SOLVED – How to Fix Google Play Store Icon Missing or Icon Disappeared

SOLVED – How to Fix Google Play Store Icon Missing or Icon Disappeared

hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps today I’m going to share with you if you have a Playstore lost or disappeared from your home screen as you can see it’s here it’s working also under application if we can scroll it’s right here and it’s working as a lot of people as a reported that after the upgrade of Android their Play Store has been disappeared from their home screen and under the application so how you can make it to appear back and that I can share with you let me make this disappear so we are back on our home screen as you see the Play Store was here and it’s a disappeared it’s no longer there and if I go under application it’s not there anymore so how we can fix it let me share with you so once in the Play Store has been a disappeared or lost – from your home screen and application folder how you can get it back let me share with you an easy steps please follow the exact steps click on application scroll to the next page click setting go under Journal click on application manager and you scroll up at the bottom you will see Google Play Store and it’s turned off so click on that once you click it application info is open you see turn on click on that and that’s it and it will work for you the home screen that we need to bring the shortcut so we’re going to go on application and if we go back on this page it’s right there so I will bring the shortcut up here and now if I play it the Play Store working fine that’s how it’s easy to get your lost or disappeared Play Store back on your home screen also under application if you think this content helped you please like subscribe and share easy steps and I’m going to see you soon with the new things best of all easy steps BYE BYE


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