Social Media Won’t Sell Your Books – 5 Things that Will

Social Media Won’t Sell Your Books – 5 Things that Will

– If you’re thinking social media is gonna be the solution to
sell your book, stick around. I’ve got a few thoughts on that for you. (upbeat rock music) Hey, there, I’m Julie Broad
with A lot of authors come to
me thinking social media is how they’re going to sell their book, but social media isn’t
a catch all solution to sell your book. In fact, you’re more likely
to waste a lot of time trying to use social
media to sell your book than you are likely to
successfully sell books via social media, unless, of course, you have a really good
plan in place first. If you haven’t already,
download our 8 Ways to Sell 1,000 Books for Under $100 free guide. It’s a game plan to help you out. Now, first, you need a plan to sell your book from the start. Your book, it needs a hook. To know what will hook your readers, you need to know who your readers are. Second, you need to figure out where those people are hanging out. Even though there are two
billion people on Facebook, it’s not always the best
platform to reach your readers. Surprise. If it sounds like work to find them, well, that’s because it is. For some types of books,
you’re gonna find readers hanging out on Goodreads,
but a lot of times, you’re actually gonna find them offline, at conferences, trade shows. They might be reading
magazines or frequenting certain types of businesses in your area, or they might be searching for solutions on videos or podcasts. Social media might be the answer, but there may be better ways
to find your ideal reader. Third, consider who you know. The success of my first book, More Than Cashflow, was
entirely as a result of the support of a handful of key people in the Canadian real estate industry. Their support, promoting my
book to all of their audience, is the reason it went to
number one overall on Amazon. Without them, when I was
promoting the book to my audience, I was able to break the top 100 overall, but it was because of them
that I hit number one. Tim Ferriss, he launched
The Four Hour Workweek to massive best selling status a little over 10 years ago now, using relationships that
he’d built with bloggers. These relationships were
built well in advance of publishing his book, but they were cornerstone to his success. If you’re at platinum
level of Book Launchers, we pitch your book to
bloggers and podcasters on your behalf, and we’ll
get you some exposure, but the people who are
going to help you the most will know you personally. If you want your book to do well, make sure you’re building relationships, adding value, and supporting
people in your industry so that they will do the
same when the time comes for you and your book. Fourth, develop your own list. Social media is not a catchall
solution, as I mentioned. You’re squatting. You actually don’t own these contacts. You get to use them, but at the end of the day, make
sure you own your own list, so drive people to your website. Connect with them, collect their emails, and then use social media
for multiple touch points. At any time, the owner of
the property, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, they can decide that they no longer like the way you’re using their
property and throw you out. If they do that, and you haven’t been building your own
connections on your website, you’ll lose everything, so
make sure you’re connecting with people in other ways, where you can control
the list and you own it, and then use social media to supplement your book marketing strategy. Whatever you do, make
sure you have other ways to connect and contact
your potential readers. These folks will be the most
likely to buy your book, spread the word for you, and help with early reviews. Bottom line, social media offers a way for readers to interact with you. It’s a great way to stay top of mind and build connections, but
for social media to work, you must know who you’re writing for, what’s going to get their attention, and find a way to get yourself
in front of those people. Best of luck with your book, and if you want help figuring
out who you’re writing for and have support through the
entire self-publishing process, book a call with me. I’m happy to chat to see if we’re a fit to help you write, publish,
and promote your book. Alright, if you like this video tip, please give it a thumbs up, and of course, while you’re here, subscribe to the channel so you catch all the video tips to
help you write, publish, and sell your book. See you in the next video. Bye. (upbeat rock music) And if you want us, going really slow. To know, that rhymes. Your book needs a hook. Supporting. If you’re a platinum member level. Whoa, I’m done. Whew. I gotta finish the video with a, yeah. I know, it’s the end of the day, she’s excited.
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– That’s right. And that’s a wrap. – Yes, that’s a wrap.
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59 thoughts on “Social Media Won’t Sell Your Books – 5 Things that Will”

  • Having others who support and promote is great because people are more likely to buy a book from a random person that likes a book rather than the authors who say their book is great. Great set of tips!

  • You must gather your party Before venturing forth says:

    This is actually stupid advice for anyone who selling fiction. When people say I have a best-selling book and it’s nonfiction, there advise is moot Because people look at nonfiction differently than they do fiction. Nonfiction has a utility which is to teach you something whereas fiction only has an entertainment function for most people. Nonfiction is more useful in most peoples eyes than entertainment because I can get it from somewhere else like TV shows or movies. So you have to keep that in mind if you’re a fiction writer.

  • Hi, I'm about to publish my first book called Robbing Chance. It's a non-fiction self-help book and it's got a unique narrative based on my experience living in Zimbabwe and India. I trust my selling points but I haven't been able to make strides in terms of making connections with other authors. Can you help?

