Stephanie Grisham: Stop using coronavirus to play politics, scare people


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  • Michael Warzenski says:

    Stop hiding behind the fact that as an administration and President you don’t care about the Coronavirus. Mr. Liar in Chief!

  • Sorry Fox I will not watch Biden or Bernie why because both their names start with a B witch takes me back in time when the TV show Beavis and Butthead so that is what I think of the democrats.

  • I guess you guys know that Obama had left a pandemic task force in position to guard against such as this, but it was one of the first agencies to get the Trump bullet between the eyes…………….. because it had Obama's name on it. Stupid idiot.

  • Gaetan A. Cincire says:

    Wow, there must be lots of people in the 3500ds that can only be taking to some army bases through corona virus excuse…great move if I'm right !

  • Wonder why this current White House press secretary only appear on Fox, and does not hold regular press briefings like what Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders used to do.

  • Think of the homeless in needle park around Pelosi's district and their unhealthy and unsanitary lives – multiply that by a million – you're looking at China. They are overcrowded and the living is primitive in many parts of the country – many people there have been living in "survivor" mode for generations, eating food that is meager or unsanitary, having no sewage facilities aside from fields and streams. it is a breeding ground for infection of one type or another. 99.9% of the US does not live at that primitive level. China has to look at the situation in a different way from ours – their concern has to be at a higher level. Our greatest danger is panic, not the virus.

  • Robbynne Smith says:

    I'LL bet the people on the boat and don't have a clue of whats going on. They will get off the boat and people will freak and you will cause a MENTAL PANDEMIC

  • "treating this like the flu" why would a country of 60 million – or a country of 1.2 billion – go on lock down for the flu? I honestly don't see how lying in this particular case benefits Trump. Anyone wanna explain that one? Lock downs are coming to the US of A people

  • Stocks up and down have nothing to do with recession. Look at other reliable indicators especially the unemployment rate, which is still quite low during the last 3 years of Trump administration!

  • Nah! We would not worry much about corona virus, which is just like other annual outbreaks including Asian Flu, SARS and H7N9-all originated from China eventually disappeared. Of course, we have to be a little more cautious avoiding close/direct contact and washing our hands more often. After all, we have survived Asian Flu, SARS, H7N9, MERS and Ebola; there's no valid reason for us to worry about coronavirus.

  • Awakened Persona says:

    Everybody was kung flu fighting
    they're dropping fast as lightning
    and you know it was a little bit frightning
    because it spread with China's lying.

  • Pelosi, like Trump, always has something to say. The problem with Pelosi's statements is that they are always directly or indirectly damaging those she speaks about.

  • 6:10 you know why those alarm bells start to ring? Because, deep down, people instinctively know that you can't be a leader when you are governed by emotions, which change by the day. You have to be a logical thinker. Warren demonstrated that perfectly with Bernie. She couldn't even wait 5 minutes for the cameras to turn off before she tore into him in an emotional outburst. Pelosi tearing up the speech, or the fact that she's been going after trump for 4 years like a vindictive ex wife are further examples. The list goes on. I could go on all day with examples.

  • Biblical Jesus Was Socialist says:

    There seems to be a ton of coverage of the coronavirus considering that POTUS claimed it was a hoax by the democrats.

  • Don't panic, keep shaking hands and going to work as usual people. Don't listen to the dems. It's totally normal to have congressman shaking the President's hand, when that same congressman will have to self quarantine on Air Force One to avoid passing the extremely contagious virus to the President. Stupid alarmist libs…get real!

  • Little do all know ,This is the 2020 plague. We will have to go back 500 yr methods to keep it contained. We already are as far as telling the infected to stay in there homes. God help us and on not a religious person but I AM NOW

  • Nothing but fear mongering going on. Corona virus, Climate Change/Global Warming, Russian interference and collusion. …etc etc. …..nothing but fear-mongering. …..The question is; For WHAT purpose ? What are they trying to achieve ?

  • Shaking hands is nothing when you can get it in a closed room within 12 ft. Of a positive virus carrier and touching surfaces with the potential virus contamination being on surface's up to 48 hrs.
    Dr John Campbell update.
    Educate yourself.
    Be proactive.
    Clinton go home I voted for you last time but in light of what Trump exposed.
    I am a never Democrat.

