SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr – 2018/2019 branding advice

SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr – 2018/2019 branding advice

hey guys welcome back to TohirT’s
channel Tohir is here I hope you guys had a fantastic week well one more week and
plus three days to go in 2018 I hope you’re all done with your holiday
shopping you’re back with your family enjoying your weekend getting ready for
the Christmas that’s coming up three days after this video’s going live into
this video we are going to talk about social media year in review I will
review four different social media websites that I’ve been using over the
last year and a half to promote this very channel and my personal brand with
hope that information I’m sharing with you today the pros and the cons for each
of these apps or websites will help you understand where to focus your attention
in 2019 let’s just jump straight into it and keep in mind in one of my prior videos
over here I spoke about why you should really focus on one to two social media
websites at a time and progressively increase your presence on the other
social media outlets because why would you go out there and waste your time on
four different channels if you’re not even sure which one’s gonna work for you
just FYI something to consider as you making the decision based on this video
now let’s start with Facebook it makes sense to start with Facebook because
they are an elephant in the room this website has almost one-third of the
entire population of the planet just stop and imagine one third of the entire
world this is just mind-blowing and this is also one of their main pros these
guys have a ton of eyeballs looking at their website every single day and it’s
very hard to tap into the same amount of people at the same time on any other
social media platform so Facebook kudos to you guys you got this point in your
bracket the other item in the process column are all the tools that facebook
offers between the basic stuff things that you can share images text videos
you can embed content from the other websites to things like ad management
the ad targeting is amazing multiple pages management you can manage
multiple pages at the same time besides your personal account and keep them
really separated and on top of that things like mass messaging premieres
stories and they stole the stories from snapchat different other things Events
Management all those things that can help you essentially run your business
out of Facebook because that’s what they’re trying to do they are telling
you we have the audience we have the tools come and
manage your entire business through our platform don’t go out there and use
wix’s or build your own websites these are the great things for anyone who
starts their small business but let’s take a look at the con section in that
column first and foremost is my main gripe with Facebook as a platform lackluster discoverability very recommendation engine sucks their search
is almost non-existent they’re tagging doesn’t even work properly I’m not even
sure sometimes how do tags help you discover a different content you can try
and go from page to page but unless you really have a really viral content or
you just spam your friends and your acquaintances to go and read share your
content I don’t even know how you can be found right now on top of that there’s
also this weird behavior that I’ve observed before I fully launched this
channel I had my page sitting there idle without any kind of content and I kept
getting likes from people I still have no idea what they were liking the page
there was nothing on it but the moment I start actively posting and sharing my
content there the traffic died down if you’ve experienced that or know at least
what that was all about just let us know in the comment section below I have no
clue this is big issue but to be fair I did hear the rumor Facebook is
considering placing ads within search so guess what they will have to improve
search they will have to improve discoverability to drive traffic to
drive users to use search function to show them the ads so let’s cross our
fingers that discoverability on Facebook will improve over the coming months and
years the other con that’s worth mentioning is Facebook too big to fail
you’ve heard how many times that Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg named their
CEOs came up in the news recently and it would always be in conjunction with
words like privacy issues fake news data issues and things of that nature so
there is a lot that is going on right now there and a lot of it is political a
lot of it just media lighting to beat up on Facebook for maybe just additional
clicks on their own pages so I don’t know I will not pretend that I know
where this is gonna go keep that in mind as you’re thinking about where do you
want to promote your brain the most because I think this is a very important
consideration I do believe that Facebook in their heart of hearts want to be a
positive force but all those things going on around
all those things that surround their brand name right now will negatively
affect your brand if the story continues let’s sit in observe
I think 2019 will be a telling year about the future of
Facebook as a platform in summary I think Facebook is great it’s a very
flexible platform that offers you an ability to share different kinds of
content so I give it a big bright and colorful be there but diversify to other
websites next on deck to review Instagram yeah I know I’m staying in the
family and for those of you who do not know Instagram is owned by Facebook
