– [Bryan] Good morning boys. Just a casual day, you know, where you have a unicorn
show up in your playroom. (roaring) Oh my gosh, a scary unicorn. (“This Is Home” by Bryan Lanning) ♫ Wherever you are ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said ♫ This is home ♫ Just running around
you’ve never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight
kissing all I could saying ♫ I am home ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – [Bryan] Ahhh! Who’s under there? It’s Finny. Hi Finny, good morning. – Good morning Finn. – [Bryan] Good morning
Spider-man, how are you? – I’m not Spider-man, I’m,
this is just my jammies. – Oh okay. Morning guys. We are finally home. It feels so good to be home. This one, is turning into a crazy kid. That’s right, a crazy kid you are. So today got off to a,
kind of a rough start. Both the boys were sick and
throwing up this morning. It was so sad. We’re getting everything cleaned
and trying to contain it. They say they’re feeling much better. They both just ate breakfast, so I guess this is kind of a
test to see if they’re okay. Crazy how this always happens
when you go on an airplane, or you go visit somewhere,
you come back sick. I’m hoping I don’t get sick. So today is, I think is going
to be just a take it easy day, a recovery day. I’m hoping these boys are okay. (Finn babbling) Good morning babe. – Good morning. – [Bryan] We had a rough night huh? – It was not fun. – [Bryan] We had a rough day,
rough night, rough morning, hoping it gets turned around. – I know, it’s so weird
‘cuz they both threw up, but yet they’re both totally fine. – [Bryan] I know, yeah.
So what are you doing? – Ollie got a birthday present, from who? – Brooks. – Brooks and? – Gains. – Gains. And it’s this really awesome
Spider-man web like thing. – [Bryan] Shooter. – Yeah. – [Bryan] Web slinger, that’s cool. So it comes with a mask
and you can sling web? – Yeah, he is so excited, so I’m putting it together right now. – [Bryan] And he’s
dressed like Spider-man. How cool is that?
– I know, he just so happens to have his Spider-man pajamas on, so… (dramatic music) – [Bryan] Go Ollie go, shoot it. (spraying sound) Whoa! (Bryan laughing) He got me. – [Missy] Everywhere, dang. (Bryan laughing) – [Bryan] Spider-man strikes! – [Bryan] Yucky, it’s all over the camera. – [Missy] Yeah, lets shoot Karma. – And it’s all over me. – [Missy] Get Karma. Karma, go. Run, run. – [Bryan] And whose idea was this? – Uh, Gains. – [Bryan] Thanks a lot Gains and Brooks. – [Missy] And Captain Coen. – [Bryan] Sheesh. – It’s all gone. – [Bryan] It’s gone? – [Missy] Wow. – [Bryan] Nice dude. – [Missy] Was that fun? Now we can fill the
other one up with water. – So one thing I have learned about myself is that I love flowers, dude! Like, summertime, having tons
of fresh plants and flowers in the house, just always feels so amazing, and I love changing it up every couple of weeks and stuff. So I actually found a really
cool service that will deliver flowers, like farm fresh,
and then you can sort of create their own thing. So I have these sunflowers, and then I have these
arrangements that actually have succulents in them,
which are really cool. Right now, I’m working on volcano flowers. How cool are these flowers you guys? Look at them, they kind
of look like alien, like they’re from an
alien planet or something. But, I threw them in this vase, threw in a couple of
little bright mixy things, and some other plants. And I think it looks
pretty dang good you guys. I think I’m actually
getting really good at this. So, now I have to figure
out where I want this. (vibrant guitar music) – So, we have just been
chilling at home today trying to take it easy, trying
to get things cleaned up. But I do have some bad news, and I have to break it to Ollie. And it actually is honestly
