Sony ICF-EX5MK2 AM FM NIKKEI Portable Radio Review

Sony ICF-EX5MK2 AM FM NIKKEI Portable Radio Review

be birthday you only find a late
courtyard mental motion out of the box hello and welcome to radio waves by
todderbert today I’ll be reviewing the sony ICF EX5MK2
I purchased this radio from ebay for a total of one hundred and forty-one
dollars from a japanese seller this radio has FM a medium wave and also a
special japanese only six band receiving mode look at the box
pretty simple picture the radio in the front top we got some information, Made in
Japan back is all Japanese i took the stuff out of the box already first thing
you get is a convenient carrying strap which i’m going to install to handle the
radio easier it’s a fairly good sized radio by the size of the EP I own, it
comes with a multitude of paperwork all in Japanese this one looks like a
registration card we get a informative sheet on care these are always funny cuz
they have cartoons in them you don’t look so happy
mm-hmm you don’t look so happy and definitely you don’t look so happy
mm-hmm yeah these are really funny okay so yeah little safety thing there looks
like and then we get a manual which isn’t gonna do us any good it’s all
Japanese showing you how to use the radio where to put the batteries okay so we’ll
go over the radio here just set that aside bring it out there’s the radio
that was in the box was in bubble wrap was really basic wrapping was pretty
surprise for such an expensive radio but I’m guessing this radio in Japan isn’t
quite that expensive so let’s go ahead and go over some features right away
dimensions ten inches long five and a half inches tall
and a depth of two and a quarter inches on top we have an antenna for the FM
which extends out to 37 inches pretty impressive on the front of the radio we
have a speaker that is three and a quarter inches name Sony model number
we have a power on/off switch okay here we have this Nikay I’m not saying
there or Niekay don’t know if I’m saying that right one and two and it has three
megahertz six megahertz nine megahertz this is only if your Japan so the six
station crystal tuning this whole bandwidth on this display here is no
good in America but we do get the FM and AM so FM band goes from 76 to 108 and
the medium wave goes from 530 to 1600 kilohertz and it’s nice evenly spaced
there if you noticed I liked it a lot band control medium wave FM and then the
two Japanese channels there okay sync this is really cool this is for am the
medium wave mode you have a normal which is normally perfect for tuning and then
if you trying to tease out a station that’s next to other ones you can try
with a lower band sideband in the upper sideband and then once you’re in those
two modes it syncs that station and locks it in so if it tries to drift it
won’t this this radio holds on to it so this is really good my EP you know a
stations drift away and I’m like dang I listened to over 15 minutes trying to get a call letter and it just disappears with this radio it doesn’t disappear we have
a high-low tone control I’ll be honest with you this radio sounds only good in
the high mode down the bottom here we have synchronous detection medium wave
frequency linear scale on the right side we have a tuning wheel which tunes
very nice and smooth we have a volume control which is nice and what do you
call it it has a real tight fit so when you move it it stays or you can’t bump
it here we have an AM sensitivity so we have a what does it say there should be at
local can’t they’re low and high okay so is high and
low so we’ll leave it on high of course earphone jack again when those radios
where it’s left ear only I don’t know why they brought that back I don’t know
why they don’t do both ears but even on an expensive radio like this was
surprised too that was in there DC in six volts inside bottom has two little
feet of course the radio is gonna stand on its own is fairly large on the back
of the radio we have a spot for the carrying strap I didn’t mention here we
have a spot for the carrying strap a little spot to pick up the antenna we
have a two thumb screws for hooking up an AM external antenna though I read
that this does not disconnect the internal antenna when you hook it up so
for those who need to know that here we got some branding Sony model number
takes 4c batteries behind the door they’re pre-installed make it
easy for us a little information about the radio this is an AM powerhouse so
this whole video is going to talk about AM and we’re only feature the AM
medium wave frequencies on this radio the FM is on par with you know a strong
portable like I say a Sangean SR35 or one of my Magnavoxes or you know one of
my better radios at pulling FM stations so it’s kind of equal to that
my super radio is actually better on FM then this radio but as far as AM goes it’s
a little different story this this radio really is quite amazing on the medium
wave and I really haven’t gone through the whole band it’s also be a first-time
together tonight so we’ll both share in that experience so
let’s go ahead I’m gonna lower this down to make it easier for you to see what
we’re doing and I’m gonna just try to explain what I’m doing as we go the
internal antenna I was told is a 200 millimeter or almost an almost eight inch ferrite bar
runs from here to here so as a similar antenna to the super radio and the EP’s
which is amazing love it we’re gonna go ahead turn this on and find some stations so we’re gonna start of course we’re gonna be on the medium
