State Run Media Or Media Run State: Inside The Fox News, Trump White House Tango | Deadline | MSNBC

State Run Media Or Media Run State: Inside The Fox News, Trump White House Tango | Deadline | MSNBC

Donald Trump's codependent relationship with Fox News has become so normalized did we hardly bat an eyelash when Trump mimics something he hears on Fox & Friends with more ease than he repeats anything learned in an Intel briefing but we have posed the question here before who's running whom it's often seem much more like a media run state than state-run media and now there's this the latest extensive reporting from Jane Merritt The New Yorker provides an answer in addition to chronicling Fox News's journey from partisan to propaganda the piece shines new light on previously unknown products of the Trump Fox relationship for starters The New Yorker reports a Fox digital reporter uncovered proof of the stormy Daniels relationship in the ensuing agreement with Trump but quote after getting one non-committal answer after another from her editors the reporter at last heard from the head of Fox she told colleagues that he said to her good reporting Cadell but Rupert wants Trump to win so just let it go The New Yorker piece also describes through several sources two instances where Trump was given advance notice of debate questions and especially I poppin piece of reporting considering how angry Trump was but a similar situation having to do with Hillary Clinton and finally perhaps most importantly the piece details a previously unknown attempt by Donald Trump himself to put pressure on the Justice Department to intervene in the merger of AT&T and Time Warner a move seen by some as retaliation against the company that owns CNN blocking the deal but also be good for Fox joining Jonathan and Doug here on set Zerlina Maxwell Sirius XM director of progressive programming also former advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign and Brett Stevens columnist for The New York Times Jeremy still here as well let me start with you Brett because I know the the merger was something you reported on at the time and followed you and George Conway and others on Twitter who thought that single act in normal times would be a full-blown scandal I actually think it's one of the biggest almost provable scandals of the Trump administration the president seems to have clearly intervened to get his Justice Department and his top antitrust official to reverse an earlier judgment and block the merger of these two behemoths 18t I spoke with the CEO of AT&T at the time he himself was so outraged that he gave me a pretty powerful on the record interview talking about a very peculiar timeline a district judge then promptly reversed the justice of the Justice Department's decision to block the murder in the appellate court just just affirm the district judge look the point here is that the President of the United States appears to have suborned his Justice Department in order to pursue a political vendetta against a media entity CNN and and and to use that in tot all the engines of government in order to do that and I would I would just put it to everyone watching the show who supports Trump if Obama or a President Clinton had done it would you not call that impeachable there there are closeted viewers let me get you on the record it seems like this is where Trump benefits from the volume business of scandals he does but this piece has some very careful reporting in here about Gary Cohen and they detail a conversation between Gary Cohen and then White House chief of staff John Kelly we don't hear John Kelly's side of the story in in her reporting but we hear Gary cone saying very clearly someone who cares about his reputation I'm on Wall Street and in polite society and that this was an paraphrasing here but some sort of redline that this is not how we do business what do you make of these sort of emerging glimpses of the efforts by human guardrails to stop Donald Trump from doing things beyond norm busting butt butt-butt-butt impeachable or illegal or highly unethical or whatever term you want to use well here and I think we see another example of one of the professionals inside the White House Gary Cohen of course who led Goldman Sachs and I think it's fair to say is kind of an institutionalist he's saying no mr. president we can't intervene in an antitrust matter being run by the Department of Justice any more than we can intervene in a prosecution or a special counsels investigation and that seemed to been echoed also by John Kelly but to no avail because the president forced them to get the White House involved to get involved in the Justice Department's efforts and you got the president basically overriding the word and the advice of aides who are loyal to the institutions and the president saying I don't care I want everyone loyal to me and I think we can expect to see a lot more of this Nicole as as more oversight shines the lights light on the way that the president has been involving himself in the supposed independent actions of our government and you don't need a Democratic lawmaker or a left-leaning individual to suggest that this is as grave as Brett and Jeremy say it is you George Conway and Kellyanne Conway's husband said this today on Twitter if proven such an attempt to use presidential authority to seek retribution for the exercise of First Amendment rights would unquestionably