like, really, really sad ‘cuz he’s been a part of
our family for so long now. But Hashtag has died. He’s passed away. He’s in there. You know, to be honest, for the past, I would say at least month, has been basically been playing dead and we kinda tried to change up like his living arrangements
and like change you know, like his life. It just hasn’t helped, now
we have had this fish for over three years, or almost
exactly three years now. I know Ollie was just turning
one when we bought him, so right now he’s just about to turn four, so I actually feel really bad. I feel like Ollies gonna be, it’s gonna be like the
first pet that he’s known for a long time, that is gonna be, has died basically. I don’t know how Ollies gonna take it, I know I actually was really sad. Like every time I look at it, I’m like, “You’re still not dead? Like, you act like you’re
dead all the time.” So I’ve been like joking about it, but now that he’s actually
like dead, I’m like, “Oh its so sad. It’s Ollies first pet.” I remember when we first brought him home and Ollie was so excited
and he was like… (gasping) It was super cute. So it’ll be kind of
interesting to tell Ollie and see what he thinks. Mama has to tell you something, ‘kay? You know Hashtag, the fish? – Yeah. – Well, he has died. – Died? – Yup, went to go see Jesus. – Jesus? – [Missy] You know Jesus? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah, he passed away. You know how he’s been playing
dead for a few weeks now, and we check on him and he’s still alive. Remember that? – Mm-hm. – Well this time, he’s not waking up. – Is the other fish died? – We do have some sucker fish in there and they are still fine. But Hashtag, is not so great anymore, kay? – Not so great? – Yeah. – [Bryan] He’s dead. We’re gonna have to get rid of him buddy. – [Missy] Sorry. – [Bryan] ‘Member he
was your first pet huh? – Yeah. – Remember when we got him
and you were so excited? – [Bryan] How about a nice fish Missy? – [Missy] Look how cute this one is. – [Bryan] Oh. Ollie look it. Look at this buddy. This is your new pet. Your new pet fish. (laughing excitedly) – [Bryan] How cool is that? (Missy laughing) What do you think about it? Is he cool? – [Missy] Can you give him a kiss? – [Bryan] Mwah. – Yeah. – Yeah. And remember you helped me feed him? And stuff? – [Bryan] He lived for
a ling time, didn’t he? – Let’s just get the little fish, okay? – [Missy] Okay. – [Bryan] No, we don’t
need to get food Ollie. – We don’t need any food right now. – [Bryan] He doesn’t need any food. Oh the other fish. – [Missy] He wants to feed the other fish. – [Bryan] The other fish food? – Yeah. – He’s like, “At least
keep that thing alive.” The other one will be fine,
it’s just a little suckerfish keeping the stuff cleaned. – [Bryan] Poor Hashtag. – [Missy] Poor Hashtag. – [Bryan] He lived a good life.
He lived a long, good life. – Three years, I was like,
“Dang this fish is hardy.” – [Bryan] I know, and he’s
been looking pretty bad for couple weeks now. – I’m like, “Okay, I think
he’s definitely dead.” And then we’d stick something
in there and he’d be like, “Too-too-too” he was like swimming around, and I’m like, “Okay, he’s good.” – [Bryan] Yeah. – I think we did a pretty dang good job taking care of Hashtag though. I did not expect a fish
to survive that long. – [Bryan] To last that long, yeah. – So, I mean I am kinda bummed that we just bought a whole new tank. – [Bryan] Yeah that kinda sucks. – Like literally, just bought one. So I’m thinking, maybe
we’ll get one for Finn. He hasn’t had a fish yet. – [Bryan] Yeah, Ollie what do you think? Are you okay? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah.
– [Bryan] Yeah. We loved Hashtag, but it’s kind of time for
him to move on, right? – Yeah. – [Bryan] He gets to go
live with Jesus dude. – With Jesus? – [Missy] Yeah.
