31 thoughts on “Steve Harney’s Predictions for the 2019 Real Estate Market | #TomFerryShow”

  • The Silver Eagle says:

    Would you ask a car salesman if you should by a car that you can’t effort? You think he cares what happens after you close the deal ? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Glock Nyneteen says:

    I thought we were in trouble but I was wrong. This guy is totally right everything he says. Market did go down slightly but that was only for s short time. It's now fluctuating a little but they are now back on the up track again. If there's going to crash we should have atleast 2 years for that. The main thing us it fluctuates and continues to go up. A 300k house to day will cost 1,000,000 in 2030

  • Right, right, right, right, blah blah blah, stfu, too much nonsense. Move on if you dont want to listen to real estate agent BS

  • If a recession is on the way I doubt home values will drop substantially I’ve actually went from 80000 to 120000 this year alone in my personal home but I definitely believe it will vary depending on what region you live in

  • Hermis Dionisio says:

    renting to high living here all the California way to much nobody can effort place apartment raise way much people been living in car…..

  • Kneedeepinbluebells says:

    This "expert" At The End, Is Talking About "Singing Voices " ? Put Down The Apple Fritters And Be MORE Coherent Already !!!!!!!!

  • ItsInTheDetails says:

    Once the fed raises interest rates housing prices have to drop. And it looks like they will do just that.

  • Leo Mayfield says:

    Dude… Who is paying this guy to try and brainwash people . Obviously he someone that wants to keep people buying instead of sitting still and waiting to see where the market goes . Talking about some psycho YouTube or that’s putting false messages ….That’s the pot calling the kettle black

  • And if anyone remembers….about 94% of Real Estate economist got the 2008 real estate market wrong. If you look outside California, and look at the general U.S. real estate market, housing has already peaked. Look at New York. They are already in a downward trend. 2008 prices were caused by a false market which gave everyone and anyone a loan. this caused bidding wars, (not that they could actually afford the loan) and this skyrocketed housing prices and values. ARM loans came due and the market crashed. After the crash, banks then hid houses in shadow inventory to drive up prices…and it worked. Why did they do this? So they wouldn't have to sell all the forclosures on their books at rock bottom prices. Now here we are again at 2008 prices…and an stock market that never truly corrected its self (Stock Buy Backs) ..including a proper housing correction. We went straight back up. Yes people are employed, but are they making the same amount of income as before 2008??? Not really. Yet housing prices have risen back to those levels. This is why rentals boomed. Most people cant afford the current market prices. And we will either go thru another crash, or continue to rise and mostly fall until it truly corrects its self.
    The Ugly truth is most U.S. real estate is way overvalued and overpriced. for the average U.S. household. Everyone paid too much from about 2003-2008. And I mean everyone…Lawyers, judges, cops, nurses, teachers, gas station attendants….EVERYONE. And no one wants to hear that. "Just give me what I paid for it at least..". But guess what…Tickle Me Elmo was up to $500 at one point also….

  • City Park Properties says:

    You can tell Tom is a regional Cali guy. What percentage of his listeners is from California? Of those what percentage are Cali RE agents? What percentage are Cali RE investors? Of those how many invest only in Cali?

  • House have skyrocketed here in the Pacific NW crazy high , multiple offers on properties. who are the buyers? I see people buying houses at inflated prices. We are seeing massive development it is insane. Baby boomers are now beginning to sell their big houses…this will pick up and we will see massive amount of houses on the market. I think we are headed to 2008 all over again.

  • Muhammad Farrukh Shahzad says:

    I am real estate investment advisor in Dubai. Price is going down for the houses last year very fast even this year going on. Prices are going down more than 45%. But still have a hope to rise again.

  • Elliot Thomas says:

    So should I continue to get my licensed and I'm in new york at that and just become a salesperson or since a lot of people and legit people saying this business is going to slowly die out just to move on? because I wanted to go into this long term to accumulate money short and long term I'm taking classes for a license but becoming fearful and overthinking with questions and need help to make a decision

  • Noah Thompson says:

    I want the prices to come down it's to freaking expensive right now 230000 for a shit house why it's wrong

  • um yeah, a house is a great way to add to retirement savings… NOPE. Not when the value of your house has not improved… and there are foreclosures down the street and the only people interested in your property are real estate firms who would buy your house cheap and then rent it out…

  • Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch says:

    I have been following houses on zillow for quite a while. Many houses that were 150k in 2012-2013 are now 250k. Prices need to drop soon.

  • Think again. I sold my house in 2018. Two offers came-in over what I've asked, both putting less than 3% down…. Yeap, it's 2006 again.

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