Social Media Star Accused of Anorexia

Social Media Star Accused of Anorexia

I want you to all take a look at these pictures So these photos you're looking at are from Popular YouTube star eugenia her physical [appearance] has sparked a wildfire of controversy not one But four petitions have gone out there to shut [down] her social media accounts due to what those folks believe is her dangerous Influence that she could be having on those potentially battling eating disorders although Eugenia Herself has never admitted to anorexia or Bulimia The question what we want to really talk about is what role social media can [play] in all this because you're really talking about two different stories here, which is obviously if eugenia Has an eating disorder? That is something that needs to be addressed in and of itself But then of course she has four and fifty two thousand followers on Instagram And I guess some of her followers have admitted that they're jealous of her thin look and That her look makes them feel fat, and so social media we've talked about it can be an incredibly positive thing folk but also it can It can be very dangerous. [no] I I feel for her I but she does not look good. I mean from a professional standpoint She she looks like she needs help. I mean that I mean she really looks amazing it no I hope she she seeks help for one. It's one of the things that Rosie I'm sure you have [an] unique [perspective] on because you have a big social Media following and It's a community [where] people can support one another they can tear each other down where people follow one another in Their habits whether they be good or bad? What role do you [think] social media plays in all this you know it plays such a huge role on being four hundred and twenty Pounds and having been there, and I was modeling I was criticized for promoting obesity at that size having lost weight Then I was criticizing [for] losing the weight, so social media plays such an iMportant [part] But I think as someone that's on youtube someone that's on social meeting you have you develop a social following you have a social [responsibility] to the people that tell you [I'm] being careful the message that you [send] out because these people Will follow things that you put out there, and if we're seeing that everything is okay? You know certain messages are okay to follow then people will follow but at the same time We don't know what her [story] is that's right. So story to jump they don't want with the stories Maybe she's dealing with an [erasing]. Maybe she's dealing with something else. That's causing her to go through that and People are taking out like this morning I saw some of the comments that were being placed they were telling her to slit her wrists And you know that she wasn't gonna believe because she was a skeleton who says that we need in a world That's full of so much hate we have to show that that's the other irony of this situation Is you can quickly become a social media star and as you mentioned if you're going through something? It can be thrown in your face and if you're struggling with the sort of last thing you need is [to] be criticized obviously the last thing we need also is people following and Looking at her and saying. Oh, I want to look that way. I'm jealous. I feel fat because I'm looking at your thin pictures We did reach out to her camp her management responded with the following. We're not looking to comment at this time We simply appreciate supporting her and her family while we help them work through this It's just when social media is such an interesting phenomenon, and I will say your case in particular also highlights Positivity needs to win out when it comes to supporting one another whatever she's going through I hope We don't know what she's battling She is beautiful and she has the choice to turn her life around if she chooses her Chooses to if that's something that's not healthy. It's a choice that she has to make and get the support [from] the right people We're so quick to judge and sometimes we just need to step [back] and be able to support and show love


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