Starting Internet Beefs with Cody Ko and Noel Miller

Starting Internet Beefs with Cody Ko and Noel Miller

who are you guys beefing with we want to get a beef like going shoot cuz it always is good when you get them when we get the residual beef so now you go off on someone on our show then everyone be like you got to listen to what they said on part of my team oh okay you guys get real big guest so I feel like we should just aim for something yeah fuck man Jake Gyllenhaal okay he's kind of like the whole method acting thing yeah like dude chill out we get actually in the military we don't know we're on your side like fuck that like it's stolen valor basically what he does to just try to play badass characters all the time way better Maggie yeah yeah awesome it's just riding his sister's coattails everybody in Hollywood knows it and they always talked about it but nobody has the balls to say it but we do yeah Plus for Heather's no watch'n I got no problem with you guys gotten in beefs like Internet peace not what I had to say telling an actor he that he's doing a military movie is stolen valor is so good yeah I god forbid I ever run into anybody when I fucking get oh yeah who did Chris Kyle what's his name oh yes please do I mean also they're taking jobs away from veterans that are actors yeah in cosplay as a soldier Yeah right yeah you fucking weenie yeah looking pretty on camera what what did you do you didn't do shit jarhead sucked Donnie Darko is a fake deep movie too everybody always talks about Johnny's art game and that's that every fourteen year olds favorite movie exactly like you think Oh the guy's weird a bunny head sick okay all right so we're officially beefing with Jake children are actually beefing with Jake on the Internet there's gotta be other tubers everyone that we like everyone that we make fun of is is pretty fucking cool like I mean you saw the kombucha video that we did but we like basically ripped on this like Forbes video that they did on the founder of kombucha or the guy that first bottled it in America so he's like a billionaire from bottling kombucha okay yeah and so the the Forbes video makes him out to be like this beverage villain yeah if he's sitting in his like house like petting his rabbit and shit like that so we ripped on the video and we're like making fun of you know we were making fun of him a little bit – yeah and he damned this right afterwards and was like the nicest guy was like dude this is so funny come over to my place let's let's film a follow-up video yeah okay like that's most of the people that we like yeah are like you know it's like fake beefs with or whatever like oh really cool so you guys are us do the exact bully JJ Watt where we basically bully yeah yeah and then we raised money for his foundation so that he would do an interview and now we're actually like he's a good guy we all I said is there any point where like you meet somebody that you've rag Don you're like I really wanted to hate you yeah but turns out you're cool yeah I mean like it kind of starts that way we when we start when we roasted the kid Maddie smokes we thought he was gonna be like a bit of a douche and like a good like a shitty kid and turns out he's like the sweetest kid so nice man just like he would hit aside like you know you want to play fortnight that was hotboxing jewel right yeah yeah yeah I guess I feel like that is perfect internet culture though to where you just hate someone for a video you see them in and then you meet them like okay you're a nice person yeah and I guess all the time yeah you


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