42 thoughts on “Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)”

  • How many snowflakes does it take to make an avalanche? Non mutants don't stand a snowball's chance in hell in such a blitzkrieg! Non mutant? No such things, only question is form of mutation.

    Why muties needed to be detooled in first place I suppose, by putting power into their hands, we get that much more out of control?

    With so much small change jangling inside an impregnable piggy bank, in denominations so small it hardly matter what individuals want. Only the pig matters, the medium that defines the shape of our net worth?

  • People no longer conduct their own searches for news to products, due to 'social influence?' (Kids and the semi- adult herd or 'zombies,' perhaps…) But I will use 'social' for marketing and advertising, initially… because the atonotoms are 'impulse' buyers. ;-)))

  • Impressive vid, though there are some pretty large claims being made. 95% of all companies use Linkedin for recruitment? Intuitively that sounds wrong, and how could they possibly know?

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  • Ultimateinternetmarketinginfo says:

    This video highlights some really amazing statistics about how social media has become such a massive presence throughout the world and in our daily lives.

  • MrSinceIdonthaveyou says:

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  • Stats aren't really true… "…more Twitter followers than Sweden, Norway, Israel etc…."
    Sounds fun, but… No. Sorry.

  • Thermospecialist says:

    Social networking is a most successful invention by the few, to let the many work for them free of charge, so as to make billions on advertsing. It's only aim is to generate millions of visitors per day on a site, to attract paying advertisers. How do you get so many visitors, the vast majority of them remaining invisible in the crowd? That's the genius of it – let them believe differently by interconnecting them all with a personal profile – it runs by itself!

  • Sandeep Sandhu says:

    Social media will need to evolve faster than this, especially if it's to make videos like this not look like corny corporate period pieces as stimulus for dull conferences.

  • Joseph Heilman says:

    Very interesting. It would be even more compelling if we knew where all that information came from. Maybe they Googled it. LOL.

  • Charles Edwin Bbanda says:

    a great strategy can create monetary value out of social media – depends how you integrate and convert likers or friends to customers:….way to go

  • ALDAarchitects says:

    @kiriakost1969 Would love to be in Greece rather than cold and rainy Ireland, but must work like a slave to pay for the mistakes of Bankers!

  • ALDAarchitects says:

    Good video and facts well presented. However there is a downside, much of what is posted is just noise, and endless clutter. Social media is time consuming and often the time would be better spent building real networks instead of virtual ones.

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