Social Media – What is it doing to our brains?

Social Media – What is it doing to our brains?

Social media validation is like that last
piece of samosa jab mehmaan ghar aate hai. You pretend like you don’t want it, but
really, you’d kill for a bite, or in this case, a like. With Instagram hitting 1 billion users, and
with you probably watching this video while switching between 3 apps, we asked – What’s with this craving for social media
validation and what is it doing to our brains? We want to find out – but first lemme take
a selfie. How it works It all comes down to your brain chemistry. Specifically, Dopamine- the chemical associated
with love, lust and sex. It’s responsible for the connection we make
between an action, and the feel-good reward that follows. Every time an action results in a reward,
these associations become stronger, so that you crave more. How it affects us Addiction: While it may make you feel good, the effects
of dopamine? Not so dope. You could actually become addicted
to social media. It starts with “seeking”, or reaching for
your phone to post a picture. The “reward” comes when the likes start
flooding in. And before you know it, you want more, and
more. You can log out any time you like, but you
can never leave. Social and Mental effects:
The average person spends at least 2 hours on social platforms everyday. This excessive use leads to high levels of
narcissism, anxiety & depression. People who spend more than two hours per day
on social media have a higher tendency to report a mental illness. A recent study found that if you’re a teenager, using social media is like digging into a bag of chips, or winning money – you just
can’t get enough TLDR: It’s important we tell our FOMO
to FO from time to time – cos what we’re really missing out on is life. How Apps are in on it The current market value of Facebook (which
also owns Instagram and WhatsApp) is $570bn. But as everyone knows – “Facebook is free
and always will be.” That’s because we aren’t the customers
– advertisers are, and our attention is what’s being sold – for FREE. These apps are designed to get us hooked, because the more attention a platform can pull, the more effective its advertising space becomes,
allowing it to charge advertisers more. This is the attention economy. The average millennial checks their phone
157 times daily, and the four horsemen of the app-ocalypse
– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp – make money off every second. From behaviour-tracking algorithms to the
infinite scroll, these apps are built exactly like slot machines. You pull down to refresh and then wait with
bated breath to see what you’re gonna get. A new follower? A new like? Nothing? Try again! Social media has a lot of pros, but we need
to find where to draw the line. Because it isn’t just about the likes, but
how you feel if your post isn’t getting too many of them. But life isn’t an episode of Black Mirror,
and there’s actually hope – Instagram recently reported that it would
test hiding the like count from photos to get users to pay attention to the content
itself. It’s time we all wake up to the dangers of
our own overuse, and start doing it for ourselves rather than for the ‘gram! Tell us your thoughts on the science behind
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17 thoughts on “Social Media – What is it doing to our brains?”

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  • First one to watch itπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    Btw…. again a great video on social media addiction… Life has totally changed ..
    I think it's a great platform for many….but yeah I totally agree with you guys as we tend to waste our time on useless stuffs..

  • Tbh I am not addicted to the social media and it's likes hell if I could I'd probably delete my account but I am addicted to reading apps like Wattpad, inkitt etc. and I am trying to remove this addiction (though never succeeded in it)

  • Miss Wild Child says:

    Hey VitaminStree,I need your help:-
    I don't want to get attached to Social media,but I'm a YouTuber,so in order to grow my channel,I have to be active. Even though I don't care about number of followers,more the followers=more the audience=more the Subscribers. What do I do?

  • rakhshanda mujib says:

    I felt like such an oldie trying to stop my sister from using her phone a few seconds ago before I started watching this video. Thank god, now I got the validation that what I doing wasn't exactly all that bad.

  • Shreyank Patel says:

    1. Switch off the notifications for social media apps.
    2. Download an app which can track your phone usage. And then try to reduce the hours you spend on social media.
    3. Try grey scaling your phone.
    4. Uninstall those apps from your phone and try using it on desktop/laptop. ( This way you won't have access to them all the time)

    And at last the most powerful one, try getting a 'social media detox' for some days.

  • I would really like to touch on another factor here which is the need to stay updated idk but the youth relies on social media to stay updated on latest trends and hashtags. Moreover there is another concept involved a lot of the people on social media feel lonely or neglected irl so they seek an escape online. Maybe its anxiety maybe its something else but its a loop. People develop mental illness on the apps and people with mental illness browse it too.
    The prime question which rises is why real life interactions are disappearing and why its all about that perfect picture moment why isn't it about the perfect live the moment?

  • As a English lit student, I totally lived for the "Emma" insert at the end. Also, on a social media cleanse for over 2 months now and have felt a huge decline in my anxiety.

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