  • Yeah! Why not wait a week or two until it reaches the heartland and fox viewers…then we can be scared and blame the dems for creating the virus or something stupid like that.

  • Hillaey barely lost. If she had just gone to a couple more States she probably would have won! When is she going to stop whining?
    Is that if she's never heard of Margaret Thatcher or Angela Mercer of Germany, Both leaders of their countries! What they don't count because they are not her?

  • White House Press Secretary? A normal press secretary, in a normal administration would be giving daily briefings to the press and the public of developments of this pandemic. She would have organised the experts to give the science of the spread of the disease and NOT be on Fox giving political viewpoints.
    What a total partisan mess for those people who will suffer greatly because this administration is unable to manage the pandemic. 
    Trump needs to go before more people are killed by his ineptitude.

  • Bookmark : "This is something that is like the flu " Please inform Italy. Please also note that the most recent Canadian infections are ALL tracked to USA now. Why do Americans believe they have immunity to a virus with NO human immunity. You are not containing your infected properly and you are not doing aggressive contact tracking. You are busy trying to protect the Dow Jones instead of life.

  • Ethan Hobigant Roche says:

    Is this a scientist from the White House who's Alma Mater Is Eastmont High School andShortly after midnight, December 5, 2015, Grisham was arrested again in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, for driving without her headlights and suspicion of driving under the influence; thus violating her probation.[4] Grisham failed to appear at her court hearing on January 19, 2016,[4] whereupon the judge issued a warrant for her arrest.[52] Grisham pleaded guilty, and in July 2016 was ordered into a treatment program and to pay nearly $1,600 in court costs and fines.[4][8][16][52]

    See also

  • At a Friday news conference at the C.D.C., Trump told reporters that tests for the coronavirus were now available to anyone who needed one. Yet just afterward, we heard from governor after governor and doctor after doctor that this is categorically untrue, with states in dire need of more tests. “We have no local testing available,” Dr. Walter Mills, president of the California Academy of Family Physicians, told The San Jose Mercury News.
    And of course, it was at that same news conference that Trump infamously said, “I like the numbers being where they are,” in explaining why he was reluctant to let passengers, some of whom have tested positive for the virus, off the Grand Princess cruise ship floating off California (it has since been given permission to dock in Oakland).

    That news conference was, to me, the most frightening moment of the Trump presidency. His preening narcissism, his compulsive lying, his vindictiveness, his terror of germs and his terrifying inability to grasp basic science — all of it eclipsed his primary responsibilities to us as Americans, which was to provide urgent care, namely in the form of leadership.

  • Zoolander Skytower says:

    The only person making this political is Trump. He doesn't want the ship to dock because it will change his numbers? The coronavirus is not a Democrat hoax, it didn't even start in the USA. If she thinks it is just scare tactics, maybe she should go talk to Rick Gaetz or Cruz or Collins. will she even be in the same room as them?

  • You and Elvira Kellyann seriously need to get a grip! Your evil ways and deception are worst than "satan" itself. Being arrogant and rude is no longer attractive. Working in the "stupidhouse" does not make you self important just shows how nasty like you are. Not professional, not smart, no class but just doing the evil work.

  • Professor Gabriele Lueng says that as many as 60% of the earth's population can be infected. He was the leader of the SARS virus when it ravaged the world. This Corona 19 virus he says we can count on over 50-60 million dead in worst-case scenarios, but it can also bloom again a few years later. As long as Asia maintains its pet markets and eats these animals, this virus is like a hidden chameleon in these markets. China, Thailand, Korea with many more need to get these markets under control and awareness of this problem. Bottom line they need to be educated and educate them on food in the first place

  • Suppose Trump said, "Corona virus is a hoax and I'm not authorizing a penny for it". What would happen? Media would show pictures of people dying OF ANYTHING and call it "Corona Virus". Then all the idiots of Facebook would run around saying, "That Trump is a beast–look at all the people dying of corona virus–he won't pay to help us". Thus Trump was forced to give 8.5 billion DIRECTLY TO BANKSTER CABAL AT GUNPOINT TO GET RE-ELECTED.

