Stassi Schroeder on The Future of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ & Being a “Real Group of Friends” | In Studio

Stassi Schroeder on The Future of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ & Being a “Real Group of Friends” | In Studio

– Hi, I’m Stassi Schroeder and I’m in studio with
The Hollywood Reporter. (upbeat music) – Hey, there, Stassi, how are you? – Hi, good.
– Thanks for being here. – Yes, thanks. – Okay, so you have a lot going on. You have Vanderpump Rules,
you just bought a house, you have your podcast,
you have a podcast tour, you wrote a book. – Yeah.
– Super busy. Are you feeling–
– Fuck my life. (laughs) You know what I mean?
– Do you love it or do you hate it, or what’s going on? – You know, I thrive when I’m busy but I am the ultimate complainer. I love to be busy but I have to be able to bitch and moan about it, like, throughout the whole process. I’m overwhelmed.
– Were you just sort of riding the wave, and going, “Well, this might be a
good idea to do next?” Or “This is a good
opportunity, I can’t say no.” What were your, what’s your mindset? ‘Cause you could have just
very well stayed on the show and not necessarily branched out. – No, yeah, no. And I’m not somebody who’s like,
“Don’t say no to anything.” It’s like, no, I love to say no to things. I pride myself on being
able to just say no. I think that there’s so
much that I want to do and that I want to accomplish that if people are willing
to pay attention still and they care still,
it’s my time to do it. So I’m just trying to
take every opportunity that comes my way that I
want to do, and enjoy it. – Yeah.
– You know. – I kinda want to go slightly back to the beginning of Vanderpump because it’s such a good reality show. – Oh, hey, vintage.
(laughs) – Well, it’s more so about I
guess you when you were in it, because in the first season, I guess, at what point did you realize
that it was kind of a hit and that people were really responding? Like, was there a moment
where you were like, “Oh.” – No, it was very slow and steady. – Oh, gotcha. – ‘Cause people do ask me that a lot, too. And they’re like, “When was
the moment where you’re like, “whoa, you know, I’ve kind of like, “I’m kind of successful or like,
this is a successful show.” And it was just very slow
and steady for me, I think. I don’t feel like anything
was just overnight. – Okay. Maybe that’s good ’cause sometimes people that find themselves in the
limelight, someone is like, screaming at them on the
street, and it’s kind of jarring to be like, “Oh, I guess I’m a star now.” (laughs)
– But as we were, as we were being screamed
at, on the street, like after season one,
we were all still broke. – Oh.
– So you know what I. So like and so it didn’t feel like we were accomplishing anything. – Sure.
– ‘Cause we were all still struggling so much. So maybe that’s what’s kept us humble and just like really appreciative. – Yeah.
– Of everything that we’re doing. – So some people, we
had, I think it was in one of our Hollywood
Reporter articles, actually. There was a small reference to sort of comparing Vanderpump
to Downton Abbey in a way, because you had Housewives, that was like, you know Lisa Vanderpump and her friends, and then there was SUR. I never thought about that before. – So Downton Abbey is
one of my favorite shows. – Me, too.
– I don’t know how I missed this. So we’re the servants, basically. – I mean, I didn’t.
– Servants. – I didn’t.
– S-U-R. – I didn’t mean that, but. But, that’s leading into my next question, which is how do you sort of
think that it’s going to evolve? Because now you guys are
all super successful, you’re not broke anymore
and you’re not like, working at SUR and, you know,
how can the show sort of go on and are you expecting spin-offs or how do you see it evolving,
I guess, in the future? – I think, listen, we’re
a real group of friends. – Yeah.
– Like, we’re not like the Housewives where it’s
like this one’s interesting, this one’s interesting, let’s cast them and then make them go on
trips and lunches together. We were cast because we were
truly all dating each other and we were truly all best friends. And that hasn’t changed, so
even when we’re not filming, they’re still the people
that I call and hang out with and travel with and spend holidays with. They are my chosen family. So as long as, I mean I
don’t see that ever ending, the fact that they’re
always gonna be in my life. It’s like, how could this
show not just grow with us? – Yeah.
– You know, you can’t just take one of us out and replace us because we’re still around each other. – I know.
– No matter what. So, I mean, if the viewers want to see us, if they do want to grow with us, we obviously aren’t gonna
pretend to go work at SUR, but it’s, you know, I wonder. I wonder do people want
to watch us growing up? – I have really enjoyed it
and I’m kinda skipping ahead a little bit than what I had planned, but, I have to say, I feel
like you of all people, have had such an
interesting arc on the show, and I know it’s your real
life, too, but it’s like, seeing you evolve and grow and learn has been so amazing and so fulfilling. And I was actually curious,
did you feel that as you were, just as the show was
going on, or was it not, was it watching things back
and noticing how, you know. – I still don’t feel it.
