Spirituality in The Information Age

Spirituality in The Information Age

We are in the information age. Also known as the digital age. This is an age where… Society has shifted away from the traditional industries, into an era of technological advancement. Into an era where the
majority of the economy is based on information technology. Now we all know that the driving force behind this is the Internet. In the early 1990’s the World Wide Web was launched. And it has changed almost
every facet of society. Including spirituality. Now obviously with great expansion, with great evolution,
with positive change, there are also the seeds of contrast. What that means is, upsides and downsides
come with the territory. Today, what I’m going
to lay out before you, are the dominant upsides and the dominant downsides to spirituality in the information age. Spirituality in The Information Age First, let’s start with the upsides. Number 1. It is undeniable that the spread of information is what has secured mankind’s dominance and rapid evolution over the last thousand plus years. Now, we can debate, later, about whether or not that is actually in alignment with the… Greater universe itself, and whether that’s
actually a good thing. But let’s drop that argument
for now and just say that for the sake of an upside, it’s absolutely undeniable that the spread of information
is what has put us in the dominant spot in the world today. Human consciousness is expanding because of the Internet
and the information age. It is expanding exponentially. Anything that anyone wants
to know is just one click away. So many people have access
to spiritual information that they would never have
had access to before. And as a spiritual teacher, you can get your
information to people who would never have been able
to access your information before. If someone is desperate and in pain, information about
how to get out of it, is literally one click away. It can be an incredible tool for good. 2. People used to be locked
into their own culture, Locked into their own spiritual beliefs. Better put, locked into the spiritual beliefs
that they were exposed to, and only that. What the Internet has done, what the Information age has done, it has made it so that
this lack of exposure is pretty hard to create. Now this means that people who would have been locked into their own culture
and their own spiritual beliefs, now are more likely to be exposed to alternative opinions, different spiritual practices and a great many more tools. Basically, there are
alternative spiritual paths to choose from, instead of just one. What this means to somebody like me is, we just might actually be capable of taking the best of what every
spiritual path has to offer. 3. We are able to connect with and potentially meet up with people who we would never have
connected to before the Internet. This brings us actually closer to unification or I should say, can. We all know that the information age has also led to a kind of isolation which we weren’t aware before. However, think about it yourself. Especially if you’re in teal tribe. How many people have you met, based off of this internet connection, that you would never
have connected to before? Now what’s really interesting, takes this concept of connection through the information
age one step further, is that the Internet is a bit of a bridge towards what we call a group mind. A group mind has occurred in some species. Which steps people in a direction where everybody shares
a similar perspective. Because in a group mind, you have access to everyone’s perspective. So it’s about as close as a group or a species can actually get to objective perspective. So, what if the information age is stepping the human race
towards the group mind? Collective Consciousness. Could you imagine for a minute, if every individual in a species knew what everyone in that species knew? 4. It used to be the spiritual
teachers, gurus, priests, what-have-you, they were the way that other people accessed God or accessed non-physical dimensions. They were like a doorway that you had to pass through. What the information age has done is it has taken gurus and priests and all of these people
off of their pedestals. Now we’re going to get into some
of the downsides to this later. But one of the upsides to this is, it forces people to have to find their own access to what they call God, what they call the greater universe, their non-physical self their
higher self their own intuition. And this is beneficial because taking certain people off of the pedestal, not only means that a person has to find
their own empowerment, it also means that these people have less capacity to create negative control dynamics. By virtue of being the only way that people had to get to heaven. Or the only way that people
had to get to God. Or the only way that people
got this information. 5. This is the one that
excites me the most, having been around, a lot of times… What the information age has done, is it has made it so that information is available to all classes, all races, all abilities, all creeds. It has basically leveled the playing
field in an incredible way. It used to be that the only way that you could actually
gain information, is if you were rich enough. It used to be that the only way
you could gain information, is if you were a man. It used to be the only way you
could gain certain information, is if you had certain abilities. I mean even people
who are in a wheelchair, they really couldn’t get to the top of, some of these Chinese mountains where the Qigong Masters lived. But now, because there’s
internet courses in Qigong, people who are in wheelchairs have access to that information. So it is the accessibility across all… Factions of society, shall we say, that impresses me the most
about the information age. And of course, that which I love the most. Because it creates collective awareness. 6. Business is much better and much easier for those that are in the
