24 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far From Home | Teaser Trailer”

  • Kumari Gurusamy says:

    Because, if you agree to compromise, because you think that they will do "community development" support initiatives, you actually end up supporting a movie that "buys woman" with a "big dollar check" – note I see your dresses too, lady only with a shape of a body, while we are true hero makers, you see, we give "rates" out for the women! and then ofcourse dont you even get me started on injecting the "ffat other ethnicity kid" unnecessarily in a scene, where the certain certain certain kid is "the hero" … you really think I am going to die peacefully after going along with this hoping that I supported "community development point of view" I dont know guys. It looks like a heavy "terrorism business" goes on in the background too "for such hero making/injecting people into vegetable state of understanding reality/paying off women for atrocities behind their back and making them pretty shapes" … you know I cant really do it. You may think I can get killed for writing this here, but let me be clear, I am dead sure – yes dead sure :D, that there is enough number of people out there behind that veil, that are so sooooooooo sooooooooooo happy that I wrote this now today here this clearly! That my friends is this world.

  • *rewatched both trailers just for that part at the end because that's the funniest peter/flash interaction ever right there*

  • Legolas Greenleaf says:

    "Peter Parker here to pick up a passport please…?" There´s no way he got this phrase right the first time.

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