– Oh, really. (laughs) – I still don’t feel it. People are like, “God, you’re
just, you’ve grown so much “and you used to be such a C-U-N-T, like, “you know and such a psycho.” I’m like, I still kind of
feel like the same person, I’m just a little calmer. A little wiser.
– Maybe. – You know, I don’t, I
don’t see it the way, when people talk about that
I’ve had a character arc. – Yeah.
– I see so many people saying that, and I’m like, I don’t understand it, I’m just living. Don’t most people have a
character arc as they age? – Yeah, I think that’s part of it, too. – So to me.
– It’s just getting older. – It just feels normal. It’s like.
– Yeah. – I’ve just gotten a little older. – Do you watch the episodes
back, though, ever, or not like. – Like old ones? – Or as the seasons are gone. Like do you sit down after,
you know, so think, and yeah. – I watch all of that.
– Okay. – I watch everything. I’m sorry, I can’t, I’m not one
of those people that’s like, “Oh no, I don’t watch the
show, I don’t watch it.” Oh, no, I need to know everything
that’s going out there. I have to know what the
rest of the world is seeing. – Yes, that’s right.
– And I have to torture myself and watch it, absolutely.
– Are you still sort of shocked to see people, what they say, maybe in their single
interviews behind your back? – That’s never hurt my feelings. – Okay.
– ‘Cause I feel like, you know, what, maybe because I’m such a Real Housewives fan, do you like the Housewives? – Love so much.
– Okay, so I’ve been such a fan of the Housewives
franchise for so long, that I remember when they
all got mad at Bethany after like season one or
two, for her interview bites. And I’m like, that’s what
makes the show funny. Like, no one wants to
see an interview bite where you’re just like, “Yeah, I really liked that
person and it was great.” It’s like, that’s, it’s a part of, you can’t take it personally. – Yeah.
– It’s just. What interviews are, it’s like, saying what you were really
thinking in the moment that you just didn’t have the balls to say ’cause you were just being polite. That’s how I view interviews. And I can’t fault anyone for
what their own thoughts are, even if they are bitchy. So, that’s never really hurt my feelings. – Well, I don’t know if I could take it, so it’s a very specific kind of person, you’re very thick-skinned. Um, I would be crying in
every episode, probably. But, oh, you were talking about replacing. How you can’t replace anybody. They have brought in some
new cast members this season. – Just a few.
– Yeah, just a few. (laughs) And I was one of those
people that was like, “Oh, I don’t know about this.” Like in the first episode, I was like, “I don’t know about this.” But what do you think
about the new, the new, the rookies of the show? Who’s gonna make some
great TV, do you think? – I think Dana’s, I mean,
as I’ve been watching, I’m like Dana’s pretty good. – Yeah.
– She’s, I laugh at everything that she says, she’s honest. – Yeah.
– She’s open, she’s not afraid to really get in there. The other girls, I don’t
really know that well. I, and I think they’re just
a lot younger and so it’s, it’s like if I were to go on Housewives. You know. They’d be like, “What is
this bitch doing up in here?” It’s like, that’s kind of how
I feel about the other ones. It’s like I don’t know
how to relate to them. And I’m all about a new cast member, when it’s like, like Lala, caused a lot of drama and
now one of my best friends. James, causes a lot of
drama, great for television. But you have to kind of
like integrate them in a little more, so I think
it’s just been a little overwhelming for us to
have so many of them. ‘Cause we kind of just don’t
understand what we’re doing. – Yeah, it started off
maybe, like you said, like a Lala, and then a James
or who, like slowly, Raquel. But then this season was just like, here’s a bunch of new faces. – Yeah.
– And it was, I mean, I don’t mind
it either, as long as, I don’t know, I wouldn’t
want them to get rid of any of the original cast of, unless you guys didn’t
want to be on there, but. – It would, you know what
it would be ideal, Bravo. This is the camera I’m
supposed to be looking, right? Bravo, spin us off. Spin the OGs off because
I need more airtime. (laughs) – Okay, so the next
thing was, your podcast. You have, I was looking, I was doing in my research I
was wondering how many episodes and it said 278 episodes at this point? – I didn’t even know that.