  • Rodney C Burris says:

    Hi Family. I'm Rodney C Burris. I wrote a book about breaking cycles, and just wanted to share it here. I hope it confirms some things in your life as you keep going! (I share my own story of why this book was important to me, right on my channel — [that video is called "An Intimate Moment", right on my homepage] — I hope it touches your heart the same way it touched Mine):,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

  • Book Launchers says:

    Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals self-publish non-fiction books that grow their business. You own 100% of the content, have total creative control, and keep all the royalties. Our publishing team is YOUR publishing team.

    Find out how we can help you write, publish, and sell a book to grow your business:

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  • Whosoever Press says:

    Great information. Keep spreading the word. We are a publishing company based out of Alabama, and one of the easiest ways we have found to sell more books in large quantities for our authors is to reach out to local grocery stores. We provide the stores with a cardboard display case packed with 36 books in each case. We sold 3 cases yesterday to just one store. You can purchase unbranded displays online very affordably. You can then get your local print shop or us to print your custom labels to place on your displays. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Book Launchers!

  • I am writing a non-fiction on picking up women. I have no problem talking and can make many YouTube videos. My problem is how do I make a YouTube video on the subject without giving away too much of my book. How do you draw the line between touching on the subject and giving away all of your book information via video.

  • Draw With Steve Harpster says:

    So true. You need to have a marketing plan before you ever start the book. The book doesn't sell itself, you have to get your book in front of the right people.

  • Social media won't sell your book…social may be the answer? Sorry, what? You talk down social media but keep going back to it, just in case. My book sold BECAUSE of social media, my book got the buzz BECAUSE of social media. Facebook is crap, but Twitter is great. Connections in your industry can only be achieved by social media or that old 'its not what you know it's who you know'. Yes, you had other people sell your book, but you had those connections, not everyone is that lucky

  • The content mostly makes sense, but for God's sake, please lose the Fat Caps. It's one of the worst typographical sins there is. Probably worse than Comic Sans.

  • Julie, I have just found you and LOVE all of the value that you share!!! I was going to publish with Kindle, but now after learning about distribution and intellectual rights, Ingramspark is more for me. SO glad I spent time watching a bunch of your videos, was limiting myself, now with your helpful videos – I am not – THANK YOU!!!

  • I self published my novel but it only sold 2 copies in 4 months. I have promoted it on my website and another website. I also gave out free copies. There is no magic formula. It is like winning the lottery to successfully sell your book. I have given up. There's just too much competition.

  • I think for people like me, who are not good businessmen, traditional publishing is the better route. Marketing, as I have discovered the hard way, is a full time profession. Who has time for that? I want to go back to what I di best which is the actual writing.

  • Greater Tower Ministry /Evangelist Lenmarie Jacobs says:

    I wrote 2 books and it's kind of hard to get my books sell ..AM IN MONTREAL CANADA ..Any solutions

  • Speaking of knowing the right audience to sell your book to is key. I have had a smooth time selling these books: I appreciate your point of perspective.

  • She is right! I spent $20 on Instagram and got 0 Sales. So be careful… guys. 90% of people on social media are only for likes and comments; who cares about your book? Hahahaha!

  • There is no money in ebooks or books in general, the (dot com) of ebooks is over. Too many people writing too many shitty books and making videos on "how to' sell a book, merely for clicks to promote the video, to garner more clicks etc. If you really love writing write for that not to make money or a living, it just will not happen and no matter how many "youtube gurus" tell you otherwise you're in for one helluva waste of time and you will end up sorely defeated. DO NOT write books to acquire money, write for the passion of it.

  • Spending $$ is probably not the best way to promote it and recieve a profit. I'm looking to swap reviews with writers on Goodreads and/or Amazon. It's SO difficult to get reviewers! – Despite sales. It seems people… don't have time? A couple minutes to post a sentence or two is so necessary to writers, though. Only we writers know that apparently. Haha. See @ averychase1 on ig for way more. I'm always active on it

  • Marcielle Brandler says:

    I copied your comments and will follow up on them. I wrote The Secret to My Wealth, Health, and Love: How I am Getting There. Happy Happy! , which is on Amazon and coming up on Audible soon, and boy, do I need marketing help. Thanks.

  • I see social media platforms are just a way of spreading your book to more audiences not selling 😀
    That's way it's called marketing, you market it not selling it 😎

  • Abhishek Mohanty says:

    My book: SINGLE HEART BREAKS THEM ALL, An Untold Story. It is available in
    Grab a book.
    Teen love is awesome. We fall for the person at the first glance. This is the story of a boy who gets into his college and there he finds a girl for who he falls at the first look. His heart drives him crazy . He sacrifices his friends and dear ones for her. What he gets in return is astonishing. I bet you have also come through such situation and this book will teach you how to come out of similar situation and get going in your life.

  • Reading with Janae Marie says:

    Is this in contradictory to your previous video on how to grow your following on social media? I'm confused.

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