Social Media Strategies for Fundraising

Social Media Strategies for Fundraising

(upbeat funky music) ♪ Everybody get up ♪ – Hey nonprofits, welcome back. In today’s nonprofit marketing tip video, I’m gonna share 10 strategies to help you fundraise on social media. If you’re excited to get
into these strategies, give us a thumbs up. And before we jump in, I wanna share a statistic with you. And it really drives
home the importance of being strategic on social media
so that you can fundraise. And this comes from, and they say that 55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action. And 59% of those people donate money. So people are donating money
because of social media, because of the messaging on social media. And so the key to social media is to attract and retain your audiences through content marketing. So this is where you’re
providing them value, education, so that you can establish
trust and credibility. The nonprofits that are
raising the most funds through social media
understand content marketing, and are being very strategic. So if you have not seen
our movie, or our video, about content marketing,
check it out here. We’ll also put a link in the description. So we actually encourage you
to watch that video first, and then come back, and watch this. So let’s dive into the 10 strategies. So our first strategy is to create a fun event
for your nonprofit, and then to market that on social media. So this should be an event that people have to pay to attend. And here’s the key with social media. You want to poll, or ask
your social media followers what kind of event is important to them, and it should not just
be an open-ended question where they could put any kind of event. You should give them options that are related to your mission. So let’s say that you are
a health-focused nonprofit, you could have options
like 5K, a bike run. Be creative and think of different events that people who follow you
would be interested in, and that also contribute
toward your mission. So the key here with social media is to get the feedback
from your followers. If you get 90% of people who
wanna participate in the 5K, and there’s hardly anyone
that wants to participate in the other four options you thought of, this is your starting place to understand what people want to do, and that’s going to help
you raise more money when you do promote the
event via social media. Our second strategy is
Facebook fundraisers. Now most of you know about
Facebook fundraisers, and you probably have not seen
a lot of results from them. And so what we’re going
to encourage you to do is to focus on birthday
fundraisers, and here’s why. This allows you to send
an email every month, or to put out a social
media post every month, that says, hey, if you
have a birthday in August, we wanna remind you that you can start a birthday
fundraiser on Facebook. And then you can go into
actually how it works, because a lot of times,
people need to know or understand how to do something before they will take action. And make sure that you emphasize
the impact for that month. So you may decide that you wanna have a
monthly impact schedule, and tie that into your
Facebook fundraisers. Or you may already have quarterly fundraising campaigns that you do. It’s just important to clarify
and make sure people know what the money’s going to go toward. So if you have not been taking advantage of putting out a monthly social media post at the beginning of every month that reminds people that they
can do a birthday fundraiser for your nonprofit, this
is something we recommend that you start incorporating
sooner than later. Our third strategy is to use
the Instagram donate sticker. This is a new feature from Instagram that was rolled out a couple months ago. For the first time ever, you can raise funds through
your Facebook stories, and people who follow you
can also help you raise funds through Instagram stories. And the key here is not to put up a story that only asks for donations. You wanna leave the story with
facts about your nonprofit, how you’re making the impact. Maybe there’s a testimonial, and a actual story of someone. And then your last story
within the sequence should be a donate sticker that allows people to
take action if they want. So again, if you’re just asking, and trying to put the
donate sticker on things, you’re not going to see any effects. So what you really wanna do is make sure that you’re telling a story through your Instagram stories, and then giving people the
opportunity to opt in at the end. If you’re not familiar
with the donate sticker, check out this video. The idea with the Instagram donate sticker is that you don’t want to put up a story that only asks for donations. You want to actually create a story. So you want to tell
people what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, what
their impact’s going to be, and then put the donate sticker up. Our fourth strategy is a strategy that not a lot of nonprofits are using. And this is to actually pitch
to your corporate sponsor a value to be mentioned in
your social media posts. And this is really great
for corporate sponsors, for businesses, because if
you’re creating the content, it’s much easier for them to share it, and it looks much more impactful for the people who are following them to see that they’re sharing
something that the nonprofit, or your nonprofit wrote about them. So here’s where you can
get really strategic, because what a lot of
nonprofits might think is, okay, we’ll put that company’s logo up, and then we’ll thank
them for sponsoring us, and that will be the social media post. What you wanna do is get really creative. So maybe the sponsorship is for you to actually create
a video about your nonprofit. And at the end of the video, you could have some
kind of thing that says, powered by, whatever the
corporate sponsor’s name is. And you can also mention
that in your caption at the very end, something like, thanks to XYZ corporate sponsor
for sponsoring this video. We’re able to do XYZ in our
community because of it. So get really creative. Another option is you
could have their employees come out to volunteer. You could capture that via an image, and then share that on social media thanking them for their
social media sponsorship and volunteerism within their employees. So get creative. You wanna make it relevant,
you wanna make it engaging, and really use the power
of content marketing here. So our fifth social media strategy for you to raise funds on social media is to highlight your corporate sponsors. So this is where you want to showcase how corporate sponsors,
