Stephen A Smith "upset" New York Knicks: Unfortunate events have led to an uncertain future| ESPN SC

Stephen A Smith "upset" New York Knicks: Unfortunate events have led to an uncertain future| ESPN SC

with a shot of the park lay Center no MSG so disrespectful and for the new year post nothing but next with pictures as you can see of KD and Kyrie those are good they're wrong Stephen eight how bad is this and I'm being serious for the next this worst day in New York franchise New York Knicks franchise history worst day trading Patrick Ewing whatever controversies Charles Oakley getting removed from the arena overpaying Allan Houston by about twenty five million dollars I don't care what you can say to Nene and Marcus Camby maintenance Antonio McDyess write all of that all of that this is max has a basement this is the absolute worst day in the history of the New York Knicks franchise and I'm gonna tell you why is the worst day it's the worst day for me too because Max Kellerman is absolutely right the New York Knicks have lost New York to the Brooklyn Nets they are no longer the team the basketball franchise that represents the city here's where it gets really really worse to just break down some that sauce stuff as Max pointed out at the tomba 2 porzingis trade which he religiously decribed you have to understand my position max is very very simple the New York Knicks let me know porzingis and his team came in there they had a four minute for minute meeting he wanted out he wanted to be gone and if you didn't let him go it was gonna be problems and his presence was gonna interfere in free agency knowing that that was the reality of your situation you found yourself in a pitch where you know that free agency is pending that you have marquee free agents to attract and you want to make sure that you bring those guys on board now in the aftermath of all of that now if fairness to the Knicks they religiously still maintain that position in that stance that is what happened with Chris – was things they say anything else that has said is a flat-out lie but what has been said by others connected to the porzingis camp they never demanded a train they never said they wanted all they wanted to do was meet with Dolan but the president Steve Mills informed them that this is not what Dolan does I'm running basketball operations they wanted to have a meeting with Dolan they did not want to meet with Steve Mills and then they found out that they were traded I don't know what to believe I'm gonna take the Knicks word for it for a second because I get to a bigger point we fast forward to yesterday you lose out on Kyrie you lose out on Kevin Durant if you remember during the finals when I was depressed I came to the afternoon special in Oakland depressed because I said to you Kyrie and KD are going to Brooklyn after being told months earlier they were going to the New York Knicks right and then we find out that then yesterday max Kelvin while I'm in the midst of my depression when it is clear woes Ramona and everybody else KD going to Brooklyn do you know DeAndre Jordan you know that name yeah former Knicks Center let me tell you about the foreman Knicks Center who's now a Brooklyn net who Kyrie and KD are going to take less than a max floor just to ensure he could get his four years forty million dollars did you know that he's one of Katie's best friends did you know that him being one of cádiz best friends obviously he's no fan but an ex and why is he not a fan of the Knicks because he got acquired by the New York Knicks according to what he's telling people he got acquired by the New York Knicks and in the New York Knicks decided they didn't want to play him because they wanted to play some younger dudes he had a problem with that so you knew he was friends with Katie you knew you wanted Katie it would behoove you to ingratiate yourself with this guy so he could vouch for you where KD just logic I'm just saying like I'm not telling you I'm gonna that that part is not inside information I'm just deduced logically I'm deduce it excuse me if you my man and you already act the organization I'm thinking about coming to and I'm a superstar that everybody's going to cover it and you as an organization want me wouldn't it be in their best interest to make sure they take care of my boy so my boy could want me to come back suppose they're going less than 20 minutes away to the team in Brooklyn that is the situation so in closing here's the bottom line jay-z and then reached out come on over bro come on over just let it go Steve dangle they try yeah give him credit he's gonna be back in Shakti mr. Steve Mills all of those guys they tried they were making phone calls all of this other stuff but in the end the biggest point Mallya max I am a black man there is a black man that is the president of basketball operations for the New York Knicks there is a black man that is the general manager for the New York Knicks there was a black man that is the head coach of the New York Knicks and you didn't even get an interview this is a devastating day for me personally and I gotta admit you as bad as the New York Knicks had been as disgusted as I had been with them this is the first day in mind you they got better because you just Randall's a decent play and Bobby Portis or whatever what I'm saying is because the stars went to Brooklyn to me it's over so if KD would have been healthy then the Nets would have just been even better he was never gonna go to the next KD at times