wave tonight here’s our sync lower locks it in upper
depends on what part of the band it’s in lower sounds better its going to tend to hold this station stay locked
on it it’s really cool I’m going to go back to normal when I’m searching other cool features the tuning
indicators right and the marker it’s pretty neat so don’t keep a lid on it go
to identify to complete this station here apparently we could’nt pick it up *Music* community 650 WSM the Patriots back to Super Bowls and
people who tell me that a quarterback doesn’t matter are you kidding me with
the authority to reward good workers and to remove federally funded by special
counsel Robert Muller’s inquiry hundreds of Indiana’s least Doesn’t get any better than that 740 Zoomer a graduate
of Atlanta Spelman College will soon be the nation’s youngest black woman to own
a marijuana dispensary 25 year old oak Weisman will open a medical cannabis
dispensary this winter in her hometown area of Prince George’s County Maryland
her Mary and main shop will offer marijuana classes and cooking classes
WSB News time 1:31 Alexa play WSB here’s your flash briefing engage volunteers
across the country to test 100,000 more streams for pollution and of course
success continue to be manifested making the periods of snow for Sunday
accumulations of an inch or two before changing late in the afternoon watch for
slick travel mainly in the morning either 7 partly sunny on Monday brisk
older high 25 mostly cloudy on Tuesday not as cold high 32 I’m Alyssa Daniel
Newsradio 810 and 103.1 WGY the Capital Region breaking news traffic and
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back to school ask yourself the following question the flexibility to take classes
on your schedule there you’ll also find a video whether it’s on our legendary 820
signal or now on the FM of 99.5 FM HD to thank you for listening the WBAP hard water the line you’ll manage I’m gonna try to look up some of these
stations here and pop them up yeah this is cool getting call letters yah there we go upper
sideband comes in a little clearer trying to tune out the chirp the things that aren’t for me is looking
at and I think it’s absolutely critically important for the future VA
is an asset that the VA is a landlord rebuilding Sunday you don’t gonna fall
down some are very modest work of over four hundred thousand alumni learn by ASU is
ranked top five nationals Monster Jam Trucks reactors
the gravedigger outdoor local and more complete in an arena event where every
athlete is in it to win it coffee’s accidently dapat an optimist KOA News Radio 850AM 94.1 FM and at so koa denver wow this is the one that’s
almost 900 miles away from me love the sync control
it’s amazing they crave natural now leave us with a
kick that’s Alma join Y and out by were no budget second okay 860 Toronto let’s play section of the Bronx Mike
smelts WCBS news radio 880 mayor de Blasio be in Albany on Monday where
WCBS out of New York City *classic radio playing* as you can see a directional sensitive
for a lot of stations very I’m just leaving it in this direction for the
video we’re clear these expert evidence was
overwhelming that first-past-the-post literally is winner-take-all is not
suited to a democracy but I don’t think that the candidate just be sure to when
he made the promise it doesn’t homework first I don’t think the Prime Minister
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Williams the Clippers visit Russell Westbrook and the Thunder covered Stern
on most ESPN Radio’s ball where it is first game well no not since cheating truck thank
you didn’t it I thought you might be here
didn’t you know she remarried did that strike you as odd
we’re the same for long times she left two suitcases that’s a you don’t have
to be some slick trader or know a bunch of fancy terms go to paycheck AM 1090 KAAY yah for call letters again this radio is
just gonna be one of my favorites I mean wow it was expensive but it’s amazing the way the plane truck is plane was
again a within a death spiral this hour at KMOX were highballing
down route 66 with a pedal to the metal this is your designated driver
Johnny rabbit definitely not asleep at the wheel and neither is the killer
Jerry Lee hood is route 66 where we remember hey baby
what do I love about a lot sports in the city of st. Louis
everywhere you go kind of good to know KMOX on Saturday nights does
classic music to explain how he got there hey buddy we talked about the
details of crashing a retired in pretty hard when they are powering over each other, if they are next to each other its easier 59 no serving in our military presenting evidence proving planet as we
put out there it’s like that was that 1610 out of Toronto found the other day 1620 hazardous radio okay well there we go the first taste of
the Sony EX5MK2 hope you love that little starter
and we’ll explore this radio in the future maybe do some comparison matchups
and some FM just so you can hear what it sounds like
well thanks for watching if you like the video do thumbs up icon if you wish to
see more these videos make sure to subscribe and hit the little Bell icon to be notified usually I put a video on out every night at 7 o’clock so if you’re
wondering when that’s the time and if you want to comment about this radio
feel free to use a comment section below ask me questions we’ll go over it
there’s a lot that this radio can do it’s just a really amazing radio real
happy to own it okay well thanks for watching take care good bye


