Stay Home – Happy New Year 2020 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Stay Home – Happy New Year 2020 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

I took a 3 month long break.
I’m happy and my life is very peaceful. As it is the last day of 2019, I’ll make the most of it.
I’ll spend this day peacefully. Babe, take Leo and get him a haircut.
– Alright. – Please, take him. Alright. Let me sleep for two more minutes.
– You too, go and get a haircut. You need one too. Finally, you’re up. Take Leo with you.
Tell the barber to trim the hair just a little. Alright. – Leo, go get a haircut.
– Let’s go Leo. Leo, don’t you want to look handsome for the new year?
– Leo, let’s go get a haircut. Wonder why he hates haircuts so much.
– Let’s go and come back with new hairdos. You go and I’ll wake Ajju up and send him to get groceries.
A lot of things are to be done and he still is asleep? Ajju..
Ajju, why do you make me yell all the time? Why do you yell so early in the morning?
– I want to be peaceful but you guys make me yell. This is the last day of the year
and I want to spend it peacefully. There is a lot of preparation to be done
for the party tonight and yet you’re asleep? How can I alone manage everything?
– I’ve my own preparations, so you carry on. What? You promised you’d spend the night with us.
– That’s when you said you’d rent a villa and throw a pool party and hire a dj.
I don’t see that happening. Ajju, all prices have gone up as it is the new year.
A Rs. 20,000 villa is now priced at Rs. 95,000. Why spend so much?
We can rent a villa some time later. Later? Going by how miserly you’re, I’m assuming 10 years.
– I’m miserly? What nonsense? Who keeps giving you money whenever parents don’t?
– Money isn’t important, memories are. Cut it and nothing doing, you’re spending tonight
with us right here. Now, go to the market I repeat, count me out. But, I can go to the market for you.
– We’ll make chicken drum sticks! I’ll make grilled chicken the New York way.
Imagine grilled chicken with cream cheese dip! Also, I’ll make a delicious salad
with nachos and beans and chicken. Really! Still, count me out.
Anyways, give me the list of things needed, I’ll go get them. Do get some of those golden balloons
and also get stuff for decorations. Then get some onions, basmati rice and nachos.
And please, stay at home tonight. We’ll have fun. Please! Why in the world are you laughing?
– You will too, if you look at this. What the hell!
I told you to get the hair trimmed just a little. I trimmed my hair just a little. I’m talking about Leo. Why is he looking like that?
He doesn’t even look like Leo to me. Stay still like that.
Wow! This is great material for memes. Shut up! His hair will be back in 3 months.
-2 months, actually. – He looks like Rachael’s cat from Friends. He looks like new Leo for the new year.
– Who is he? A new guy in the family? I don’t approve. But he smells like brother Leo.
Brother, is that you? What happened to you? I tried waking him up for hours together.
When he finally got up, he said.. How are you all? You came in second?
All the best for the next event. Finally, you answered the call. The people at our apartments are conducting games
like Lemon Spoon race and all. I won the Lemon Spoon race. I couldn’t balance the lemon initially.
But then, I got the hang of it and won the race. I heard the prize is some groceries box.
I’ll win all the games and win all the boxes. So, wish me luck.
– Whatever, good luck. So, what plans for new year?
Musical chairs has started? Let’s go then. Finally, you’re here. Did you get
all that I asked you to? He is too irresponsible. Did you get Nachos? – Yes.
– Mayonnaise? – Yes. – Basmati rice? I knew it. I was sure he’d forget.
This is why I told him to make a list but he won’t listen. He said he is too smart to need a list.
– Don’t worry, I’ll get it. Actually, I did get Basmati rice too.
So, will you shut it? – Whatever. Still, he is too irresponsible.
– You got it too? Cool. Put it in the kitchen!
– I am. The year is changing but you’re still the same. How will I change if he keeps on irritating.
So, after I woke him up this morning he said he’ll party with his friends instead.
– Going to a party! Where at? Going to a party?
Stay home. Tell him again. – Stay home!
– I’m not a kid anymore. I’m an adult. Who cares if he is an adult?
Tell him I’ll complain to mom and dad. Tell her to talk to me directly if she wants to.
– Oh, stop it you two! Stay at home, Ajju. We’ll get
whatever you want. We’ll have a night out. Night out with you people? The BGM in this scene is the highlight.
Are you watching? I vowed never to have a night out with you after that.
– We were tired that day. You know how tough it is to stay awake after working
all day in the office? We aren’t teenagers anymore. I’m 27. I’m in my late 20s
and he is in his early 30s. I promised my friends I’ll be there with them.
– You also promised you’d be with us. Actually, you’re still young and naive.
Once you are of my age, you’ll know family is important. You know what, I need some me time.
Don’t talk with me for some time. ‘Will she let me out?’
– ‘Don’t worry, I’ll handle her.’ You guys are down stairs?
I’m coming. Bye. Stop it! He thinks we can’t enjoy without him.
Let’s prove it we can enjoy without him. Jahnu, the game of Tambola just got concluded.
I won the Quick 5 round but I couldn’t finish the top nor the bottom row.
I finished the middle row simultaneously with the lady from 303. So maybe I’ll be asked to share the container
with that lady. I don’t want to. Mom, you both will be given separate containers.
– I hope so. I’ll call you after the prize distribution. Jahnu, what’s the matter?
– Nothing. You know what? I think Ajju has a girlfriend.
This is why he is avoiding us so much. I always was his priority,
but I’m not anymore. He is always on his phone and stays in his room.
He is barely even speaking with us. He isn’t even coming home at nights of late.
He says he had a night out at friend’s place. Let it go. Why talk about him?
– Right! I don’t even care about him. It is going to be 2020 in sometime,
so let’s just chill and talk about something else. You tell me, how was your 2019?
What happened in 2019 that you’re thankful for? I’m thankful for the hike I got. Hike! You know, he installed Hike on his phone.
Tell me, why would he need Hike? Why are you obsessing over him?
– Who is? I’m not. I’m not even thinking about him. So, you tell me.
What are your plans for 2020? Kids, maybe?
– You want kids? Why? To see them grow up like him? I looked after him since when he was a kid.
But now, he cares more about his friends than me? Alright, I get it. No kids. You tell me, what is your resolution for this new year?
– I won’t talk with him anymore. I’m done with him. I won’t talk to him ever again. He isn’t allowed
here anymore and we won’t visit him either. It is over.
I’m not going to talk to him ever again. You came back?
– Yes, just for you. – For me? I love my brother so much!
– What? I’ll leave. My sister is hurt. Why are you back?
– Because you were upset. Emotional blackmail always works.
– Even my girlfriend never emotionally blackmailed me this much. Joke, it is just a joke.
So, what plans? Five, four, three, two, one!
Happy new year! Mom is calling me.
– Happy new year, mom! Happy new year to you and to your family.
Wish Sushanth from my side. The prize distribution is done. I got my boxes.
– Congrats, mom! I’ll use these to store the pulses.
Runners up were given onions. Had I known that, I’d have deliberately come second.
– That is a good idea. Alright, have fun. Don’t stay out though.
Anyways, cake is being cut. I’ll go grab my share. Shall I let you into a secret?
Here is what happened. What? – No entry for stags.
– What do you mean? You didn’t read the rules?
– Rules? What rules? Guys, wait up. Bro, please let me in. My friends
are all going in. Please, let me in. You’ll now realise
the value of true friendship. That is what happened.
Why else will I come back? Wish you all a very happy new year.
Have a great time with your families. And singles, I totally get your plight.
Wait, is that why my brother came home? Please subscribe and I’ll see you next Wednesday.
See you. Ajju..


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