trade of spiritual relics. Those of you who absolutely love crystals know exactly what I mean by this. How exciting is it? Now you don’t have to wait for a gem fair. That thing that you’ve always
wanted is one click away. A better way of saying this is, because of the Information Age,
there is much more abundance to be found on both sides, in terms of spiritual trades. 7. Spiritual teachers
have to up their game. With this constant inundation
of new teachers, this constant inundation of new ideas, new philosophies, this constant influx of your own following
challenging your thoughts and processes because of
other things they’ve heard, it forces spiritual teachers
to question themselves. It forces them to hone their teachings. It forces them to continue expanding
and continue expanding, so that what they’re teaching is new and not the same old thing for
thousands upon thousands of years. This creates massive expansion for teachers themselves. 8. People are exposed to
all kinds of information, coming from all kinds of places. There’s a reason that I also love this. And that you should love this too. It’s that people tend to
be very locked down in terms of the way that their Information
has to come to them, the way a person has to look
in order to teach that way. Now, what the information age has done, is it has basically thrown
this little element in to the human consciousness, which is: Actually that thing you want to know, could come from anywhere at any time and it could look like anything. Which has actually expanded the human mind and opened it in a big big way. Because of this particular shift, extreme polarization is actually occurring within the human race. But extreme polarization tends to be the step of conflict, before genuine integration occurs. So whether we can see it right now or not, this element is actually
pulling us the fastest in the direction of genuine integration. Where we consider every aspect of the universe itself, to be an integral and important
and valuable aspect to the greater whole. 9. There are so many positive implications for globally organized
events and situations. Things like globally
organized meditations, globally organized prayers, movements, shared information. Now let’s go to the downsides, shall we? The first point is going to be the longest and the one that needs the most thought. So this first negative thing is: That there’s this idea within
the spiritual communities that the more people that
there are teaching, the better. Because all of this information is going to be spread even
further and even more. This ideology, actually isn’t accurate. Now I know that a lot of you
are going to bulk at that. But I’m gonna put a few
points before you today. In the information age, everybody imagines themselves as having something relevant to teach. and everybody imagines
themselves to be an influencer. This has created some key problems. First, anyone and everyone imagines that it is their place to
be a spiritual teacher. People imagine themselves to be experts just based off of all the information that they have ingested, not even digested. As a result, there is
absolutely zero respect or recognition of authority for genuine spiritual
teachers and leaders. Second, competition in the spiritual field has become a hundred times worse than it is even in the
professional sports world. Unless you want to work a day job and keep spirituality as a hobby, spirituality is also a business
for healers and teachers, in a market that’s flooded,
competition is fierce. There’s this illusion that many people in the spiritual field who haven’t made this
their business have, which is that teachers and
healers and whatever, when we get together,
it’s this attitude of: “Oh my god I love you, and we all love each
other and it’s a family and we’re changing the
world positively together.” This could not be any
further from the truth. The way that it really works is like this: There’s one Expo per year and there’s three book contracts that are going to be offered
to authors this year. And the attitude within
the spiritual field is, “It better be me instead of you and the only way is going
to be me instead of you is if I have more followers than you. Now, I’m gonna be honest with you. This also opens the door really super wide for people who have terrible information but are awesome at marketing. I’m gonna tell you something that’s gonna probably
creep you out today. Oprah Winfrey is actually more spiritually influential than almost every other spiritual leader in the world today. Except the Pope. Third, it has created
diffusion for teachings instead of promoting teachings
and teachers themselves. What happens in the information age is that people who learn from a teacher, learn all they want to from the teacher, until they imagine themselves
to be capable of teaching. Back in the day, in order to amass a giant following, you had to be good at what you did. You had to be sharing good information. You had to be an incredible leader. You had to have a lot of charisma, in order to create that. Today, there’s a kind of thought that all you need is a computer. So this means, often once the followers
of a spiritual teacher have learned everything they
want to from the teacher, they strike out on their own. They begin to compete with
the original teacher, by posting themselves as the new teacher, but using all the same content. Just to put this into context for you, because most of you are familiar
of the story of Christ, right? I want you to imagine, that Christ spends years upon years or months in the information age, disseminating his teachings
and his information to all of his disciples. Now imagine that all of his disciples decide to claim Jesus’
teachings as their own. And set themselves up on a pedestal, as equal to him. So now Matthew imagines
