7 thoughts on “Source Talkback Mic Options – Dangerous Music”

  • So this still won't solve the problem of having a talk back in the live room right? This will allow me to speak to the artist, he will be able to hear me in the headphones but won't be able to communicate back, correct?

  • nice video! thx! i have been using the source for a few weeks now and i am totally happy.
    the usb drivers really work great on both win/mac, the hardware feels great and the sound is amazing!
    punchy headphone amp, pretty cool DAC, well done Dangerous Music!!!

  • Alberto Rizzo Schettino says:

    Great video. I keep suggesting the Source on a regular basis, it's such a pivot point for most studios. I dig the studio, the view ..and the hat! (I'm italian, how could I not dig that, right?).

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