– Which seems nuts. When did you first have the idea, like what made you want
to start this podcast? And then skipping way forward, what made you want to go on tour with it? – Okay, well I was approached
about doing a podcast, like six years ago, and
I was scared shitless because I was dating somebody
who was on radio at the time. One of my best friends is a radio host. So, and I see how hard it is. I was like, always, like, at Sirius XM and I’m like how do these people just, their brains have to be on,
like there’s no, you can’t, it’s not like filming a reality
show where you can kind of just like sit back sometimes
and just chill out. It’s like you really have
to fill up that space. And so I was terrified
and I just was like, “Okay, if this is something
that is just so terrifying, “that means I should probably try it.” And they gave me a six month trial and it did really well and
then I ended up loving it. And so, here we are, five years later. Yeah, I mean, I think it’s so much fun because I can voice my
opinions a little more clearly on a podcast and talk about
things I want to talk about and, if I want to fuckin’
talk about Downton Abbey, I can’t do that on Vanderpump Rules. No one cares.
(laughs) You know. – This next segment will be great, Stassi’s gonna talk about
Downton Abbey for seven minutes. – Yeah.
– I mean it’s, you know, to be fair, like I’d
probably listen to that. But, okay, so what’s a typical
tour, what’s your tour like? What the live show? What can people expect from that? – Well, so that was another thing I was terrified about doing. So many people are like, “You have to do a tour now,
you have to do a tour.” I’m like, “Oh, hell, fucking, no.” I love standup comedy, I
love going to comedy shows. I think it’s the scariest
job you could have to stand up and try and make people laugh. Granted, a live podcast, I’m not trying to make people
laugh, I’m not a comedian, but I do have to entertain them. So I was, I said no for a
really long time and finally, I just put my big girl
pants on and was like, “Let’s do this and if we’re
gonna do this, let’s make a set, “let’s have great lighting
to distract people “from the fact that I’m not as talented “as I would like to be.” And make just like a full
blown show out of it. With just fun segments. I could have Beau there, I can have my friend, Taylor there. And it’s just been, it’s fucking wild. I can’t believe, every time
I go on stage, I’m like, I look in the audience and I’m like, “How did I get you guys here? “How did I convince
you that this was worth “taking a night off, getting a baby sitter “and buying these tickets?” It’s really fucking cool.
– Um, yeah, it’s very exciting and congratulations on that. The last thing, though, is your book. – Yeah.
– So I read your book and it’s very much everything
I expected it to be from you, I have to say my favorite
part that was probably, the last chapter where
you talk about mistakes. – Yeah.
– Because it was, just very, you’re very
open in general, I think, but hearing someone just truly write about messing up and owning it and. – Makes me cringe even
when I think about it. – But why was that important
to have in the book? – Because it, like
reality TV and my podcast, I really feel like I pride myself on showing the good and the bad. You can’t just show this manufactured manicured
version of yourself. It’s not a fucking curated Instagram page. If I am going to pride myself on honestly, that means I’m gonna have to
acknowledge and talk about the things that are very
embarrassing and suck. And it literally makes me
sweat when I think about. – I’m sorry.
– Those, that it’s just, you know, it is what it
is and I learned from it. But I just think it’s
important to just be honest. – Yeah. Have you had any meaningful
feedback from fans. Has, what’s maybe a moment or something where someone’s really connected with you? – A million. I’m really lucky that when I go on tour or when I do book signings, people write me these long
letters or they’re crying and explaining that they
were sick and in the hospital or someone close to them died or they were going through a breakup and reading my book or
listening to my podcast was what got them through it. And that is like, I
save all of those notes, I save all of those cards. And re-read them sometimes when I need a self-esteem
booster, but it’s, it makes me feel like, “Oh
my gosh, I have a purpose “that’s not just entertaining people “by being wasted and yelling at someone.” It’s like, okay, if I helped that, just one of those people,
get through a death. Wow. Okay, I contributed something, you know. – Yeah, okay, well are you
going to write another book? – I am, I’m doing it right
now and it’s hell on Earth. – Amazing.
– It’s, so it’s, I thought that the second time it would be easier but it’s not. It’s way harder. ‘Cause I think I had such a
very clear, clear, clear vision for the first one that now, it’s like, okay, well my vision is
clear, but it’s just not, I had been prepping for
this one for so long that now this one’s harder. – All right, well, can’t wait to read that whenever it comes out, thank you so much for stopping by. – Thank you. – Thank you, everyone, for watching. Check out Vanderpump Rules,
listen to Stassi’s podcast, go see her live show.
– Go buy my tickets. – And there’s something else, no, I guess the, those are just.
– That’s, that’s enough. – [Both] That’s enough. – For you to see Stassi.
(laughs) No, but thank you so much.
– Thank you. – And thank you, everybody, for watching.


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