himself to be a Christ and now it’s about the Gospel according to st. Matthew. Now what the people in the
information age don’t see, is that this does not lend energy to Christ and Christ’s movement, this actually takes energy from Christ. What this has created, is this very distrustful, almost distant energy between “Gurus” and their disciples, between teachers and the people who are
following that content. Forth, this saturation has actually lent itself to the human ego in incredibly, incredibly damaging ways. So here’s what I mean by that; In a market that is flooded not only by more genuine teachers, but also people who are
completely unaware teachers who don’t have any place being in the dissemination of information type of a field, who just imagine themselves to be there and are there for the
sake of their own ego, what happens is that it allows for people to “teacher hop”. Now what somebody like me, (this is actually my least favorite
thing about the information age) I’ll tell you so this is my
point number one for the issue with the information
age and spirituality. Teacher hopping is fueled
mostly and mainly by the ego. This is very different than finding what tools work for you, and actually, improving
your spiritual practice, based off of the exposure
to other ideologies. This is: “I’m going to choose whatever
ideology suits my ego.” The spirituality of today is
a fast track to avoidance. The spiritual path is not an easy path. The path of awakening burns away
the layers of the human ego. It separates you from it, so you can then integrate it. Now, many seekers have decided, subconsciously, that the reason they really
want all this information and to be spiritually aware, is because they think it’s gonna
lead them to some form of comfort. Now this means they’re
gonna gravitate towards whatever teachings are comfortable, not whatever teachings are actually
going to create awakening. I want you to think about
that just for a minute. What are the negative implications, if people gravitate towards those teachers and philosophies
that make them feel the best? For example, let’s say somebody’s caught
in an unconscious pattern and so a specific spiritual teacher says: “Look you need to do some shadow work.” “You need to look into these deep reasons and emotions behind why you’re
doing what you’re doing, so that you can actually
gain your freewill and start to make choices in your
life to change that behavior.” Now we already know, that hearing that, that’s probably not going to be
a super comfortable process. You probably have to face
things about yourself you don’t really want to face. Now say there’s another
teacher out there, who says something like this: “You don’t need to focus on
any of that actually. No.” “Because you create your own reality.” “So all you need to do is focus 100% on what you want to have be created.” “You don’t have to become
aware of yourself at all.” “In fact, denial is a great thing, when you’re trying to
create your own reality.” “Just focus on whatever feels good.” Now if you’re a kind of person who just wants comfort, which one of these two philosophies
are you going to side with? You’re gonna abandon the
teacher you currently have and join up with this other one. Why? Because it feels good. A lot of things that feel good, aren’t necessarily good for you. I can tell you personally, that as a spiritual teacher
in the information age, the message that we continue
to get through followers and it gets worse and worse the
more information that they have is: “Make me feel good.” “If you don’t make me feel good, than I’m going to abandon
you as a follower.” “Not only that, I might
actually turn against you.” That means that teachers like
me are a little bit jealous of what it used to be like
a thousand years ago. Because people who actually
respected authority, people who weren’t able
to teacher hop like this, when you, coming from
your position of authority, we’re actually telling them: “Actually, this is something
you need to face.” “This is something you
need to focus on.” People would actually listen. The likelihood of them
actually listening today, is very small. 2. I know point one was long, but now we’re on point two. Point 2. is that now the spiritual field is completely wrought with confusion. What’s happened in the information age, is that people find themselves in a flood of opinions. A flood of spiritual philosophies. Many of which, are completely
and totally contradictory. And so the kind of energy
that’s happening in following and you know, seekers
let’s call them seekers. The kind of energy that I see
happening within seekers is this energy of like, futility. Sort of like: “I give up.” “I don’t know anymore.” “I don’t know which direction
to go and I’m frustrated.” Because it’s the same sort
of a feeling you’d have if you were caught in between
two medical experts. Especially when it’s something
that really matters. Meaning that you feel like you’re
suffering or lack thereof (happiness) depends entirely on
making the right choice. When you’re caught in
between two experts both of whom disagree, you know what that’s
like medically right? I’m about to live or die, and this person says this thing in
this person says the other thing. So that type of an emotional energy I don’t think it’s very good. Even though it forces people to find their own personal truth and that’s the ultimate objective reason the universe has created this for you, I don’t really like the
amount of confusion that I’ve seen in the spiritual field, after the information age began. 3. In the information age, Spiritual seekers and practicers have become extremely lazy. Because there is so much
abundance of information, nobody’s going to hike
to the top of some hill and the Himalayas to get
somebody’s information. Instead, people have an attitude of like: “Cover it and caramel
