100 thoughts on “SpaceX #CrewDragon Demonstration Flight Return to Earth”

  • Why did Congress stop funding Space Shuttles 8 years ago? Why have we been paying the Russians $82 million per astronaut per trip to have them take our astronauts back and forth from the International Space Station since 2011? And why is Space X so happy about it's "new" space shuttle that doesn't land upon returning but plops into the ocean like we did over 50 years ago before we had the technology to land in the first place?

  • 1:08:41 appears something comes off the capsule during reentry?!? Is the heat shield ablative? Edit: looked it up, yes the heat shield is ablative so its normal to loose material off it I guess.

  • [Desafio a Nasa], uma grande descoberta inovadora neste enigmático número de "Pi",A Matemática andando na contra mão; com nome, sobrenome e denominação de origem, o passado jamais esteve tão presente por dentro da Ciências Exata, sendo a pioneira entre os pensadores e os(as) Matemáticos(as) em tempos passados, pois foi em cima de ombros de gigantes que enxerguei o horizonte na visão da Matemática, com esta grande única e majestosa descoberta sobre este enigmático número de "Pi",uma descoberta inovadora, com duas casas depois da vírgula uma medida com total precisão para os cálculos de "Pi", onde poderá mudar a história da Matemática, trazendo uma realidade acima de qualquer suspeita, provando Matematicamente que com sua precisão será uma descoberta inovadora no quesito Matemática, onde irá facilitar a explorar o espaço e o Universo, enviando sondas para todos os planetas jamais descoberto, e trazendo grandes informações de como um planeta é habitado, simples, preciso de uma simples razão para ter uma precisão jamais vista em todos os tempos, com muita investigações, muitos estudos e pesquisas cheguei ao um único número de "Pi", sendo totalmente Racional com várias razões de números inteiros e 270 fórmulas para seus cálculos, pois cada fórmula desenvolvida, tem que saber sua essência para ser tão bela com resultados surpreendentes.O Autor Sr Sidney Silva.

  • Ohf! Having loaded a lot of cargo from the water to the deck and then the cargo hold on a commercial fishing urchin dive boat, that process they have is highly variable based on the weather and waves. Fine for a bag of fish products that can slam around in waves from a single point lift, but oh my word looks awful for an expensive capsule. The cradle is going to get wet anyway, put it on a sled in the water that has a 4 point lift to overhead frame, pull the capsule onto the sled and cradle in the water and when lifted the cargo is moving with the vessels oscillations from the 4 point lift instead of swaying in the wind and wave action. That current setup of rigging is going to be a nightmare in any kind of weather and waves.

  • I'm so psyched by this. Before the end of the year, the U.S. will have its human space flight capability back. We may even have two alternatives if Boeing is also successful. Also glad to see it is being done by commercial space flight companies. I'll bet that we will have even more companies doing this in just 5-10 more years. It is the start of a new age in space.

  • Science Revolution says:

    Rocket fuel technology is mass ejection technology.
    Based on momentum conservation law m1v1=m2v2.
    The distance a payload can reach is limited.
    That's why no one has very long range missiles.
    Space travel, land on the moon, go to mars are all lies.
    Rocket fuel technology will keep us on Earth forever. Mark my word.

  • Cant wait for BFR, flying arround the Moon and BFR desrupting Earth Cargo Business! 60 Mins to every destination on Earth!

  • 3000 Subscribers Without Videos says:

    View from earth 1:07:30
    Parachute deploy 1:11:52
    Main parachute deploy 1:12:46
    Landing 1:15:45

  • Paul FromPlanetEarth says:

    I think this is great. So well done guys. The only thing that worries me are the final four parachutes that open up at the end of the splash down. I couldn't but help get the feeling that there is potentially a danger that these chutes will get tangled up on one future occasion. It would only take one chute to have an issue for it to bash into the other chutes and cause a fatal incident. I suppose you have tested for this though and have a plan for the event of a chute entanglement? I would also liked to have seen all three seat occupied with correctly weighted mannequins as well as have all the control instrument panels in place so to make this as close as possible to a real life landing. I am not sure it is a good idea to be so dependent on a parachute splash-down as it might have been better to have designed the landing pod as a miniature glider, so the astronauts could glide most of the way down, slowed by chutes, and then perhaps landing upright in the water as sea-landing plane. Perhaps that is something to think about for the future.

  • TERRESTRIAL ALIEN. / Space Watch Canada. / Zapp !!! - Online Drop-In Center ( Can. ) says:

    Emergency services, With Love !; YOU " GOTTA LOVE " S.G.S. ( U.N.O. – INT. ) ; Universal High-Tech., International Civil Defence Systems. For the real world ! / For each & every morning ! Public safety & security ! / Emergency Police Service, Emergency Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services ! For Serving Our Communities Better ! U.N.- Nations " Moving Forward Together " //// ( THE United Commonwealth Of Nations. / 21st. Century International Technological Development Associations. To Better Serve The Global Public Interest. )

  • I don't remember Gemini or Apollo coming down looking like a toasted marshmallow. Thank God for Russia keeping the space station alive since the last Shuttle mission in 2011. Decades to achieve? It took us 10 years from Mercury, through Gemini and Apollo to get to the Moon 40 years ago.