be grounds for impeachment yes now George Conway of course is a rather noted in vocal critic of the president unlike his wife who still works in the West Wing as a follow up on Jeremy's point Gary Cohen also is probably the only senior Trump official to leave in a matter of principle he quit was over tariffs it wasn't Charlottesville but he did leave on those terms not because he was forced out there's no question though that this is a serious matter and this is a normal presidency as you just said it would be the story here will be an hour or two like it'll be a day or two shouldn't be it should be light should be shown on a little bit I mean the Oversight Committee is potentially the game-changer is it up until this moment with the Democrats in charge this would have been a bad story for a couple days then gone away now it has there's ability to be for it to be pursued that that the Oversight Committee can go after this and subpoena the documents involved talk to the witnesses there and make something more of it and that is going to be the tests as I've taught what you're just saying is that to this point the president has been able to shake off scandal after scandal and yes they didn't pack his poll numbers or you know the judgment of pundits but he would largely remain unscathed that could change now that some of this stuff could stick to him he no longer has the Allies on the hill to make the stuff go away the the I want to get your thoughts on this because this does seem like the kind of thing that even if you fly under the radar this is absolutely worthy of the democratic of the committee's investigating getting to the bottom of this she's got some reporting that that a committee could try to cry breathe air in closed door open session with with two senior advisors to the president and and it is all the things that that Brett and Jonathan and Jeremy say it is it seems like a scandal ripe for some sort of Corrections I'm sort of cleaning out of the corruption of Trump tried to impart on his justice bar right and it's a it's a wonderful moment to be in post the 2018 midterms where as Jonathan said we can actually do something about these allegations that seem so disturbing and in terms of the abusive abuses of power from his position as president but the Fox News thing I was on with Gabe Sherman yesterday and you know obviously he has done so much great reporting in terms of Fox News and Roger Ailes and he said something that stuck with me he said that post-watergate Roger Ailes entire concept of Fox News was to prevent that from happening again and so now we're watching Donald Trump have scandal after scandal after scandal except you have a right wing echo echo chamber which cannot be pierced in order to give facts to the people who essentially you know who may change their minds if they heard some of the detail around these some of these scandals and so the idea and the conversations that we keep having about like what's going to matter are we ever going to hit bottom I think finally now we will because we have an alternative to the Fox News you know platform we now have congressional hearings which will also play on Fox News where some of that truth will at least get to some of their audience but I would add just you know conservatives though the few who sincere conservatives who remain really on of the outrage this was I mean this is supposed to be a pro-business administration here you've got two companies trying to complete what's called a vertical merger the vertical mergers haven't been challenged for a very long time they're not seen as anti-competitive and the only reason why this is blocked is because a partisan president has personal pique against a private business and if conservatives don't wouldn't like one like Democrats behaving that way against business they should especially not like Republicans doing so I wanna just put up one thing for you and give the last word this is the list of people from Fox News who found their way into the administration bill shine is the communications director I still I think still being paid out by Fox News ben Carson was a contributor Mercedes slap as a contributor Heather now word that the State Department and nominee to be the UN representative John Bolton was at Fox News scaramouche chief katie mcfarland sebastian Gorka who's to fill in the blank for fox news i read today he doesn't work there anymore this is extraordinary yeah you know i used to think that fox news was an arm of the republican party now I think Whitehouse is an arm of Fox yeah and there's staff and you know the White House is staffing up with people who were either contributors or ran the network they'll shine ran that Network and it's paying off for the president right now and it's paying off for Fox News with ratings but I think that you know the law I think as we get into a 2020 election I think it's going to be a very difficult spot for Fox especially post election if they are still tied to this man and we're seeing whatever may happen with Muller or what may happen with these investigations if he is such a damaged person either heading into the election or if he even doesn't make it to the election where does Fox News go from there I don't really know what the biggest problem is that Fox News now stands for someone who is neither Republican nor conservative we'll see how that answer hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos


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  • Lynda Mackrous says:

    lol lolol ? Talkable of network democrat Nancy Pelosi will say one word MS NBC CNN NBC will repeat it every day at the same time using the same terminologies we watch one no need to watch the other but fox does not

  • Lynda Mackrous says:

    I have cracked up listening to your first second who’s running the Democrats foreign government who plays MS NBC or CNN ABC ABC and NBC by shooting trump down and promoting Avenattu your presidential contender

  • msnbc has NOOOOOOOOOOOOO room to talk about anyone being "state run". the people in charge there call in favors around the US on behest of the Democratic party all the time..*cough* smollett cough

  • Barro the Broadcaster says:

    CNN and MSNBC are Hate State Run Media. If Hillary was president, they'd be protecting her saying Fox was unstable or not credible.

  • More circus clown act news from a circus clown act media and Capitol Hill Democrats and Republicans in the big circus clown Trump

  • Nothing is normalized just because we see it every day. Mobs aren't normal just because they've been around for centuries, and they are still corrupt. Trump is only concerned for himself, believes he's above the law, doesn't care about 98% of the 327 M people in the U.S. beyond their votes.

  • Awww, poor MSNBC doesn’t know what to do now that their boy Obama is gone other than cry and gossip about not being the presidential favorite. I love how unhappy they are. NBC and CNN is getting what they deserve after years of throwing dirt at Trump. You made your bed crybabies.

  • Projectheureka says:

    It's the opposite way around, Kiddos:

    Fox News, Sinclair Media, Facebook,Twitter et-all run the NRA-Nazis' fake news propaganda Trump-party, just like
    Leni Riefenstahl and Hitler's Meth- Doctors ran the whole Hitler's Nazi party. And Stalin at the very same time FYI.

    In simpler English for Trump's simpletons:
    Fox News has always been the militarized Christian Nazis, extreme Zionists' and Islamic "Kingdoms" propaganda-networks.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  • They go bankrupt. The NRA is crying because they're losing money. I'd imagine faux will go that way too because most Americans are a mix of conservative & liberal. We're not just simply put into a single category. They've screwed themselves. Oh well.

  • Stewart Professional Services says:

    A so called pro business administration would not fail to collect taxes of 1.5 trillion dollars, in the new 'cuts'. Thus hurting the economy as the US is borrowing 23 trillion a year via bonds to break even now.

  • Wow CNN my hats off to you guys .
    You guys kept playing in the story even though trump tried to bury you . I know dude I think CNN should win a Pulitzer Prize for sticking to the story even after a bombing.

  • The Mafia Don presidency and the ascendancy of right wing radicals in the GOP is the collective Frankenstein monster created by Murdoch’s sensationalist, propaganda, TV rag, FoxNewspeak, and GOP micro-marketers manipulating primal fears, greed, paranoid fantasies, and willful ignorance of low info voters for over 25 years.

  • You all are truly delusional. And so full of hate. Blinded by the Almighty God as the Bible says. There is just no other explanation for the hate and ignorance on the left's side. It's truly sad. I pray you guys can have the blinders lifted and see that NOTHING the Democrats are doing or hope to do is helping you, your family, or your country. If you could see past hating Trump long enough to see what the Democrats aren't doing you would see. But you can't and I feel sad for you.

  • Just another pipe dream i think this is the 121st time you leftists said you had him. Meanwhile we have the best economy in decades. That is why fox is number one and you aren't.

  • James Vincent Franco says:

    Is this news, didnt we know about this about 70 years ago. You move like Mollases. Get some espresso, and inject it. Trump is still winning. He is sorry until 1 thing sticks to him. He is winning

  • IrelandVonVicious says:

    I don't trust one word from MSNBC. Propaganda from the top to the bottom. Context means nothing to this horrible fake news organization.

  • Trump is right to stop the merger. Time Warner and AT&T should be split into pieces. He's also a criminal who only opposes the merger because he thinks CNN says mean things about him (he doesn't even watch it). Two things can be true at once.

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