and come back to me.” ~ Laughter ~ Also in the same vein, there is zero loyalty to a specific practice. Zero loyalty to a specific path and zero loyalty to a specific teacher. Now, I know this when I say zero loyalty to a specific teacher, you guys are gonna look at me
and say: “That’s teal shadow.” “Because she just really wants
people to be committed to her.” But here’s the thing, there is an actual reason
to be committed to a path and the Buddhists are the
ones that figured this out. If you commit to one path and you really go as far as you
can go with that one path, It means you’ve mastered it. In the information age, there’s no mastery at all. Because a person will be like: “Okay, I’m going to dedicate
myself to meditation.” And they do that for like
a day, two days, a week, maybe a month at the most, then, there’s this other cool thing that comes across their awareness and instead of really becoming
masterful at meditation or masterful at this one technique
that this one teacher teaches. Or really like mastering the philosophy behind a teaching, you just jump and jump and
jump and jump and jump, so people are becoming
like, that good (very little) and that knowledgeable (very little) about things and then collecting more and more and more and more and more
and more and more more. 4. In the information age there has been this extremely distinct split between the business of spirituality and the practice of spirituality. All teachers are forced in the modern era to have one foot in both and what the business
of spirituality requires is often a complete contradiction
to spiritual practice itself. Basically, if you don’t have
an online presence and a really good and impressive one, you don’t exist in the modern world. What this is meant, is that as a spiritual teacher, you have to be a social media star. As a social media star, you fade out of relevance the second you’re not in people’s faces. This means just like every
other social media star, your life is about updating
people all day long. This means, that era where spiritual teachers went into a cave for three years to meditate, to create their next teaching to come back out again, is a non-existent thing. What this also means is it doesn’t matter whether you’re
an actual narcissist or not, you’re gonna look like one, because in terms of social media, your relevance in the world and
people finding your content means you have to
put images of yourself and your own information in
front of people 24 hours a day. 6. Every spiritual teacher and
spiritual leader throughout history has had extreme opposition. I mean, for God’s sakes, half of them end up dead. So it’s not that that’s changed, but what has changed is,
it’s gotten a whole lot worse. In the information age, people who hate certain spiritual teachers have just as big of a stage as the spiritual teachers themselves. All you have to do, to become significant enough
and make a name for yourself, is to go up against someone
who people care about. Now, I would love to tell you that the information age has created only a platform for the people who are
disseminating positive information. But it has created just as big a platform, for people who are disseminating
negative information. This means that slander
campaigns created against aspects of spirituality
or spiritual teachers or spiritual groups, has gotten violent. What’s worse is, is that people still believe they can believe anything that
is written on the internet. So there’s less to do about
these slander campaigns than one would hope. There’s no need for hate groups to put effort into meeting
up in one location. They can connect from all over the world. They can be organized at a distance and constantly fueled. This has made the spiritual field even more dangerous. Security details, now required
for spiritual teachers, in the same way that it’s
required for political figures and pop stars. 7. The downside of the spreading of certain religious information and certain religious groups, is evident. Extremist racist sexist and
dogmatic religious groups can now grow larger,
spread more information and pose much more of a threat. 8. In the information age attention spans have gone
like this (very small) Now what people want to do, is they want you as a spiritual teacher or any a spiritual person who
is disseminate information, I’m sure it extends beyond spirituality, what people want you to do, is they want you to take all
of this wealth of information, concepts that are so complex that a person could take a
lifetime to study them, and what people want, is for that to be condensed into a two-minute soundbite. This is not possible. Just to get that out of the way. It is not possible. Even for the people
who are the very best, in terms of oration, the very best at condensing
complex information into easy to digest information. It’s not possible! This is not personal transformation. This isn’t genuine learning. What this is, is entertainment. It’s a person wanting a
two-minute hit of inspiration. That’s more like a drug. That is not awakening. 9. Spirituality has become a “trend”. Now in the information age, everybody wants to be in the know and everybody wants
to be doing what’s “in” and right now unfortunately, spirituality is “in”. But what this is, is surface spirituality. It’s a facade. This is completely incompatible to the actual path of awakening. The information age can polarize. It can isolate. It can lead people further and
further into ignorance. It can also unite, empower, connect us and lead people further into awakening. I’m sure that you as well as me could find a
whole bunch more upsides and a whole bunch more
downsides to spirituality in the information age. But hopefully, if you made
it past the two minute attention span of today, at least I opened your mind to some of the most dominant
upsides and downsides, to spirituality in the information age. Have a good week. Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte


