stock market for beginners | नए लोग शेयर बाजार में निवेश कैसे करें?(Share market - hindi/English)


47 thoughts on “stock market for beginners | नए लोग शेयर बाजार में निवेश कैसे करें?(Share market – hindi/English)”

  • Varun Malhotra says:

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    Jalil, 7 days Ago

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    Suraj, 8 days Ago

    "Thanks Varun for your great efforts in educating the common man, who barely understand the basics of investing. I was inspired the way you educate people explaining the fundamentals of economy and way of investing without much effort.

    I sincerely encourage you and your Team to spread the habit of Investing in Common people for their ling term Goals.

    Cheers for your efforts"

    Rishabh, 8 days ago

    "Good Course for spreading Financial Awareness among people. I too am a Warren Buffet fan and have read the intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham, but the basic concepts you thought with so much simplicity moved me. I will share this course will all my siblings and cousins who are going to graduate soon as it helps them in Financial Literacy which our Education system lacks"

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  • Nitesh Rawat says:

    Hello sir …please guide there any course or practical experience that we can do or get to make career as a stock broker or portfolio manager ( being optimistic)
    Thank you

  • Jayatree Pradhan says:

    I have used this site more than once to get $3265, try this and will never regret it

  • Rajat Maurya says:

    Wow…I have found a gem.I will follow you because I can relate what you were saying.Thankyou for your valuable time to teach us about Stock Market.

  • Hi. Can you please upload the video explaining technical implications if RBI transfers Excess reserve to Government especially on INR USD.

  • Bhai, I have read Warren Buffett's Books and also follow his investment letter every year. I never saw him making such statements where he says there is no knowledge required to invest in long run or 10th pass ho bas hai or there is no way you can loose money in stock market. I don't think he said all that. You are just saying all that just to impress your target audience.. It's a good thing for market's if all those people invest but it's bad personally.

  • Was searching for the video about stock market as I am a beginner and found the perfect video.Cant thank enough.

  • Jai Karthik Jayaseelan says:

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  • Atharva Chauhaan says:

    For commodity technical calls follow @comexcall (telegram channel) and get latest updates and technical views on commodity markets

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  • Atharva Chauhaan says:

    For commodity technical calls follow @comexcall (telegram channel) and get latest updates and technical views on commodity markets

  • Abhishek Singh says:

    I am watching this VEDIO on 14 may and today Airtel price gone up by 6.07% wow best example of consumption 😊

  • Varun Malhotra after watching several of your videos, I thought of investing in Nifty 50. By the way do you mean investing in etf or index funds when you were talking about sensex??

  • Ujjwal Prakash says:

    Came here for investment knowledge …. After end of it I know what is sensex nifty and how it works… Any take on this???

  • Top Gainers System says:

    Stranger: What experience or knowledge should I have before I start investing in the stock market?
    WB: Are you 10th pass?
    Stranger: Yes.
    WB: More than enough.
    Stranger: Thinking to do MBA.
    WB: Don't do that one thing!!!

  • mohammed khaliq says:

    Shukran, Varun sahab, as a science student i would always be confused about these fin terms BSE ,NIFTY etc. everything simplified thanks a lot .
    i think better than listening to many who are just motivational speakers , just get charged when you listen and then everything gets evaporated .
    this is some real knowledge.

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