St Petersburg, FL District 7 Candidate Eritha Akile Cainion Checks The Media & Stays On Code

St Petersburg, FL District 7 Candidate Eritha Akile Cainion Checks The Media & Stays On Code

those video that I shared on our Twitter feed of a candidate out of st. Petersburg Florida she's running out of district seven her name is Aretha Akhil a Kenyan and she was being interviewed by the local media I want you to hear exactly what she says about the black community and also watch the trickery of that interviewer and how this particular sister handled it is very likely be the next District seven council person economic development to the black community of the only platform in this entire race that stands against the black community being gentrified out of existence in the city and black people right now are under attack by the city government we're being pushed out by people you know gentrify errs land developers the politicians in office they work for them they're being funded by them my opponents are being funded by these big developers rents are going up luxury apartments are being built everywhere no genuine affordable housing and preparations and economic development is the only genuinely progressive platform that speaks to social and economic justice for everyone in this city by ending the oppression of the black community and if I don't do it we don't do this right now there won't be a black community in two years okay I'm gonna just the elephant in the room your opponent how she he'd make his big statements that he doesn't support the gay agenda as he calls it and he plans to make sure the taxpayers don't go to support gay supported things do you think about all that so I want to redirect this discussion because I think this whole thing about you know this non-factor candidate who hasn't raised any money in his campaign he's not running a real campaign he's not the person I'm fighting against in fact you know as offensive as those remarks are the reality of the elephant is that in the room is the oppression of the black community and the media is attempting to divert everyone's attention away to the real fight which is the fight against these big developers these gentrify errs that are pushing out the black community they're trying to divide the people of the city by making the black community the face of anti LGBTQIA but that is not what this fight is about this fight is with us and the big-money politicians and the big-money developers and I won't even engage in the conversation about a non-factor when my real opponent the incumbent is the one that is responsible for opening up the door for these gentle fires for people like Carl nurse to come into my community and push us out that is the fight that is what the people are talking about not this nonsense that the people that the media is trying to tell people that is the problem that is not the problem that is not what I'm hearing what I'm going door-to-door talking to people that talk about their rents going up they're talking about sewage in their water that's what people are covered I'm talking about so the media has their ear to the ground and is actually listening to the people you would know what this fight is about and it's not what this person is saying now this particular candidate sister Aretha I am very very impressed that she stuck to the message she stuck to cold she did not allow him to throw his trickery around and get her off base and off message we're throwing in the other opponent and talking about a gay agenda would that have to do with anything with the voters in that particular district now I went to her website and I also will share that we also put this up on the screen and as you could see I mean she is really really about the community she says make the south side black again that's what she put on her website she is not bad now I owe her tongue at all how she feel now if you look at her platform for that a restoration of economic development of the black community through reparations in the anti black undemocratic rigged election system in Saint Petersburg we need a real single-member district election in the gentrification of the black community create genuine affordable housing black community control of the police create a people based budget to improve the quality of life in our city build women's health programs to address disparities faced by black mothers and children fix the failing education system sewage and water bills tax the developers not the people workers power for city workers automate restoration of voting rights for people with felonies who have been released from incarceration now I provide her website you guys can go click it and read all that because she talks about this in extensive detail now due to her passion due to how she felt about the community and this is kind of politicians that we need I want to make sure not only to say yes yes go go go because that's great to do but how you gonna help her win without putting skin in the game we have to donate to help her win because she has an incumbent opponent it's a local election so she can get people to support her from all over the world so let's do that I want to put this up real quick so that you know that I made sure to give a donation to her campaign why because I know she's important for the black community in st. Petersburg Florida so we need to support her see it can't just be in word it has to be in financial support so she can do you know more things to try to win this election so what I'm asking many of you to do is go to her website will even provide the donation link it'll be an append comment go and donate whatever amount you feel like donating after hearing her