or local businesses are getting involved with your nonprofit. And the key here, you get
kind of a two for one, is you’re showing value
to the corporate sponsor by promoting them on social media, but you wanna encourage other
businesses to do the same. So let’s say you put out a testimonial of why a corporate sponsor is
involved with your nonprofit. And one of your followers sees that, they work for a company, and they think, oh, our company should do that, too. Especially ’cause in your caption, you can say something like, if you are interested in learning how your company can get
involved, contact us. So you wanna make sure that those calls to actions are there. And again, this is a great way, because you’re getting a
testimonial from someone, you’re sharing that, and
then inspiring others to take action to do the same. Our sixth strategy to raise
funds via social media is to find out which
restaurants have campaigns where they give back if you bring people to dine at the restaurant
on a specific day. And here’s the key of how you
use social media for that. So maybe there’s a list of
five different restaurants in your community, and what you wanna do is poll, or ask your
social media followers which restaurant they
visit most frequently. And the cool thing about
this is you will understand, oh, 50% of people like Souplantation, or whatever the restaurant is. And so instead of trying
to do all of them, or guess, you have the
information you need to know which one’s going to result in the most money raised
for your nonprofit. And here is a pro tip. So let’s say that you decide to do your restaurant
fundraiser at Souplantation. What you can do is you
can go on Instagram, and you can search for Souplantation in whatever your city
is, by the location tag, and you’ll see a bunch of people who’ve posted photos of their
dining experience there. And once you promote the fact that you are doing a fundraising
event at that restaurant, then you can comment on everyone’s photo that’s eaten there before, and say hey, we see that
you like Souplantation. We wanted to let you know we’re a local nonprofit in your area, and if you visit on X date,
and mention our nonprofit, we will get 15% of the proceeds. So this is a really great
way to get some exposure, because you’re not only
being relevant to that person because you know that
they like Souplantation, but you’re also giving them a discount. So it’s a win-win for everyone. Our seventh strategy to
raise funds on social media is to have some kind of online auction. There are a lot of different sites that allow you to take photos of products, and then to put them up for auction. You don’t need to have
this tied to an event. You can just do this once a quarter, as long as you have products
from local companies that you can auction off. And this is a fun way to engage
your social media followers, because everyone loves to bid on things, especially when they know that
the funds that they’re giving are going to a good cause. So they’re getting something,
you’re getting something, everyone wins. Our eighth strategy to
raise funds on social media is to promote AmazonSmile. So most of you are probably
registered on AmazonSmile so that if someone makes
a purchase on Amazon, your nonprofit can get half of a percent of that transaction. What most nonprofits don’t do
is post about that regularly. So you don’t wanna go overboard on this, but you can plan once a
month to remind people to start their shopping
with so that your nonprofit can
benefit from those purchases. So it’s just a small little tip, but if you’re planning your content, and you are being strategic, this is something you wanna
do about once a month. Our ninth strategy to
fundraise on social media is to do some kind of donation drive. So if your nonprofit can benefit from non-monetary donations, you wanna make sure that
you’re giving people the opportunity to do that. So maybe you set a
reoccurring theme or day where it’s the third
Wednesday of every month that you are accepting canned food. Or the third Friday of every month, you are accepting school supplies. If you can get consistent in how often you’re asking
for these donations, people will start to know, oh yeah, it’s the third Wednesday of the month, and the food bank is
collecting cans today. So this little, you know, start out small, but it can really amplify when people know that there
is a specific schedule, and people can remember
that on a frequent basis. Our 10th strategy is to
collaborate with influencers. So if you are wondering how you
can work with an influencer, leave a comment below. This could be a whole different video. But the idea here is to find
someone who has an influence in your same target audience. And if you can ask them to help you promote a fundraiser that you have, maybe they’re helping you promote the restaurant dining experience, or maybe they’re helping you promote the fun events
that you’re coming up with, the idea here is you can leverage people outside of your organization that have big social media following, so that you can get more exposure. And what you wanna do
with the influencers, just a quick tip, is you
don’t wanna start out with asking them for
something right off the bat. You want to introduce yourself, act like you would in real life, where you have the conversation,
get to know each other, and then down the line,
when there’s opportunities, you can ask them if they would
be interested in helping. So those are our 10 strategies
to fundraise on social media. They are strategic in the sense that you can use a lot
of content marketing. And you wanna make them reoccurring. So these aren’t just one-and-done things. You wanna start to be consistent, and promote them frequently. Get engagement and interaction and insight from your social media followers. And so we hope that you
found this valuable. If you are interested in learning more about donation driven marketing, we are creating a course just for you. We found that a lot of
nonprofits use digital marketing, but they’re not sure which result, or which strategies are
going to get results. So we’re putting together this course to help guide you with
a step-by-step roadmap. If you are interested
in learning about this when it launches, click the
link in our description, and you’ll be on our list to get notified as soon as it comes out. And we encourage you to
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great rest of your week! (uplifting music)


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