100 thoughts on “Spirituality in The Information Age”

  • Jessica McEachern says:

    Teal, you're so right in your point about mastery. There are so many different paths to choose from these days, but in order to get there you need to choose one and dedicate yourself to it. For me, I am dedicating myself to learning IFS (internal family systems therapy). I am a psychotherapist and I discovered this type of therapy about a year ago. It really ignited something inside of me, and I can see myself working to become an expert in it over the course of decades.

    Thank you for your teachings and for everything you offer to this world. Your work has been monumental in my own spiritual development. Being a spiritual leader in these times must be hard! Thanks for everything you do. Please don't stop!

  • TheAncientAndreios says:

    A lot of good points. I like how you talked about focusing and mastering a skill to really understand it like meditation. It's probably a lifelong practice to achieve mastery in it to some degree with a certain technique.

  • This is super interesting, especially the point with so many information being spread across the world now that its a complete mess. If you search for topic x, you'll find 3939 websites covering the exact same points, and maybe 1 that has new insights. Its hard to find reliable sources, so what helps me is to just find something that "clicks" with me…

  • So she was against reverence in her past life but is now preaching how important it is? So she says she is the only leader with the real truth and yet balked at that same sentiment a few sentences earlier for others who say that? What? lol. TBH all content she has amassed in her books and videos were already "out there on the internet" before she came along, she is in fact a victim of exactly what she claims is so bad others do. This makes zero sense, I hope you all see this. My 2 cents: since we want integration, the goal would be to hear all voices and accept the gold they offer. Humans are smart enough to see and humans were meant to absorb only what they NEED to at the moment. (Exact same message as her video about if there are any bad teachers…) Everything is as it should be. (PS the sentiment of "make me feel good" actually should equate to: if you listen to a teacher and you feel like you have gained your free will and feel like a human being, that is what feels good. You can receive "bad news" from a teacher and they can still make you feel equipped to handle the challenge, they hand you your power back that you might have disowned. That is the difference. A bad teacher takes this power from you by providing you bad news with no way to handle it, in the end, the teacher boosts their ego and loses the student's progress.)

  • Bernard Bujard says:

    Take neither great nor little notice of who is with you or against you, and strive always to please Source.

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  • Marinela Larsen says:

    Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚
    Spirituality is used on many wrong ways and spiritual teachers should not compete with each other. That's in fact opposite of what they should do: respect each other.
    it's easy to sense, to feel, when somebody is just faking it and when real teacher is speaking, it's huge difference in energy of words.
    Those who are competing with each other or write books just to be famous, talk on the way that it feels empty, shallow, no depth, just words.
    People who are listening and are not hypnotised by words ( or latest "spiritual trend") and can go beyond them, can recognise without any doubt who is real and who is pretending to be real.