to seem thin-skinned and immature to me although I noticed his Protestant when you're 18 years old who's not thin-skinned and immature he's gotten you we've seen his maturity publicly and he's a man now obviously and it never appeared stupid to me Cady's always seemed sharp just and so someone with a brain is gonna look at the Knicks and go come on get out of here with that the idea that they that the Daily News puts mecca and they show and they show Barclays it's true it's over for the garden neck I mean at least Barclays is medina now at the very least but the gardens never been the mecca like you got to go and pay your respects from a basketball point of view not since Clyde Frazier and Willis Reed I mean Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley held it down without a championship but since then since Jim Dolan inherited a team from his father Chuck Dolan it's been a clown show it's Jim Dolan's clown show the way you get top free agents is not simply let's go cap space and now everyone will come because it's New York City especially now that there's an option in town understand the reason the Knicks has capped event they have a captive audience that's because they've been the only game in town the next we're in Jersey they were in the ABA and then they were in Jersey they're in New York now I thought LeBron and them would have been smart for them to go to Brooklyn instead of Miami originally cuz it's hot as Miami is there's no hotter spot than Brooklyn like it rings bells worldwide internationally it's not like baby brother who wants to be in Brooklyn not at all I don't know where people got that idea and then a well-run franchise see what the Knicks are doing now Stephen a is showing some health actually they struck out on the top guys so they shine guys not to one-year deals but the two year deals next year they're no free agents the year after there are so they're not getting a bunch of one-year mercenaries they're getting a bunch of young interesting players who can play to put with an improving nucleus and then in two years maybe they can demonstrate look we're a healthy franchise and now maybe the top free agent will take their money here's the problem Jim Dolan is immature and thin-skinned and that's the guy running the show his ego is such that he had to start spinning it yesterday talking about well we didn't want to give Katie a long-term deal because of the because of the injury when whether or not that's wise and I think it probably is wise for the Knicks cuz they're not the same position the Nets are they're not about to win anything that's not the point Dolan really put that out there because he wants to be seen as the choosing one he wants to be I had a choice and I made this choice because his ego is so thin and weak that he needs to put that out there oh no Dolan decided Dolan didn't decide a damn thing he got rejected by all the top free agents as usual in his career as the miserable failure as the owner of the New York Knicks miserable competitive failure on the court he has never not one time gotten any top free agent to take a dime of his money all right that he inherited by the way stop and let me tell you why I'm stopping you I'm not just Green with what you're saying about Dolan because there's no one with sense that can argue about his level of competence as an executive over a basketball franchise but you're missing something and what you're missing is that Dolan has been on the record publicly stating I don't know basketball I have very little to do with basketball I'm going to leave it with other people it dates back to Lenny Wilkens it dates back to Isiah Thomas it leads back to Larry Brown it dates back to Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni it dates back to Glen Grunwald in these boys it's dated back to Phil Jackson I can't sit up here and look at Dolan is as disgusted as I am with him with the Oakley deal the pettiness with the fans the pettiness with the New York Daily News because it contributes to all that and just leave it on him somebody is making basketball decisions and what I'm saying is this at the end of the day I'm looking at it from this perspective listen everybody everybody that's worked under Dolan all of them are accountable and Steve Melissa steel of Steve knows I can't sit up here and ignore what you're not doing think about this you try to tell me that that that Dolan's got something to do with DeAndre Jordan you trying to tell me that Dolan's got something to do with with the roster that's been accumulated you're trying to tell me that if Dolan steps back and it says Phil Jackson here's 60 million dollars and you're running basketball operations and Steve Mills is really em and what have you and he was the former president Madison Square Garden a the president a basketball operations and then it was I say and everybody else what I'm saying is when we look at Brooklyn the fact again because listen the Knicks got better now it's not like they not didn't get better they won't stay the course cuz Nolan my point to you is is that at some point in time you know what the mandate is to be in New York the franchise is worth about five billion you not belong you can't get you can I promise you max I swear to you on my career let doli try to sell the team I promise you people will be lined up no they think they can do a better job or something because there were five billion dollars I'm just telling you the fact that the New York Knicks lost out on starving


