and we aren't getting enough products from China because they are having to close down factories because of the virus. Nothing Trump or any country in the world can do to change this. This is pretty much the United States punishment for relying on a foreign country to for making so much of our products.

    This isn't that horrible though. Ebola was far worst and thankfully it was contained in Africa which would of been the case with coronavirus if China was upfront about it but "China" didn't want to risk economic loss by that so they opted to take care of it themselves well they royally screwed themselves.

    On the bright side if you have spare cash then once you feel it has hit rock bottom you should invest and just hold for long term. The Coronavirus caused this mess in 2-4 years the market will recover and the gains will be very nice. If you are already invested don't be stupid and sell off or do something crazy the markets always recover and if the markets don't recover then money wouldn't have any value because hyper inflation would happen.

  • Gotta love Republicans. They goose the economy to its limit, but just can't quite keep it up until the end of their presidential terms. Any economic disruption was going to trigger this domino effect of sell offs. It just happened to be a virus that started it this time.

  • He is, the president is lieing as he did to get in the white House. The longer the testing is not done the bigger the spread of this virus killing disease. Everyone, Everybody,every American needs to be tested. This presidency is killing the American dream, The Flu has not done all this, it's this deadly virus and the president's actions against the American people shows he is to blame.

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  • The empire is bleeding
    Time to end this corporate-politician corrupt system that only works for the 1% population

  • The corona has already have mutated once and they have found second strain and this might get worse and recession is a certain as this virus will be around for a while. Don't catch a falling knife.

  • Until the fear of total public shut down and massive loss of wholesale and retail sales lessens, trading will not change. If the risk to the population is high, the consumer base will not participate in the economy. Jobs are disappearing, drying up as consumers stop consuming. It's not the rich who consume mass quantities.

  • Remember not long ago it went from like 11k to 8k and that's when we were in a recession. Its up 10k from then. You can't tell me dripping 2k matters drastically

  • Rosalina Ayala says:

    Relax!! the numbers can go to 14,000 and it still won't be the end of the world. We have to treat this like the Black Plague and remember that even after that disaster there were still Europeans and life went on.Trump and his healthcare buddies will make loads of money on this situation.Also all the grocers will make bank.

  • Could have used that 1.5 trillion for Universal Basic Income. Nope, gave it directly to the bankers. Paid for a one hour bump.

  • GOP shouts Socialism while Trump clown is 4 months behind by dismantling CDC. Now dumping billions into the economy is Socialism. Again GOP fing up and a bailout is needed. STFU GOP cult about boogeyman Socilism! If we had the CDC helping China we wouldn't have had a bailout. Derp! Vote Blue no matter who!

  • Stock market is the only thing Trump Care's about coronavirus people dieing let everyone get test make it available to all

  • They should have waited at least until the virus wave flattened, but trying to appease Corporations it backfired. How can consumers spend if there are no items and consumer-driven businesses are halted.

  • Lorne Prescott says:

    I don't care how far the market drops. As long as Trump is "very happy" with the rate cuts combined with his prediction that markets will surge, I am gleeful and just going to sit here and count my toilet paper rolls until this is over.

  • My puts are in the money 🙂 I knew the media wouldn't let a good crises go by without advertising it for ratings. I will start buying within the next couple of weeks or months and sell my puts. 🙂 Bears make money, Bulls make money, PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED.

  • FED gave markets $4.5 trillion in monopoly money after 2008 collapse, $1.5 trillion last week
    and $700 billion last Sunday ($500 billion of which was given to gov in the form of bond purchases).
    And FED is now giving banks up to $350 billion in overnight loans.

  • Death rate still tiny in America.
    "Experts" said Armageddon by now. Has not happened.

    Closing businesses and schools meant to make it look like a dangerous pandemic when very few have died.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Remember what the Dems told us, people. Pay attention to the numbers NOT the media. They will continue to lie to you.

  • This is what happens when you get a CON MAN voted into the presidency.
    And you have Republicans following him like sick puppy dogs. Nobody with any sense of decency . Is looking out for the Poor everyday American . Leadership is needed to make these major decisions as far as Pence Lindsey Graham Kennedy Jordan the list goes on and on you can thank them for what's going on right now. they wanted to play trumps game and this is what happens.