  • All the medical experts are saying this is bad leading epidemiologists from hear and abroad are saying 40-70% of the world will contract this virus this is not a hoax stop listening to the talking heads

  • mikes campfire says:

    Not one person on fox and the trump administration gives 0 fucks about us. It’s nothing but a misinformation station lying to the naive and ignorant for years. As if it’s normal.

  • Nancy would rather party than do actual work for the nation!! This is her legacy!! Pres. Trump is always many steps ahead of her and Americans know her approval rating are falling!! She needs to step down because most people believe she has become useless for the nation!!

  • Why are we not hearing from the health officials? Politicians are not trustworthy. Stephanie…you are defending an idiot. Tell Donald to stop uttering nonsense, which you have to defend.

  • So Dems should not voice concerns “politics”. But trump can call Wash Gov a snake, keep people on the boat to help his numbers and mislead USA on severity to help him politically. The Fox News bubble has 42% of Americans dumbed down

  • Pauls Computer Lab says:

    funny how they react on "just a flulike illness" : shutting borders. why can't people in the media just say : "we don't know"? i bet shutting the borders helps not creating a big hysteria…

  • Facts are hard, aren't they Steph?

    In March of 2018, Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer, whose job it was to lead the U.S. response in the event of a pandemic, abruptly left the administration as his global health security team was disbanded. That same year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was forced to slash its efforts to prevent global disease outbreak by 80% as its funding for the program began to run out. The agency, at the time, opted to focus on 10 priority countries and scale back in others, including China. Also cut was the Complex Crises Fund, a $30 million emergency response pool that was at the secretary of state’s disposal to deploy disease experts and others in the event of a crisis.
    Overall in 2018, Trump called for $15 billion in reduced health spending that had previously been approved, as he looked at increasing budget deficits, cutting the global disease-fighting budgets of the CDC, National Security Council (NSC), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Health and Human Services (HHS) in the process.

  • Yes Hillary you are correct; when I hear you say you like to lead I'm like HELL NO! But it has nothing to do with you being a "female the opposite of the two genders. It is all due to the fact that your last name is Clinton. Your corrupt as hell ma'am and everyone knows it.

  • Hypocrites: While certain hosts over at Fox News have been accused of downplaying the threat of the growing coronavirus outbreak, the network is implementing increased safety and security measures behind the scenes, even telling staff members to work from home if possible. One action taken affected the popular show Fox & Friends, which won’t be taped in front of a live studio audience “for the foreseeable future.”  Yet they say it's a hoax?  Which is it?

  • White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is a 100% certified joke, she shouldn’t even have that title because she’s never giving a White House press, and she only appears on Fox State TV.

  • I thougjt we're paying her for daily press briefings, not to be on Fox news. Sure would be a good time for daily press briefings. Never mind…would be all lies anyway.

  • Why do we even watch the news anymore ? These 3 bafoons sit on a couch and read their telaprompters like robots. Fox News is garbage.
    When did you start thinking CNN is fake and worthless, but somehow Fox is okay cuz they suck off Trump?
    Fox is still trash, always has.

  • My fear, is the fear of others. Doesn't matter if I think this is stupid and an overreaction. I need to be proactive about the reactive

  • I agree. The virus is taking attention from just how much Trump has ruined the United States. Your country is a pathetic mess thanks to the Fox news/Trump team.

  • If Trump didn't lie so much more people would believe him. I am so glad Pence is taking charge. At least he knows how to speak properly. Trump has been a joke since he got into office. I don't believe a word he says.

  • And for the record, women are still being considered as second class citizens in America just as Hillary said. We still don't make as much money as men even though we work just as hard. Women are still expected to stay in our place.

  • 15/16 hours working Lol
    More like watching Fox
    This is nothing like the flu at all
    We have a vaccine for the flu
    Covid-19 there is no vaccine yet and there won't be one for at least 6 months to a year if not longer
    If you could turn you to listen to this a ministration a lot of you and your family members are going to get very ill and probably pass away because you didn't want to protect your own family and listen to the advice of the scientist instead of this Administration but what do I care it's your family In Harm's Way not mine guess you're elderly people goodbye

  • Akino Luniverse says:

    To the TRUMPORONA. We desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES. We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public. We need FACE MASKS for the public. We need to protect our doctors, nurses and first responders. Let's wake up already. !!!

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