Spokesmodels Gina & Gino Get Confused on Last Day of Cat Week

Spokesmodels Gina & Gino Get Confused on Last Day of Cat Week

I’m feeling extra honored today. You know, not only is Ellen
letting me host her show, she’s letting me host
on day five of Cat Week. (SINGING) They’re so damn cute. They’ve got nine lives. They even have a theme
song from Maroon 5. Cat Week’s here. And it’s the chance
cheer meow, meow, meow. Come on, when I
say me, you say ow. Me, ow, me, ow. Meow, meow, meow. Oh, man. That’s awesome because this
is the place that I work. This is amazing. All right, Cat Week is
brought to you by faucets. Why drink out of your
bowl when you can just drink out the faucet? That’s good. Hi, Ellen. Hi, Ellen. This is how I drink
my boxed wine. Hey, y’all. Well obviously, I’m not Ellen. Come on, Gina. You know that’s– he’s
here all the time. It’s Tweetch, because
he tweetches like this. He does this. That’s not it, either. Well, this is Gina and Gino,
our Cat Week spokes models. [APPLAUSE] So can you– yeah, we can clap on that. That’s fine. We can clap on that. Now, can you please tell
them about our other sponsor, Cat’s Pride Cat Litter? Sure, Ellen. Sure, Tweetch. This one? For every green jug
of Cat’s Pride Litter you buy, they donate a pound
of little to shelters in need. And because it’s
Cat Week, they’re upping their donation
to two pounds of litter for every green jug purchased. You tell them Gino sent ya. Hey, wow. OK, all right. Thank y’all so much. I think we’ve got it from here. Hey, you’re not Ellen. Yeah. You can go now, Gina. Just please leave, OK? All right.


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