Solskjaer's Transfer Demand! Man Utd Transfer News | Manchester United Tour 2019

Solskjaer's Transfer Demand! Man Utd Transfer News | Manchester United Tour 2019

[Applause] what's going on people and welcome to the United stand the third part of the tour we're here I know you're probably thinking the vlogs a day late they said they're gonna be doing daily content since they've left Singapore where the hell of these guys gone now before I get into the video after state is very quickly China's a lot more difficult than we anticipated I know a lot of people have some problem with some visas getting in the country the internet issues but we put all of that to the side we basically swam here from Singapore we haven't sunk here we haven't swam here we have a song here but we wanted to stay true to our word we're on the first stop order of the tour it hasn't stopped yet there's only been free games and there's more to come we are not stopping we want to keep bringing you to a one content no matter what it takes so yes we're a little bit late but we're still just staying true to our word is absolutely bacon here in Shanghai I'm getting loads of stares because of the color of my skin not because they're races but I don't think they've seen a lot of black people in the flesh they've seen Punk why they've seen James on the TV they've seen Kobe Bryant but I ain't seeing them in the flesh right now everyone is stopping and staring at me as I'm doing this video why it's all good now let's get into talking Manchester United start the vlog now we've got a massive game against Tottenham and it's all about gauging where we are and if you think about it Tottenham are our rivals let's let's face it we're gonna be competing against them to finish as high in the league as possible they finish higher than us last season even though they had a bad end to the season as well but you look at their team they've spent well big money signing on in dumble a trip he has left they're probably gonna invest in that probably not gonna keep walking Peters for up the whole season and you're looking at where we are where we're kind of saying well we're two players away from actually having aside that not going to challenge with a leave by having a side that can actually potentially do something if you're looking at the squad now it's been great on pre-season you can see a pattern of play you can see what's all-stars trying to do but you can't help but feel well I can't anyway that if we go with this exact same team I can still see there being problems we're not gonna finish much higher than last season in my opinion I like the fact that Mason Green was getting a promotion I like the fact that the youngsters are getting a promotion and we we can see that there's a high price we can see there's an intensity we can see the players are fitter and sharper but it's preseason we can also remember the times from last season and when you play against the better teams and what happens you end up falling short and if we don't invest I feel that that's what's going to happen we look this this next couple of weeks year is key if we get the whole complexity changes if we get Fernandez over the line and McGwire and I say those two because those are two were most linked with but you know what the transfer window like it could be another two you wouldn't be surprised if we get a different center midfielder and a different center half or one or the other but if they're of quality and we keep Paul Pogba which it looks like it's going to happen and the Lukaku situation if they reinvest that and it could be a snowball if it and it changes the whole complexity of our summer if we don't get those two players the optimism of the preseason games and and and the way we've been playing kind of goes out the window look we've played against let's face it a shit preferably side a B team of leads they didn't have all their players and in the Midland side who don't even have a striker so you can't get too carried away with that the game against Spurs will be a good measure you know they've got a strong team out here you know what they're all about and you know if we go out there and beat them I'm not saying it means we're gonna go and finish for for challenge for the league absolutely not but it will give us a good in areolar about indication as to where we're at so for me it's all about the next two weeks it's all about can we be aggressive in this transfer window can we get the deals over the line because I think we're two players away from changing the whole complexity of the summer it might take a while to get there but we do get those two players by the end of the transfer window for me it looks like we're building something quite strong quite strong you can see one miss ackers gonna be a mainstay that's fantastic Daniel James obviously the jury's going to be out what we can see what he's gonna bring we've got to stay grounded the talk they're talking up on Mason Greenwood from one matter from Luke Shaw from Ollie it's great but we still gotta be patient with him it's a seventeen-year-old kid and he's not even turned 17 that long ago we can't just get gas from this preseason tour and say he's the next best thing and he's going to score 15 20 goals next season I wasn't had to happen I want him to flourish I want him to be great but again we've got be patient so if you're thinking about it like that Daniel James we need to be patient Mason green when we need to be patient Chong we don't even know if he's gonna go out alone Gomes probably the same it still leaves Marshall rush with an Lingle as the senior attackers especially of Lukaku leaves it's not gonna be enough so get to more silencing changes the complexity of the transfer window and I'm all for that I'm baking hot standing here talk with you and now I want to get into today's vlog check it out I'm talking real I thought Singapore was hot and humid this is a different level there's a breeze but like I said in Singapore how to brief just blows that humidity humid air to straight back into that it's just nuts he's just hanging off the side of that bike like it's nothing as well biodiesel to scooter she's just literally hanging off the side of it cash Qasr mate but yeah we're gonna go and try to look for some food the guy at the hotel actually said to us that orders Chinese shops are shut at half won they're really close because that's when they have their lunch time and they literally shut up shop so we're gonna look for someone like Cantonese style food we need to start eating some more local food Josh that's what we need to know you've gotta say though being black out here with someone of color Josh's obviously got the long locks the curly locks I'm just that but like