  • AGAMEMNONtheSAGE says:

    I'm unwilling to tell you something in front of everyone that I'm willing to hang out to dry, cause I know you'll only respond to very specific things, and I know you only like even more specific things

  • Teal, I have had a lifetime of spiritual awareness and have been fortunate enough to experience many things, but from the first day I saw you I recognised your spiritual authority as a teacher, I may be older than you physically, but your wisdom shines through, anyone who doesn't appreciate your words, well, its their loss and maybe they are just not ready for your level of insight.

  • All of this feels very true. I would love to hear your honest opinion about influencing people like Jay Shetty. I like what they have to say, but I notice my thoughts when i listen to them: 'this person is speaking from a place of privilege', 'this guy speaks so much against social media yet basically spams on social', 'speaks about humility yet constantly posts images of himself next to famous people', 'tells you how you should be, but not what to do in order to get there'.'the pacing and volume (mix in some music) of the content does not allow for much introspection or "digestion" of the information', 'they will glorify the work of soldiers as keeping people safe when we know they cant even keep their heads safe, and war should stop, period'.
    Maybe this is only my perspective, but the more gurus i see, the more i observe a pattern.

  • Richard Bautista says:

    She keeps nailing it right on the head! Reason I keep following her is that something just clicks right in my soul..

  • Years with you, And still with you Teal, No teacher hopping here, and I know we are many. Thank you for everything you do ! <3

  • To be honest, this is the reason I don't participate in Teal Tribe, a lot of what she says seems to be happening there. And to continue being honest, I see it in a lot of spiritual circles so I'm currently not in any now, which is one more reason I feel alone in life. I've stuck with Teal, Conversations with God and Spirit Science the longest because I feel they have the best integrity AND have helped me understand myself and the world better. They are how I cultivate hope.

  • Beautiful message…and such a Beautiful Mind…I do hope this message actually reaches your eyes as I tend to "Dive Deep" and I could be a "Challenge" to you on a couple of your statements…especially that one you called "Impossible"… always in Unconditional Love Oh, 'Music' is the Voice of the Soul and here's a "channel" relative to the "Big Red" frequency that came In yesterday… 'Root' cleansing and Reconstruction… Kinda like the "Scarlet Witch"… Nobody 'Knows' you better…

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    For several years now Teal has been the only teacher I regularly watch and read books of and I dont see that change anytime soon.

  • I've been in contact with God for over two decades. If you feel everything is bright and shiny, then you aren't seeing the truth. God is the homeless person who you make eye contact with on your own personal journey. I ride a bicycle, for the last 6 years. On that journey I see all forms of life. God is everything, the glances, the journey. If you have arrived at the homeless population, you are meant to be there. Let's ride a bike to save the world, but yet you see the homeless population on a daily basis. It's not about recycling, it's about embracing where we are.

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    Yes, isn't that cool.
    I agree.
    As if it is a Devine plan
    Downsides not so nice!
    Learning is up to the student nowadays

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    I agree. People think they know, but don't know how to really go about executing these terms they tried to memorize.

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    Teal thank you for this one. You have been the main female spiritual teacher in my life this year. I will admit there has been a period of time when I didn't like tuning in to your content. Where it felt like the information wasn't connecting with me, and that like quentin tarentino you were just saying certain things, like be a contrarian, just because you believed this is what your audience is expecting of you. My girlfriend said to me I can't remember the last time we talked about Teal Swan,and I reinforced my love and respect for you to her. Maybe you were saying things that didn't make me feel good, or were over my head, but I'm here to tell you that you have loyal followers. If views dip for a while, they will come back up with the changes of season. I have incredible respect for you and your work. Even though yes, I bounce around to other teachers like Ralph and Sadhguru, true students always respect their teachers. You have done so much for me that I will always tune in to you and have your back. I just want to say we love and respect you and are soo thankful we have you as a lighthouse in these time. Thank you sister TealπŸ™βŒš

  • Couldn't have said it better!! I see so many people who are better marketers selling similar things to what I create, but they have no idea what the philosophy or science, or reasoning is behind it. Their thing maybe looks sorta right, and they throw a bunch of money at it. I want to scream. Sometimes I ask simple questions-what kind of coil is that? What degree is it? (uh… they say, I dunno) EE Gads!