fight for the community with passion I biting a tongue not getting all this it's not getting off cold anything if you want to encourage more candidates to be that way they have to see on a major support coming in for that and that's gonna start shaking up politics as well the conversation is changing but you also have to have the financial support and we could support her from all over the world so what if a thousand people two thousand three thousand people or more don't need to her today she like what is all this coming from it will be coming from the community and anybody who supported the issues that she is presenting to let her know that you on the right track you understand and then when you donate and let her know that you appreciate what she's doing and even just shorter hey yeah I want to support I donate XML and that's it let her know because we need to let her know that we support her campaign and that goes for any politician if you're talking this way about the black community you will have our support period you're not letting these people trip you up to start talking about other issues outside of what's going on in the community unless you say it the community is about to be gone they making sure of it they trying so it takes us to fight against that I mean if you're gonna go away at least go away with a fight don't go away and you didn't fight back you understand so what if we had all the members of the CBC talking like this system we would actually get some way in America but the majority of them as part of the black boule and you know we have a video on our patreon page explaining the origins of the black boule make sure you join our patreon page to see that video because that video is something that you really need to get informed on and why we as black Americans must take it to the black boule because they are in step with white supremacy and keeping us down and oppressed but shout out to this particular sister Aretha you're doing a great job and you know we highly support you you know I definitely would like to reach out to her and we're gonna see we can do that and hopefully bring her on the show and let her explain you know how platform a little more but for what I'm hearing it sure I wish she was here in Houston I was she was running I wish we have many people like her talking because you just notice how that guy had the media he like he didn't want to say nothing go what could he say he could get her to divert or anything and they're like our politics fighting for everything else it doesn't even benefit the block community at all when we being gentrified police brutality schools is not very good in our community school to Prison Pipeline you know raise soldiers all the things that's hurt in our community and you want us to talk about something else no we don't have the time and listen we had to fix home first then we could focus on other things because that's what got us in the mess we had now he wouldn't neglecting home and that anybody would tell you to take care of home first so you know leave me a comment everybody think about sister Aretha in this particular piece and how she responds and I'm asking all of you who not only get impressed by what she's saying especially we live in st. Petersburg Florida I need all of you to go out and vote for this sister get her on the City Council she's going to fight for you and if you don't live in st. Petersburg Florida send us us that donation because she needs to see that she has not only support in her community but she needs to see that she has to African Diaspora support people throughout the world you can donate to this sister – it don't matter I mean she's taking donations and it takes money to run the campaign I mean none of that's free and we have to understand as black people if we want something we got to put skin in the game because every other group understands that and that's why they donate even on a small level because with this us the saying about gentrification is real they trying to throw us out of our neighborhoods on the streets look at la look at all the black people that's on the streets in that lake you understand they want to do that in every city if they can we have to put up a fight against that and I let them


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  • No doubt. I had to donate to this sisters campaign. This sister definitely needs to be supported. That's a powerful leader right there. Didn't fall for the okie doke. They never change. It can be in the 60's or 2019 and they are still the same. The moment Black issues are brought up; they try to deflect to another topic. She speaking about the Black agenda and this clown want's to talk about gays rights. No…..what about Black rights? I'm more than sure if she had started on gay rights; this clown would have kept it on the topic. They never change.

  • I don't know this sister very well at all but I LIKE HER, and I will be following her progress. I'm proud of her, the way she handled that interview.

  • Phil could you contact her and let her know that we stand with her even from outside the US. Ask her as well to get security from the NO I and Farrakhan. Thank you

  • She spoke brilliantly. If people want change they MUST get out and vote, not sit back saying 'nothing to do a with me.'

  • Renn Rodriguez says:

    The illegals Are Coming.
    Claro que si Kick The African American's oUt.! Simple.!
    Puerto Ricans Para President Donald J. Trump..2020…

  • Ase sista! Black brothers and sister, please – let’s support this sister! Let’s look out for her & protect her. If you see her in the community please support her.

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