– [Bryan] Yeah, that cool? – Yeah, he died. – [Bryan] Yeah, he died. – [Missy] It’s okay. He probably wasn’t feeling so good, so now he’s a lot happier. – A lot happier. He have his tongue sticking out. (laughing) – Does he have his tongue sticking out? – Mm-hm. – Oh, he kinda does. It’s kinda creepy. Poor Hashtag, remember his whole name? Was it, Hashtag Norbert… – [Bryan] Bruce? – Oh Hashtag Bruce Norbert. – [Bryan] It was Hashtag Bruce Norbert. – We’ve never said his full name, we always just call him Hashtag. Hashtag Bruce Norbert, should
we bury him in the back yard? Give him a little stone? – Yup. – [Missy] Alright, we’ll do that. Luna, what are you doing girl? Are you happy we’re home? She’s like, doing circles. You’re doing circles. Are you happy we’re home? Did you miss us? Lunas gotta go potty, so I’m
letting her out real quick. We missed you too, huh? Yeah, she’s so happy. She’s so happy. Okay go, okay potty, go potty. She’s a crazy puppy. But she is such a good dog, and I think she loves Karma
probably the most of anyone. No, stop it. Okay, alright. Go potty, go potty really quick. You can come back in when you go potty. After you go potty, go potty. Luna, go potty. Gosh, she’s just standing there. Alright, the house is finally
starting to get cleaned and I thought we would take
a little coloring break. Now to be honest, Ollie has
never been that into coloring or like crafts, or like creativity. He’s never liked creative stuff, he’s more like wants to go play. But I really want to like
encourage him to color and stuff, and I’m sure once he’s in
school, it’ll pick up a lot more. But, I thought a fun
way to get him to color, would be for me to color too. And I found this really
awesome adult coloring book and look what it is, it’s Outlander. If you guys don’t know, I
am obsessed with Outlander. What’s up? And you got Paw Patrol. – This Chase and Rubble
and Marshall and… – [Missy] Chase and Marshall
and Rubble, that’s all of ’em. Yeah, good job. But yeah, they have Outlander. I love Outlander. I love the books, I love
the show, and the show they just showed the trailer for it, coming out on September 10th, I believe, and I am like so excited
about it, so I thought that would be so fun to
color a book of Outlander. It’s got Jaime in it,
it’s got Claire in it, it’s got like all their cool
Scottish designs and herbs. So I’m real excited. I’m not like the best at coloring, but I thought it’d be fun to sit down with him and color with him. So let’s do that ‘kay? While Finns sleeping. (whimsical guitar music) – And look who’s awake
from his little nap. You wanna color too? (Finn babbles) Yeah. I think he’s feeling much better you guys. He’s definitely very happy. (Finn babbles) Yeah. (whimsical guitar music) – Alright, Ollie just woke up from his nap and he is so excited,
because who’s here… – A Mimi and Papa. – And he wants to give them a big hug, so go out there and go see ’em. – ‘Kay. (Mimi yelling excitedly) (Missy laughing) They’re excited to see you too. Go give her a bug hug. – [Mimi] Did you take a nap? Come here. (Missy laughing) – [Mimi] Oh, my boy, I missed you so much. – Yeah, he just actually
woke up from a nap. He is definitely not feeling
the greatest today, so he just ended up passing out. But me and Bryan are actually
in a meeting right now, so I’m gonna get back to that. Hi bud. – Hi. – How you doing today? – Good. – Good? – Mm-hm. – He was not feeling great today. And he’s been kinda trying to chill. He went swimming for a little bit. He was, he just didn’t
have a lot of energy, and he was kinda like
not feeling it so much. So he got out and just kinda
rested for the rest of the day. How you feeling now though? – Good. – Good? Do you feel like your sick? No? You feel like you’re
doing much better now? Were you sick earlier? Yeah. So he says he feels
better, so that’s good. Hopefully he’s 100%, he might
just also be a bit jet lagged, ‘cuz it’s late. But anyways we’re gonna go
ahead and end today’s video. Ahhh! So make sure you give
this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Oh actually, we did get, we
did lose a fishy today, huh? That was kinda sad, so I
guess it’s not the best, not the best day, but
it was still a good day. But anyways, hope you
guys enjoyed today’s video and make sure you give
it a thumbs up still and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Ollie, you’re literally
picking your nose right now. Stop. Alright, what do you say Ollie? – Bye! Boop. (“This is Home” instrumental)


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