  • I feel confused. There is the good old ever-working "You create your own reality." and Teal knows it herself. At the same time Teal's point is often that "awakening" or lets say evolvement of the soul is an arduous, painful process one does her/himself…. other "channeled" beings would tell the same (it is arduous), BUT it simply happens with living and one can't even escape it much (if not this life then next), so why would we look upon it like some spiritual fitness center where we have to work on it hard? Jane Roberts channeled Seth (who finished the incarnation cycle) and his message is much lighter again, at the base "You create your own reality." + be your authentic self and live your life, no need for complicated "shadow work", etc. Yeah, Teal talks about it that seekers prefer the easier way, but it sounds like the "easier way teachers" are giving us BS, but what if they are also legit? Other channeled beings talk about fear reduction and thereby increasing of love… I know my comment is confusing itself, because I am. πŸ˜‰ Conclusion is: of every spiritual path I know Teal's sounds like most work and deeper going into the negative stuff, which is kinda weird knowing all this other legit information not going in this direction. Maybe the answer is if somebody believes it has to be hard & painful Teal has an offering for that believe? This is kind of a loopy situation and don't get me wrong, I also trust Teal. (btw. some years ago, in a dream I landed at something like a "Teal University" a big mansion style building with many souls hanging around, all good vibes there, I also met Teal and looked her in the eyes and we smiled like we knew each other and some heavy feeling energy exchange took place, but I didn't want to bother her more so I went on. sb. else been there?)

  • Teal, I learnt from you one tool I use regularly vanishing the 'shadow/pain/lower vibration.. etc" instantly… and I am thankful.
    This is talk as I understood it is about "spiritual commerce' becoming competitive… lol
    When teaching the very fact that we are "no-thingness" (consciousness)… but focusing on the "things" that will bring us not the enlightenment that will bring to the masses is contradictory and a disaster for those involved… however, enlightenment will happen in small scale regardless… Thanks for sharing!

  • The truth is this. Everyone watched this video and everyone clicked on Teal swan and subscribed to her because of this very same reason and subject of this awareness she just spread. I love teal because I was frustrated and confused at the idea of my "higher power" existing. I believe in God and Jesus. But I belive religion is man made…. So I looked up this touchy subject on youtube and thank God I found Teal

  • πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’«πŸ‡πŸ’“πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ§šπŸΌβ€β™€οΈβœ¨πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’žπŸŒŸβ€οΈπŸ§šπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ‡

  • "A lot of things that feel good aren`t actually good for you". – Teal, arent you the one who has "Follow your joy" tattoo? πŸ˜€

  • Fake news version in spirituality…and it's super annoying. The fake woke people are so annoying. Really a headache.. what's worst, there are more people listening to them because they are more "entertaining" T_T

  • Noahide Videos Bible says:

    You are a little bit weird I feel in some of your ideas, but you are very normal in your reactionary position to some of the ideas in society which might not be right. You are good thinker Teal, and have a huge amount of insight on things. You quite obviously use that brain. Keep on studying out ideas, and working through your ideologies. Clarity on truth should be an ideal, and not every academic is always right, and not every theory is always right. But you are a thinker, and well worth the time to listen to.

  • Noahide Videos Bible says:

    Biblical truth is the Creator's teaching. People are finding new ideas these days, but our society works well when people obey God and his moral rules. The Rainbow Covenant of Genesis 9 is the basis for mankind's universal moral and lawful obligations.

  • This has also created people appropriating spirituality of oppressed people while shaming them(the oppressed) for their spirituality

  • Unknown Unknown says:

    @Teal Swan, agreed. I found this interesting based what you speak. You are quite intelligent. Is why i connect to you.

  • Your life is so amazing and fancy – the fame, the glitter, and that is what all wish for and desire. You are their example I guess. You made it, they also want to make it, reaching their dream, wondering what is so wrong trying.

