Special baths on Would I Lie to You?

Special baths on Would I Lie to You?

To help me relax,
there’s nothing I like more than spending up to four hours… Where is this going?
LAUGHTER To help me relax, there’s nothing
I like more than spending up to four hours in what I like
to call one of my special baths. Oh, God. I rest my case. Lee’s team. OK. What is this special bath? A special bath is… ..when the lights are down low… Yeah. ..a candle is lit… Yeah. ..there’s bubbles or salts, either. I have been known sometimes to watch
Would I Lie To You in the bath. You watch us in the bath? Yeah. Wow. Can you see us in the bath? No, no. No, he doesn’t watch us
in the bath… ..he watches us, in the bath.
LAUGHTER I didn’t know anyone knew
we bathed together. So, I mean… It’s slightly annoying that
I’m not watching this one in the bath now, because I’m sort
of used to sitting with you all in the tub. But you might,
in future, watch this in the bath. At some point. So at the moment,
we’re being watched by you… It’s like a particularly dull
instalment of Back To The Future. You say that, Rob, but for me… ..this is the most erotic
conversation I’ve ever witnessed. Yeah, but you are married to David. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE So the special bath involves
candles, low light, iPad, anything else? I’ll just sit there and I
sort of have… Sometimes I have a glass of wine. You can float it in the water
if you have a… You can… I’ve perfected that.
Are we still talking about the wine? Yes. How do you float
a glass of wine in the bath? Well, you just balance it…
What are you resting it on? It’s simple physics. If you have
the right amount of wine in it, it sits upright. The stem
must work as a sort of keel. It does, it works… Yeah. You’ve done this before! Oh, yeah. LAUGHTER And then, also, sometimes,
I enjoy having cheese in there with me as well, cheeses. Cheese? What’s that floating on? Well… I’m glad you asked! I’m glad you asked, because
sometimes, I’ve been known to fashion a…
What I call a foil barge. LAUGHTER Where the cheese sort of floats
around. It sort of orbits me, as I’m sat there, with some
crackers, maybe, on the soap stand. You’re a very tall man. Yes. So do you have a very,
very long bath? No, I just sort of sit…
Yeah, four hours! What are you thinking? Four hours is extreme,
but I’ve been known to spend two hours. I don’t know.
I think four hours is too long. Yeah, I think, yeah, four hours
is too long. I’d say lie. It’s a lie. You’re saying
it’s a lie? OK, so Greg, truth or lie? That is a… ..truth.


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