25 thoughts on “Sony ICF-EX5MK2 AM FM NIKKEI Portable Radio Review”

  • Thank you very much indeed for a great video on this radio which although in its MK 2 version is one of the longest production runs in Sonys history, and it is no slouch on FM either.

  • Radio Nikkei is Japan's commercial shortwave radio network and its pronounced nee-kay. Radio Nikkei 1 broadcasts on 3.925, 6.055 and 9.595 MHz and Radio Nikkei 2 broadcasts on 3.945, 6.115 and 9.760 MHz.

    I wonder how this compares to the C Crane CCRadio-2E Enhanced? So far that's my best MW radio. I actually prefer it over the coveted RF-2200.

  • Holy smokes! You tuned in my second favourite station, CHML 900 from Hamilton, ON. They broadcast old radio dramas from 10pm to 1am nightly and I record/listen to all the shows. Hamilton is also home to my favourite station, CHAM 820 who broadcast comedy 24/7. Both are nearby and come in clear as day. Ditto for CFZM 740 (aka Zoomer).

    I can also pickup New York and Chicago stations pretty well. As a MW enthusiast, I really lucked out living here.

    Anyway, here's a schedule of the dramas on CHML:


    P.S. I heard CFRB 1010 from Toronto there too. Amazing!

  • Anyone know what station that was around the 18:53 mark? Sounded like more old radio dramas and I can't get enough of those. 🙂

    Sorry for posting so many comments but this video really hit the spot!

  • When you buy a Sony it’s like buying a work of art. Everything is crafted beautifully and the designers have thought of quirky yet useful methods of improving performance. I’ve got two and won’t part with them now.

  • I really love mine. I've been DX'ing since the late 60's and have had a dozens receivers starting with a Realistic DX-160. The EX5MK2 is top shelf due to the amazing sync. I'm still amazed how a single conversion radio can be this selective. I wish it had a dial light though.
    I think it's overpriced but it is Sony quality. I have a 35 year old Sony ICF-6500W which still works as good as when it was new. If you want a technical review, check out radiojayallen dot com.

  • Radio Megahertz says:

    this is the cheapest crap radio from sony i believe this radio is build from other company and use the name of sony because the sound is like 20 dollars walgreens bell and howell radio , i have the old ICF 2001. and no synchronous detection and sound better for the classic mile , but thanks so much for you review

  • Hi, after watching your video, I should take mine out for listening again ! This radio is very poplar among the MW DXer in Japan – this radio has huge ferrite bar antenna inside and we can put outside antenna in. The price you showed surprised me a lot – it was normally about ¥15000- i.e. about 150 dollers … Maybe this product was no more built – discontinued model I think. No timer system to shut down… But quality of audio is super and sensitivity comes the same way. Tuning indicator tells the best point with red light. Thanks for up-loading. 73! Here I will give you some information on shortwave frequencies by the crystals. [ ラジオNIKKEI (radio Nik-kei )第1放送 (program 1):3.925MHz、6.055MHz、9.595MHz 第2放送 (program 2):3.945MHz、6.115MHz、9.760MHz are equipped in this radio. ]

  • Love it. Cracks me up how even the in-between station noise sounds just like my ICF-SW7600GR, although this one seems much more sensitive.

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