  • Something like this has already happened before in history. In the early 19th century, America was a fertile ground for new religious ideas. Because America had become the country where people were free to believe in anything they felt like. There were so many protestant denominations to choose from that it wasn't uncommon for people within the same household to believe in "different" things. Of course now we don't consider the different protestant denominations as much different from one another, but it's akin to what we have now with the world religions. I sense that within a few centuries, the new "religions" will incorporate everything we consider as totally different today. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc, etc.. will be incorporated into one kind of religion. Perhaps multiple denominations of this universal religion will sprout as well, although I doubt it will be labeled a religion.. it'll probably just be called SCIENCE! And blasphemy will be called PSEUDO-SCIENCE!

  • I have been subscribed to you Teal for a long time but it feels like a year or so since I got any notifications from my subscription. So I thought of you and found this. It's a good one and gives me some perspective. What's different from a year ago? Well, I noticed that you are laughing a lot. That must be good for something. Be well and thanks for the visit.

  • Oliver St.pierre says:


  • Hey Teal, I have been listening to spiritual teachers since the late 80’s. You are right things have changed greatly since the Internet was launched. Everyone is at a different level of awareness within themselves, at the time of listening to someone at any given point of time anyway. There is always something to gain even if it’s a small amount of information.

    I am a qualified teacher by background. I have taught at tertiary level but also believe myself to be a Teacher of life, an Empath and an environmental light worker.

    We often stick with someone if there is a powerful resonance with the energy of the teacher, their information and their experiences.

    The optimum thing to do is actually meditate and plug into your own knowledge and your own greatness. Take bits of information from people that have developed knowledge in their own experience and add it to your own if it is a part of who you are……

    We actually don’t need anyone to inform us of who we ARE! However it is pleasurable to get a different perspective and different vantage point from others.

    The homeless are great teachers.. for example. They choose freedom from the matrix. They are an example of needing very little. They rely on their own guidance system clearly choosing to not listen to anyone, putting themselves in the hands of source. Learning that abundance surrounds them in the natural world no matter where they are.

    Our perception is programmed by society which makes us think someone else’s answer will save us from our suffering.

    The answers we are looking for are within ALL of us. Your inner guidance is more powerful than any other human or spiritual teacher. Your inner guidance is YOUR Spiritual Teacher.

    So thanks TEAL that’s probably why most people don’t stay with any spiritual teacher that long as we are progressing as a human species to be SELF EMPOWERED rather than empower ourselves through others. Which doesn’t make sense because our journey is individual and unique.

    There is great love here and appreciation for all of humanity as we pave the way forward in these unprecedented times raising our consciousness as the planet makes its transition into a new world. A new era.

    Be Aligned within your own heart IT is powerful and has all the answers. 😘😘😘

  • I need to be shot please, shot or joined. I have been isolated and alone for about 4 to 5 years. I have lost 8 people that were close to me. Other people don't seem to understand a word I say. I can't even try to listen to anything but you're teaching's, or I am messing up. I respect you, I need connection. I am touch deprived, can't even get a freaking hug except twice a month when I see my daughter. I can't think anymore, I'm going insane. I love you, and I can't live without you. You know all of my in's & outs, for a long time sufferer of C.R.S. we could be something together. You're the most amazing woman I have ever met. You have my heart.

  • What if Christ's intention was for his disciples to adopt his teachings? Maybe he came here to help us understand that we can ALL be like Him?

  • High Elven Wisdom And Love says:

    Actually this is exactly how spiritual cults do start up and exist on earth today. It’s entrapment to think one spiritual teacher holds the absolute truth while others or spiritual paths do not.

    Be careful with your mind, everyone. Do not give it to any one teacher in a total loyal and devoted way.

    Have fun exploring and discovering your own path within yourself. Spiritual teachers are only small guides and mirrors to you. Enjoy seeking and discovering many who resonate and show different aspects of yourself to help you become more well rounded and acquainted with all who you are in origin.

  • Teal Swan ,that is exactly the new digital era we are into. I promise you I will think and study matters the way you teach us,and myself. Thank you very much for this great video too.

  • I had to laugh a bit, you called out some very influencing "spiritual teachers" on their bluff πŸ˜› I laughed so hard, the "comfort giving teachers, just feel good" Not gonna say any names xD But you all know who they are :p

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