SOCIAL MEDIA | Stand Up Comedy | Neeraj Sharma

SOCIAL MEDIA | Stand Up Comedy | Neeraj Sharma

Social media is a great thing. Whoever you got rid of in school college They are all back in life and this time they have come from all directions Facebook is there of course. People in jobs will definitely be there on Linkedin. Everyone has a print on Instagram too. Who went where. ate what Who went on what holiday. Snapchat The guy who looks likes a hippo has turned into a rabbit Woman has turned into a man Man has turned into a woman. Anything is going on. It was better earlier. My girlfriend in school thought she was my first girlfriend But she didn’t know that I had a beautiful looking neighbor and I had a kinda thing with her and in today’s time.. what colour dress your wife was wearing last night? Everyone in the world knows. They also know how much it costs and from where can you get it. Today every morning you have to like your boss’s picture and have to put a comment also. Sir, you are looking so cool. I love your Tie. I love your Shades. Thank God you are wearing it. Or else I’d have to look at your Frog like eyes again early morning.


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