24 thoughts on “Stephen A Smith "upset" New York Knicks: Unfortunate events have led to an uncertain future| ESPN SC”

  • Ain't unfortunate. No one going to cellar Knicks. Cant believe Knicks worth more than nets Lakers and clippers. Most overated sports team of all time.


  • I seriously wish these 2 clowns would just go ne nets fans and tell me how the kd kyrie the earth is flat clownshow works out for them in 4 yrs. Dumbass max always brings up james dolan. I wish jd would slap a.slander lawsuit on max. That lil unathletic fag got nothing better to do than troll the nyk daily. Max is one sorry mf. I better not hear sas or max talk about theyve been nyk fans since the days of jfk when the nyk start winning again

  • Ppl like sas nd max kellerman disgust me. 1st off brooklyn nets will never own ny. Nyk has been horrible for the last 15 years or so nd theyre still more relevant than brooklyn. If brooklyn couldnt take over ny last 20 yrs, making 2 nba finals to nyk 0 and nyk being as bad as theyve been, ny will always belong to the knicks. Gtfoh

  • xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx says:

    NY can Sneak up in the east maybe top 5, the east is weak there time is now.

    They have a waaaay better team this season. The knicks will be okay if they can implement a good system, they have tons of young talented players it’s about player development and how they implement them properly. I’m not crazy about RJ, but iggy can ball look out for him to be the steal of the draft. Other then that a lot of underrated signings: Portis, randle, trier, Morris, Gibson and even Ellington if he can shoot a high % this season they can if lucky finish top 5 depending exstensivly on coaching and team chemistry.

  • Why is this being posted again???? Free agency has been over for almost a month!! ?‍♂️ they will do anything to bash Knicks!!!! ???

  • If the Knicks make the playoffs, I want to see what these clowns at ESPN will say. Max sounds like Dolan smashed his wife.. Lol

  • Well what do you expect??? Everybody is suposed to come just because New York is the Mecca??? That didnt change this yr. New York has always been the Mecca. They are tanking! That means they aint got shit to offer. That means you dont even have a system in place. Brooklyn didnt have stars but they have a system in place.

  • Wasn’t Dj a Knick lol but in my opinion I don’t see the nets doing anything this year with Kyrie he gets hurt almost year and dj can only catch and lobs lol

  • Neftali Sanchez says:

    Roster looking impressive

    Mitchell Robinson
    Julius randle
    Kevin knox
    Rj barrett
    Dennis smith jr

    Bobby Portis
    Marcus Morris
    Frank ntkilina
    Allonzo trier
    Elfrid Payton
    Kadeem Allen
    Iggy brizdiekis
    Taj Gibson
    Wayne Ellington
    Reggie bullock

  • Ya mama knows who I am says:

    I love that this happens to SAS..sad for the rest of New York Knicks fans…see this is karma for him saying alot of bad things about Canada n how we should never win a chip again and we're only allowed to like hockey because you know if you live in Canada you're only allowed to like hockey you can't like basketball 2… So fuck you Stephen A Smith I'm so happy that this happened to the biggest piece of shit on the planet… Next time you'll talk to all people with respect and not alienate people because where they live on the other hand I am very sorry for the rest of the New York Knicks fans you guys deserve much better..btw if the Toronto Raptors ever make it to another finals and I know that's a big if right now don't bring your piece of shit show across that border because people are waiting for you…

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