13 thoughts on “Social Media…You Haven't Seen Anything Yet | Jerry Kane | TEDxLongwood”

  • As for the filter effect that is mentioned, I still have not met anyone that's "just like me" and it's been 13 years now.

  • Mmm well… When I think of social media I think of any media that has strong social dopamine loops. Chat rooms, multiplayer games, social sites.

    The real issue is how these things are designed and how they affect us as a society. Can be healthy or unhealthy.

  • hardkandie23 says:

    once upon a time individuals use to talk to each other, face to face, feeling the energy of the moment and all the unconscious elements that human interaction includes. When this intimate experience becomes the hinge pin through witch corporate interests manipulate individuals toward there agendas, then the human experience is over.
    Get off this proxy of reality, The world is real and full and full of risk. Stop, take a deep breath, and look at the sky.

  • Social media is, at it's core, a way to control and manipulate people, that is the defining feature that differentiates from just "the internet" or the creator's purpose of the world wide web. This presenter's assertions that social media has more current information than the press may be true. However, the recent election demonstrates the utter unreliability of the information on social media.

  • Hello Ladies and Gents,

    I started a petition for a way to improve Facebook in this regard by creating a standalone Facebook events app combined with the Facebook Messenger and Group Apps. I requested that the stand alone events app include the Birthday notifications that way you would still be able message your friends Happy Birthday without needing to post it on their wall. By having these three separate Facebook apps combined, you won't need to maintain a Facebook profile or have the news feed and timeliness feature. This way we no longer have to feel the roller coaster ride of emotions from the constant influx of information we receive on our news feeds. We no longer have to feel like we are missing out yet still have the opportunity to feel truly connected. This way you won't have the need to compare your life to your peers and you still would feel a sense of connectedness to them.

    If you still like the sharing of photos aspect with your peers and seeing what is going on in their lives then there is always Instagram to do so. That site however can also serve negatively if imitation is used incorrectly. Anyways let's tackle this problem together and move each other closer to freedom without caring and needing approval from those around us for the things we do and don't want to do.

    Below you will find the link for the petition I created.


  • Edgar Stangvila says:

    This is like science fiction to me. It is indeed eye opening, and when someone sees a bigger picture into the whole Social Media thing…

  • Awesome talk. Social Media is the future, you just got to know how to use it.  #follow #socialmedia #redessociales #communitymanager

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