  • halt on trading? lol, How about halting via plunge protection that does not exist. Fed Res created this Frankenstein market…. they have zero exit strategy… USD is doomed

  • Stop blaming this on COVID-19….. Its a debt saturated market that was bloated by lame economic policy and loans on money that does not exist to the tune of trillions……Corona virus my butt..

  • According to trump president Obama did nothing on 8 years of presidency. well this is the time for the president trump to shine or squeal like a pig

  • This will all be over by summer. President Trump and healthcare companies will develope a vaccine, pandemic will end , Trump will be glorified for his actions against covid19, markets will come roaring back and Liberal media heads will begin to explode. Then in November President Trump wins re-election.

  • The house of cards finally fell. We all knew nothing was really holding it up. Maybe things will actually be priced at what their worth?!! Housing next?

  • Jeremiah Gonzales says:

    I remember the President saying his job would be easy and the last Prez was not a good leader… Don't judge a person until you walk in their shoes.

  • This is the problem the people fear the most financial crashes, it is worse than the coronavirus itself. Look what China has done, the list that much, and almost two months, without work, I don't know how many of them still got paid, but I am pretty sure a lot of them were not paid, and most of the businesses had to take the lost.
    However, thanks to their saving culture, they could walk it through, even in on of the toughest time in their economy and social health situation.
    But, what about westerners? How many of you have savings can last your life expenses for 2 month without any income?
    How many companies are going to be bankrupt?
    This is why so many people are fearing about.
    And did I mention that, Chinese government took action immediately when they found out this new virus was not flu?
    Even that the almost lock down whole country with 1.4bliilion population, and still took them almost 2 month to take this epidemic under control
    And that is China, the almost only big country, that is heavily under central government controlled.
    Could USA lockdown the whole country for that?
    Nah, they would not dare to do it.
    Because Trump have to think of the voters benefit and money

    Plus, they have all the facilities and resources to detect this virus, and to treat massive amount of infected patients .
    What can USA do? We are all watching. Not only us, also Europe. This is like a exam, testing the whole world, and also showing our weakness.
    But don't need to be panic, I the end of the days, the fatal rate is only around 3%. And it is most like to do more damage to the vanerbal ones. Sound brutally and inhumannity, but think this is a nature selection, it would be good for the future society, especially for those country which are suffering from welfare burdens, after these, if it is not uunder controlled fast enough, or maybe the western government may just let it go quietly, like Sweden and England,
    The result may be good for them to cover their government budget holes. Because their will be less pensioners after this virus crisis.
    So, think about it, what is the real deal, what is the truth. Don't be brainwashed by the media, you need to think clearly, and start protect yourself, there is no one you can really rely on when the crisis coming.

  • over 320 million ppl in US – 4000 effected by corona in the us – wall street is down… W T F FFFFFFFFFFF calm down…

  • The US is in debted to China for $6.7 trillion dollars. Good luck with your future America they'll be calling for their money soon!

  • M2B mluvAndgrace says:

    So the stock market hit another pause and you know who supporters still think he can turn it around. Would that be after they’ve lost all profits or after the economy falls to more record numbers? Conald tried to blame President Obama for everything but this, this is on him!

  • At this point, there are about 2 weeks left for government to slow down the infections, if the cases still rises like the rate right now, it only takes 2 weeks for US to become another Italy, in fact it takes only 1 week for Spain for go from 3000 cases to 10,000 cases, by that point, stock market is likely to fall at least another 15 to 20 percent, things spreads quick when the number gets big

  • largest bubble ever + zero interest rates + largest debt ever + oil war + coronavirus + late business business cycle + inverted yield curve for 6 months = the greatest depression in 2020

  • Dow Jones rose from 2009 to 2015 (8000-17000) swine flu start in Mexico 2009 -2015 with death toll 395000 people in 2014 countries, Covid19 drop's Dow Jones like it's hot?!? ?

  • Easy money just sign up and get free stock. Cash them out send to bank. Free money… get me another $500 stock please‬

  • Maxwell Dumont says:

    People don't seem to understand that what follows immediately after a crash is spikes in unemployment ?‍♂️

  • Meanwhile… Ppl can't find daily necessary groceries, no federal aid on that, still ppl want to elect rich or their puppet in power

  • Chamberlin Financial Inc. says:

    Oct 15, 2019: Market History Does history repeat itself? Is market history a good indicator of things to come?

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