Social Media Selling With Grant Cardone Pt.1

Social Media Selling With Grant Cardone Pt.1

all right I'm going to show you how to build out and how we built out right here in Miami our social media following boom okay grant cardone caricature all celebrities have caricatures not saying you need one but I want you to start with a photo put it on the whiteboard and I want you to label this manufacture celebrity okay that's short that's long for fu PR okay traditional PR if you don't know what that means call my office I can explain it to you so the first thing we did was identify the lines that we had available to us okay line Facebook line Twitter line LinkedIn awesome awesome awesome platform by the way with the messages on each three of these be different absolutely Google+ now why would I want Google+ different reason that I want these I don't want Google+ because people are reading I want Google+ for a lot of other reasons that I can explain in detail and you can see how I use basically to protect my reputation online what else do we have Facebook I got YouTube over here my friends over at YouTube I forget them most people don't even consider YouTube a social medium you take something I get more traffic from YouTube than any other single place and when you create these you start figuring out what am I gonna drop on each of these lines blogs right Instagram I'm not a I'm not a fan of Instagram my wife my wife at Elena Cardone loves her Instagram loves it I ignore watching it I dump on it every day alright what else do I have facebook fan page facebook fan page when that came out I made a big mistake of not thinking that I was going to be a celebrity in the beginning so I got facebook like many of you did maxed out my friends at 5,000 overnight my friends don't buy my products people I don't know buy my products so this is who we were going for here who does not know me not who does know me let's see what else do I have I got I got snapchat it comes out I'm like okay let's use it I don't know what it is eighty million Millennials are using okay Oh meerkat pops out what's meerkat I'm only the number one meerkat er on planet Earth I'll never relinquish that tark that goal periscope pops out periscope I'm one of the top-five periscopers on planet earth blab I know I'm no I'm not concluding everything what else do I have guys medium I got I can write articles on oh I forgot traditional TV oh forgot traditional radio okay oh oh how about how about Facebook streams or mentions okay I was invited by Facebook in the first week that they launched to not just be who was the ball headed duh the big ball player all the big celebrities that were getting to do mentions in your boy grant cardone yeah you think too much if you don't know me you can't buy from you if you forget me you won't buy from me okay now the question is this is just some of the mediums and you've got a favorite you have a favorite social medium really of what's your favorite okay because Mike my customers around the world or on all of these not one or two of these have I left anything out oh yes I have web cast how about web cast how about this oh I'm sorry iTunes okay iTunes okay how about this podcast with other people right how about how about I do some collaboration with Gary Vee okay or my foot huh or how about my friend Jeffrey Gitomer or how about my friends over it t-mobile that I'm doing something with how about I do something with the US Army it's only the biggest employer on planet worth how about I do this how about by the way that we actually get in control of our media by creating our own Network if you go to my GC my GC TV calm my GC TV calm that stands for Grant Cardone TV calm we basically created a network so that when we produce content on any these we push back to here now the question you're going to have is this right now you're butting up against the reality of your situation dude I wasn't thinking about all this right when I started doing this I started being hated by social media experts I'm not quite as hated by them now I'm probably indeed by them now they said that I was using too many mediums overexposed and too many messages okay look they were wrong and I was right bottomed on Donald Trump look Donald Trump is 28% of the Republican vote right now because he knows how to use one medium extremely well maybe Twitter and Facebook extremely well he's not using the rest of them very well but he knows how to use these two and he knows how to use TV extremely well so some of your ignoring traditional TV and radio because you have a Facebook page this is where your clients are now the question is this do you have the energy who's going to do it number two and three what content will you drop on these lines because the tweet that I drop is different than the Facebook pote post is different than the YouTube video is different than the blog I'm going to write or medium offer I got a couple other places I write HuffPost entrepreneur magazine Wells Fargo where else do I write oh I'm sorry grant cardone gctv com they let me write for as much as I want Forbes magazine Business Insider follow me


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  • Social selling is ultimately about building relationships. But, before you build them, you need to make sure you choose the social media platform Then, you can build new relationships, provide value to prospects and nurture leads
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  • Surplus Division says:

    FUPR = Freedom, Unity, Progress, Responsibility or Fat Upper Penis Region the only two things that came up when I ran a search.

  • Thank you for this information. These people hating in these comment sections saying you’re not “helping them” like they need 67 steps to do something. Type of people who need someone to shove a spoon in their mouth and teach them how to chew & swallow. Smh. What I got out of this video is that I can always do more. Thanks to you I re opened my Snapchat- my Twitter- and Facebook cause all I use is Instagram. I opened those channels back up. Now let me feed myself

  • I also think one of the most important points is Grant keeps saying he doesn't watch these platforms he dumps into him so he's letting us all know to stop being spectators thanks Grant

  • Subtractive Email says:

    Those of you being a little bitch about GC saying "nothing," you need to slap yourself awake and start listening and learning. When grant said "my friends don't buy my products, people I don't know buy my products. That's what we're trying to accomplish, reaching people that don't know me, not people that already know me." That opened my mind. Also, not discounting traditional media. Not just sticking to one platform. Knowing how to write, present, video, post different things on different platforms. You little bitches who refuse to think for yourself and FIND THE VALUE are destined to fail, because you're waiting for some super man wearing a cape to come spell it all out to you AND do all the work for you. Here's a tip – LEARN HOW TO LEARN.

  • Daniel Cornell says:

    all his videos suck. he doesn't say anything really. all he said is he uses all the social medias. that's why I watch Tai Lopez instead. Grant Cardone thinks he is too cool for everyone. he even thinks he is too cool for his audience. the only reason he makes money is because he is a pushy salesman. he barely even shares any helpful business tips. ok, only like one per video and on the cardone show he shares like one or two useful tips in like 3 hours. wtf? Also wtf is up with all his 1 minute videos?

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