  • Great job NASA and SpaceX..I get goose pimples watching these videos lol.. love watching you guys and wish you the best in future launches

  • Rocky Intertidal says:

    It even has a “Tarp Mode” with one of the parachutes coming down on top of and protecting the spacecraft from the elements while awaiting recovery 😉

  • Sean [REDACTED] says:

    Nasa should put a 360° camera on a probe that will land on the moon so that we on earth can see what it looks like on the moon for 24/7 hours live. (Please reply nasa) p.s. if you do make it please name it "Project Lunar Optical"

  • Awesome with spacetravel but did they just leave all the parachutes in the ocean?! Same procedure every landing?? If so, get a solution that makes it possible to get them out of the water and recycle them the correct way.

  • Ozzie Wozzie Original says:

    Whats this? Like going to old technology after space shuttle was landing on firm airport, we are going back to landing at sea? whats the big deal??

  • My idea from moon to Mars is finally coming to a reality. I found the ion thruster issue is the design and not the idea. Make them smaller and in strips, other design is adding more rings and shaping it as a cone.

  • marie annick nauleau says:

    J'aime recevoir vos commentaires, mais en Français , je comprend mieux …. possibilité de traduction S.V.P

  • Hello from Mars…Yes! ……'s true…we have been here for quite some time….now…..oh ..gotta go here comes this lizard face guy….

  • This NASA guy is so smart. But why does he have to wear such a long and dirty beard full of germs?. He'd be way more attractive without that beard. And btw, today there's hair prosthesis, you can get one.

  • Just a glance at live chat replay…. you guys should just disable live chat… period, on all launches, forever….

    Why bother allowing live chat if 90% of the trolls as just there to spam their stupidity.

  • Tell Flat Earth believers this: Travel West. Keep going due West. Go for 24,901 miles. Your destination is your origin. Explain that to yourself.

  • Eu seii que vocês nunca vao responder esse comentário mais se um dia alguem ler esse comentário, meu sonho e ser um astronauta sempre quis conhecer a lua toda a vez que olho pra lua , dentro do meu corpo sinto uma coisa boa que nao consigo explicar

  • Иван Абрамов says:

    Какие последствия взрыва Crew Dragon, насколько это замедлит планы с полётом астронавтов, или такие планы вовсе отменены на ближайшую перспективу для Crew Dragon?


  • These space companies should ASK for regular people to be Giunea pigs.. . . . I'd do it! Why not! It's been a great life so far.. . . So what if it does an HMS Hood. I'm in!

  • Youtube Youtube says:

    Nasa is now a joke and is trust feeding of the good work of space X. RIP challenger and those who didnt get justice

  • bfd decoy what till you see mr keshe s new suser like the one that was used in iran to bring down that drone without hurting anyone or thing

  • nikki klangos says:

    Fly Dragon, Fly! Fifty years since Apollo and finally new hope to get us back on track to our future and destiny! Thank God for Musk, and others in private industry who have some kind of vision to reach the stars, even President Trump at least he loves the space program. Now get the Von Braun rotating space station built quickly and develop the moon!

  • Mawee Indunna says:

    So you telling me that while the earth is spinning at 1200kmph ,they can land with that right in the ocean where they want,you shitting me or what.Remember it has zero controls.Even if the earth aint moving its difficult to land something right where you want with absolute no controls,just falling down right on target,lol.

  • Incredible how there was no rotation during the descent by parachute. How do they calculate it to be so stable without any rotation?

  • i wonder who's job it is to dress those laptops with all those nasa stickers. looks almost like a set dressing. have a think about it.

  • Seriously NASA?!? This is how you present this? Just the commentators and music choices alone are absurd. No wonder no one finds value in the already archaic work you are doing. Grow up.

  • People Starving around the Globe – What Is Nasa ? . There are Astronauts past and present saying we are being visited by ET and have been for a very very long time – – I Dont trust Nasa – The money they spend – For what Ends .. ? Bet Your average soldiers in Vietnam never game a Dam about the Moon landings .

  • Richard Rodgers says:

    A very informative and inspiring adventure! Thank you for taking us along for the ride :0). May I ask what all the clatter was about in the background behind the narrators? It sounded like a large dining facility with dishes, silverware, being moved around. At another point it sounded like a construction area with a skill saw cutting lumber.

  • My god that was so cool to watch. The people cheering made me tear up a bit. Space travel is basically the only thing I'm looking forward to. Thanks Elon and SpaceX

  • Look at that camera quality dude ! Is amazing the technology they have at NASA from that budget of millions of dolars. We always get good camera angles and good quality !

  • Undying Legends says:

    you know nothing against nasa but you Americans are so IGNORANT when it comes that you people used to spend billions of dollars to the RUSSIANS because you AMERICANS FAILED to continue with what we germans gave you.

  • Bull!!! Show me the Quantum engine ships. I wanna see the Darts , The triangles and the Deep space Carriers.
    Joy Peace Love

  • hallo ihr beide. halt etwas ganz anderes. für mich seit ihr das absolute traumpaar. wirklich wunderbar euch beiden zuzusehen. danke

  • OK since the moon missions turned out to be too much of a problem, let's try Mars? How about a space station beyond Earth orbit for a few years before we launch the human guinea pigs?

  • NASA not funded by US government, so who? World Bank? An obvious correlation to other 'federal' agencies by the majority presence of corporate cheer leaders vs. 'the herd', demonstrating fundamental logic issues and lack of common sense. Have all of the NASA genius types been locked in a think tank without air?

  • in 25 years of working for different companies never have i witnessed the entire workforce spontaeneously screaming and whooping because something went right. to me this is a red flag. i think its un-natural and is coached or managed in some way. i thiink theyre told to react that way.

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