36 thoughts on “South Bend police warn of 'mass exodus' under Mayor Pete Buttigieg”

  • Neondriver Cartman says:

    The mayor of NYC is a absolute joke also. Once ppl have to start paying private security to protect them because law enforcement is neutered mass exodus will begin and new gated communities will be the norm.

  • Master Ah Gha Nm says:

    Go on a “no go” for 48 hours and see what happens. You will see the non-whites screaming for police coverage

  • Buttigieg was interviewed by Bill Maher and immediately he brought up building public restrooms for people with no gender as an issue. Of all the many problems facing the nation, that was foremost on his mind. Even far left Bill Maher called him out on it. Somewhere along the line, the Democrats were taken over by insane people.

  • David Crawford says:

    Poor line of questioning. Her interview should have been about South Bend and their administration. His mayor and administration should have remained the topic. What different perspective does a South Bend Indiana police officer have, concerining Harlem and Brooklyn, than any other officer?

  • While I’ll be up there condemning every crooked oinker I have to commend these officers for there restraint in this particular incident

  • Joye AndBlessings says:

    A lot of those NY cops are right in bed with those politicians. It’s a song as old as time. They probably believe they deserved the assaults against them. Who’s really to blame if they keep smooching those in bed with politicians?

  • Ya know…i see alot of faces in that video. And technically that IS assaulting a police officer and impeding them in their duties…just saying.

  • Something you'll learn at the academy if you decide to police. There's the 21 feet rule. That means if an assailant runs at you with a knife, you could unload a complete mag, and they could still reach you from 21 feet away.

  • Police that are disrespected need to go on strike. How come a cop kills a white person we don't go on tv crying but Leroy (even though his girlfriend was on welfare and his butt never paid child support was a good man) even thought he thought it was ok to rob and steal.

  • I don't know the particulars of this incident. It shows that the liberal agenda will result in complete lawlessness. I guess that's what they want.

  • Throwing water on a cop is now assault? Since when did water become a weapon when it is not under pressure. The cops use water under pressure to disperse a crowd but they are never arrested for assault. The whole story is not out. The cop could have used a non lethal weapon but just like the thousands of other cops in the country that are scared of their own shadows they shoot their gun first and then are shielded by the politicians from prosecution for their crimes. Cops are given training in ways to subdue a suspect but it seems they would rather just shoot a suspect or anyone that challenges them. Cops had better learn that they are just public servants and they are there because the people allow them to have a job. As long as cops act like they are the boss then people will treat them badly until it sinks in they are just servants to the public. A cop's life means nothing the moment they put that uniform on and they know it the moment they sware that oathe. It is time for a change and the cops had better figure it out that they need to change back to when they were respected instead of being revenue generators for government and the personal security for the unlawful government tyrants.

  • After what happened in New York I think there might be a recruiting problem the police should go to another state where they are respected why would anyone want to be a NY policeman do they show this vidio to the new recruits and say this is how you are going to be treated? The mayor hates the police and this is going to back fire on him when it does he'll say how much he loves them New York PD get out of there it's only going to get worse

  • The city of Mesa police chief is routinely tossing officers under the bus. But these guys remain in their jobs. And what about DeBlasio ?

  • What's new? The left is trying to undermine the Law/ Rule of law at all levels. We just got stuck with a communist sherrif here in Maricopa county, who of coarse is about undermining ICE.

  • This guy sounds gutless. The uneducated animal talking in the clip says it all. They just need to be euthanized. There is absolutely no need for them. They don't work, commit crimes and multiple like roaches. They are a stain on mankind.

  • I think liberals have a problem with healthy male energy that is natural within all men and woman. I'd call it the yang energy, but I don't want to get too cosmic about it. They're not favorable of the Ten Commandments.

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