Somalia’s where it’s at – Instagram star uses humour to show the new Somalia – BBC Trending

Somalia’s where it’s at – Instagram star uses humour to show the new Somalia – BBC Trending

WHAT’S SOMALIA LIKE? And this is the vicious fighting… and malnutrition particularly Al Shabab remain a threat Yeah is that it? BUT WELCOME TO UGASSO’S #SOMALIA ON INSTAGRAM Welcome to Mogadishu Cribs Yo whats up, this is how I’m living these
days! 42 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM Starting out I did not have a mission, I just
wanted to make my friends laugh. “Yeah come down i’ll be with you in five
minutes I’m on my way I’ve just passed the shop” UGAASO IS A CIVIL SERVANT LIVING IN MOGADISHU Now my mission might be just showing that
Mogadishu is just as normal as anywhere else in the world. I think a lot of people fret
over coming to certain African countries that have experienced war. IN 1991 CIVIL WAR BROKE OUT
UNTIL SHE RETURNED TO SOMALIA IN 2014 It was astonishing, it was like walking
in the mall and seeing your reflection in a slice of mirror. SOMALI STORYTELLING REINVENTED FOR INSTAGRAM We know that we come from an oral tradition. We recognise ourselves as pioneers in poetry in Africa especially. IS HER INSTAGRAM FEED REPRESENTATIVE OF LIFE
FOR ORDINARY SOMALIS OR OF A PRIVILEGED FEW? No, I don’t feel privileged at all.
A lot of us who came back to Somalia are here because we want to be not because we live
lavishly. I’m actually putting myself at risk every
time I leave the house knowing that theres a sniper on somebodies roof or a suicide car
can zoom past me but Im here to make that change. WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE A PASSION The biggest issue is people will tell you
you can’t do certain things because you’re a woman and it should be your utmost pleasure
to prove them otherwise. A lot of people tell me you can’t
do XYZ because you’re married. Yes im married I’m not crippled! “These young Somali girls in 2014 are useless,
they can’t even cook. The one my son married she only knows how
to make cornflakes” When I go out I try to look for beauty within
the ruins. For me to sell Somalia in 15 seconds is impossible
but i will tell you that massive change is happening in Somalia and you want to be part of it.


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