you do get a lot of stares out here but not stares as like not nothing like racism I don't feel like it's curiosity yeah it's kind of like you know what I've seen Kobe Bryant on the TV I've seen um LeBron James on the TV but like ah they're actually real like black people are actually real I have noticed that out here man and again I don't mean to offend anyone if you lot are watching from China this is just my observation and like I said I don't feel like it's a racism thing it is literally just like wow we don't see black people here and they're actually right in front of me so we've seen that a lot of people have like started just staring at us and stuff like that but in a in in a curious way in the curious way you know I have no idea I'm assuming that their table numbers and we pay for a card here and you go up there and order what you want but this is a this is a guess a sheer guess I'm about to find out so now we're looking for a cash point because I've just tried to pay for the food and it didn't work so that's highly annoying I was there for about 40 or 50 minutes just trying to work out do I get some noodles with some chicken or something and then just to get to the pin thing and it says it don't work so off to the cash point which you pointed just in this direction yeah so inside here I think is a cash point cut out with aircon you know try and make you feel all nice and comfy to rinse out your money into play into their economy with their Chinese money baby alright so problem number one was working out how the hell to order 20 20 minutes half an hour problem number two is and I don't even think they have things nice and for to have no idea even in England for their Chinese I've tried this little mess about to try and do it and it just all falls off I have no idea how to hold it I'm handed it I'm just gonna have to try and deceive in yeah this is gonna be emotional trying to eat it and I'm so hungry so I don't wanna come across route I want to buy into the culture I want to try and I will try I might see if she can teach me how to do it because I I'm gonna absolutely struggle and it's noodles as well like with a compass of rice it's a bit easier to kind of balance on it to be one hold it still and the other one is like the pincer probably about that now me I'm just gonna wait see if it comes and then ask someone to help me struggle to find the right words to say help me and then probably just eat with my hands that's probably what's gonna happen I've tried with two I've seen enough coffee someone over there he's doing off one so I've tried to just do that that I've tried to do it like this and I just con she's gonna show me she's gonna say she's got a feeling it's gonna get me nothing you'll see I know s when you're vegetarian you know the funniest thing is we ordered one with this one this was five pounds could have that this was this was 54 yen I think which is about a five 56 pounds and I for only ordered one they brought two for that price that you mad I'll let you bring it you bring this oh thank you thank you I mean hey top starting even before so we're here at a Hongkou football stadium here out in China we're going to take a look at what the stadium has to offer from the outside before we step onto the inside let's have a look yes boys covers love that so those guys down there I could hear them shouting thanks so I've turned around and then they're running their phones I'm like I bet they're checking YouTube through their VPN and they were they're special passwords because you can't get YouTube out here to check if it's United Stan and if it's me and then I see them doing it and then over like yeah that's just crazy how can you come all the way to Shanghai like I know Singapore showed me a lot but then I fought Shanghai is a little bit it's not their first language English I thought maybe they still won't know who we are what we do but they're just setting up some possible stuff down there and they're still looking now and they've obviously got some possible courts I don't know what they're gonna be doing actually maybe on match day this it's cool Rucker Park which is um that's like the same one they have in America they've obviously based it off that so they're clearly into their basketball here as well man so yeah it's good though but the United stands getting love all around the world man all around the world all right so we're going into this shot where they're selling a lot of Manchester United merchandise obviously man uniter in town but as you can see I think this is a city shop what's going on what's going on on top of here how does this happen this is our city not Manchester is to always to our so Manchester City have this as well oh man all Manchester are and this team this team here this is their stadium this is the team how you say this Shang Wu Chang Chenoa Chen hua Shan why FC is good team who is it's maybe it's maybe okay thank you very much thank you so basically they're saying that this it sells everything to be fair so I'll take it back what this actually is is actually just a sports shop in general that's attached to the stadium so they've got real madrid shirts over there Bayern Munich Arsenal AC Milan and obviously Manchester United here which is what what really matters wonder how much this is on sale for it should be they should be in a bargain bucket me I'll tell you what I have got no which I didn't manage to get in England oh my god they've got these left now hard these are to get in England I've got the long-sleeve one that's a bit too small for me they've got medium oh I got small man ask if he's got one in the bathroom need this need this top right now and there you have it that's today's vlog it has come to an end you see the struggles we've had out here in Shanghai I've had to say being here only just short of 24 hours it's a fantastic place similar to Singapore in terms of got a lot of beautiful skyline a lot of modern-day buildings but where it's a bit different to Singapore is I've seen a lot more cultural stuff a little bit more historical stuff even a stadium here it's quite old looking even where we are right now is quite kind of old looking quite historical as opposed to the bright lights and a newness basically of Singapore so we're going to enjoy our stay here and and yeah we'll keep bringing man united content as the players come and hopefully we can get some training sessions stuff for you guys as well peace big respect to all you guys for watching that video and make sure you check out more united stand content here and here yeah like subscribe and share and the socials all along the bottom you know what to do go get following go go go go go


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