Squirrel group messaging app from Yahoo – First impression

Squirrel group messaging app from Yahoo – First impression

Whats up YouTube its Safwan from TechCycle Yahoo recently released their chat application that is squirrel and in this
video we are going to look at the squirrel so bought this impression we are not
installing the application and I cannot install the application because it is
not launched in India also it is based on invite system so you need to have
someone using the this squirrel to get to use this squirrel it is based on the
invade system so I am NOT going to install this so the impression is based on the
some post and only one post that I read and from the Play Store application page
so the first impression and the best impression of this squirrel is that it
is the Xerox copy of Discord application that is game chatting
application for gamers its the 100 percentage and the best copy of this
this Discord application is this squirrel application it is what I thought
first after seeing all the images of this squirrel application and reading
about the description of the squirrel application I thought of this as a
Discord application copy but you cannot use the unless you get an invite while
recording that video I forgot to tell you guys that Discord is for gamers
for chatting and it’s mainly for gamers and you can use your email id to sign up for
discord while squirrel is the family version that is squirrel is for making
family group and chatting in that also you can use Discord for this purpose
but squirrel is only for this family purpose and for sign up you need to use
mobile number so back to that video breaking down this squirrel application the first
feature of this squirrel application is room so about the room so it is the squirrel
application is mainly used for groups in the group you can have an particular
hashtag that is consider the group as a house and in house there will be rooms these
rooms are that hashtags that is hashtag so you might have
somebody in a particular room and someone else in the purple room so it’s
like that so you will have some members in particular group and other members in
another group so in Discord these house is named
named as server button in squirrel it is named as group and in that room both are
same so no difference on that it’s exactly the Xerox copy next is from
mute that is you can mute each room you can do that on discord I just use the discord so you can do that in discord and squirrel is that copy next feature is the
secret room secret room means there will be a password-protected room that
is if you need to enter that room you need have a particular password that is available in discord I never tested that but it is available in discord I seen some next next feature of this squirrel is reaction reaction is that
for a particular room you can have one tap emoji that is if you tap that button
the assign emoji will be sent to that group this will yeah you guys can evaluate on that next feature of this squirrel is blast this blast means in
that description it is said as that a message which will make sure that everybody reads
that message so its really means pinning that message at the top of the chat
which is available in discord next is attch attachment really they are putting
attachment as a feature really now it’s now available in most of application
next is activity view that is if someone tag you in the message you
will see that you have been tagged it’s available in discord I think so I have no vere used
discor for this long and I never used discord for this long so don’t know
more about but this is really a copy because most of the main feature of this
squirrel is available in discord so it’s like a copy exact copy of discord
if I avail if that’s available I just put something over here that is available in
discord its available in squirrel so like that so that’s all about this impression guys so thanks for watching if you think this video sucks hit that button if
you this video was awesome hit the like button and stick with us so you might find
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