46 thoughts on “Steven Banks – Home Entertainment Center – Rare! [1989][VHS-SP decent quality].avi”

  • HOly SHit I have been looking for this for years. Couldn't remember the comedians name or the name of the show. Thanks for posting this!

  • season 4 really ! thats what u guys believe. look at open txt and fonts ,styles even the stuff behind him in room. lol stupid ppl will believe anything. space space is space space get it yet. every word every movement on both faces …..every song. even space space voice is space space ….everything. perfect match! there is no space space with out space space….

  • u watch steven banks everyday weather u know it or not, gather your children around the tv turn it on and i promise u will see Steven banks every day since he did this, till today! question is do u wont to see him?

  • Jordan Zlotolow says:

    I play guitar now and can sing La Bamba with all the lyrics very inspiring. Not so much on the drums tho. i am a big piano man tho.

  • Jordan Zlotolow says:

    I have thought off and on about this my whole life. I love you, more than my mom and dad, they both know and they're glad! The lock medal. The pencil flip, the drum solo. It's the most memorable thing I've seen. I was about 12 but I feel I was younger than that. Going on 41 now.

  • I saw this special once as a young teen while on vacation, and could never remember who was in it or what it was called, so this is a huge wave of nostalgia for me, thank you.

  • I am so happy to find this here! Thanks for posting it! It's been a few years since I've seen it last,but it never gets old. Such a genius!!!

  • Thanks so much for posting. I watched this a hundred times growing up in the 90s. I kept searching for it on the net over the years. Remembered every word. Came to find out Steven Banks has a good career going. Going to have to watch SpongeBob Season 4!

  • This show struck a great balance between keeping you thoroughly entertained and extremely stressed whether or not that goddamn speech would get written!

  • Funny how when I was a kid watching this, not getting any of the references…now I'm 36 I understand it all. Lol. 1 hour of genius.

  • Russell Solomon says:

    I saw this when I was a kid! The songs stuck in my head all these years!!!! I couldn't even remember the name of the show as it had faded into obscurity. However the songs remained in my psyche, permanently emblazoned. And now here it is! I found it!!!!

  • I still have this on vhs today I recorded this as it aired at the time and still love this show till this day!!! The most underrated show in history and most iconic in my eyes!!! BANKS BANKS BANKS BANKS 4 LIFE!!!

  • I remember seeing this on HBO or Showtime when it first aired, and was blown away that he did that live and in one take, have had this saved for a long time and watch it at least once or twice a month, he was brilliant! !

  • I was a 80s kid, this brought so many great memorys! Thanks so much for the upload! By far the best hour of my day,

  • I remember my dad showing me this on an old VHS tape he'd recorded when I was little and I thought of it randomely today. Went looking online and I was ecstatic to say the LEAST when I found this!!!! My dad always used to chant "Banks! Banks! Banks!" There just hasn't been anything like this since. What a talented man.

  • Oh wow. Thank you for posting this. I used to have the same show taped on VHS … and watched it countless times. Until the tape was destroyed in a flood.

  • TheLivingfreekshow says:

    Its great that he stayed in show business all these years, even if it is from behind the scenes…check out his sitcom pilot, its hilarious…still holds up after all these years.

  • Robert Headley says:

    This video had a lot of influence on me growing up. I don't know if I would have as much respect for musicians and comedians as I do now. it was very formative.

  • Arielle Masters says:

    I don't remember seeing this before – maybe we didn't have Showtime back then. This guy is really talented!

  • Miescha McGregor says:

    I echo the other comments… a fond memory of childhood, recorded and watched on VHS until the sound was garbly, and shared with only the worthy.

  • ImaginextSoftworks says:

    Anyone know where Banks is today?  Last I saw he was one of the head writers for SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!

  • Saw this as a little kid and it has been inspirational ever since. Thank you for taking the time and uploading this timeless classic and a great piece of art from a man that is nothing less than a genius. Wish comedy was more like this now a days. Hey we grew up watching this and turned out quite alright!

  • Home Entertainment Center is now available on HULU in great quality for FREE!

  • Thank you for posting this video. I watched it as a kid when it originally aired and to this day still think it a shame that he had not (yet) become a household name.

  • Was just thinking about this show last week. I used to have it on VHS but that disappeared long ago, but today I turn on HuluPlus and there it is listed in the movie section. Still as funny today as it was 25+ years ago.

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