straight out of the gates we’re jumping into the price column and there is the clean
interface there UI user interface is amazing there is nothing between you and
the content that you’re looking at and I love that about it second on the list is
the app itself I think it follows the same spirit of the user interface
because it’s nice and clean and when you need to share content you can do it in a
few tabs as well as if you want to boost your content if you want to pretty up
the image a little they have a set of very nice and useful tools now jumping
into the cons column it is best for the images yes
their main benefit is also their quote on quote curse the fact that the platform is
built for sharing visual images of particular content or particular product
makes it very hard for other types of content to survive and get the same
eyeballs on it I learned it from my personal experience when I tried to
share small snippets of my videos on Instagram and they didn’t do nearly as
well as some of the other content so if you don’t have visual representation of
your brand in non video non text examples maybe Instagram is not yet a
platform for you second item in the column of the negative items is the fact
that Instagram is owned by Facebook I can already see how some of the sins of
Facebook slowly affected Instagram and with both cofounders of Instagram out
this year and Instagram being fully under that reporting structure of
Facebook we can see I think both negatives and positives of that kind of
a dominant relationship yes they are the owners they have the full ride of having
a say in how Instagram develops but I do think that depending which way Facebook
goes in I’m a follow and there is a chance we
might see both platforms either flourishing or falling together in my
summary Instagram is amazing if you have photos of your product or any kind of
visual representation of your brand but if you only have text or some
motivational posters we should really leave that kind of content away from
Instagram in 2018 so overall i DoubleTap on this platform and let’s scroll
forward third social media platform we’re reviewing today is Twitter I
noticed that in 2018 I use Twitter much more I think primarily because I
realized how great of a platform it is to stay in touch with your fan base to
stay in touch with people who you really care about it makes it super easy like
Twitter is amazing about it because I’ve never felt more in contact with my
favorite brands or with different celebrities that I follow on any other
platform compared to how close I feel to those people on Twitter the other great
benefit of Twitter is snek ability I’m not even sure if that’s a word what I
mean by that is Twitter is very easy to consume for example when you’re standing
in line for coffee you’re sitting in a parked car waiting for your date
or maybe you’re just at work and trying to take five minute break amazing place
to go to and scroll through these Twitter feed my only gripe with Twitter
is the fact that it’s a text-based platform I do see people trying to use
visuals in different ways some people leave them out to scroll some people use
them like a photo to attract attention to the text below the photo but I don’t
think it really makes sense it gifs are a whole lot of thing they’re amazing
anywhere I don’t know I just love gifs that’s my own thing and yes I pronounce
it as a gif but anything else besides text not really sure Twitter is the best
platform for that so in summary for Twitter my verdict is use it as your
customer engagement and support in addition keep your fans posted on your
latest activities clients will feel closer to you you will save money on
tools and finally those engagements you won’t require too much time from either
party win-win for everyone damn it too many characters give me one
second let’s try it again my verdict is use it
as your customer engagement and support tool plus you can keep your fans posted
on your latest activities which makes everyone feel closer how do I do much
better finally the fourth and honorable mention among the social media platforms
is tumblr the process column is full of things like ease of use very simple and
clean interface and ability to share various type of content from gifts and
images to text and videos alike the major con that in my opinion will change
the way tumblr is and will be in the future are the events and Transpired
this week for those of you who do not know tumblr became popular because of
their open policy they allowed any kind of content they allowed explicit content
compared to Twitter’s and Facebook and instagrams of the world who prohibited
even artistic nudity so that was their claim to fame that
open policy helped them to stand out in the crowded space of other social media
platforms but as of this Monday 5 days before this video is posted tumblr
banned all explicit content on their platform they enabled this new policy
that shuts down all type of content even majority of the artistic nudity as well
as all the accounts that are associated with that kind of content are turned
private automatically I think this is a terrible move for them I’m not trying to
say that explicit content was the only reason why people came to tumblr but
that’s what helped tumblr to stand out and without it they’re just yet another
Facebook or Twitter wannabe it was just different format of their content and
the unfortunate part is they’re owned by Verizon and they’ve been already
struggling enough with their revenue targets that Verizon had some concerns
about that acquisition in addition today they now start losing traffic that they
used to get from fans of those maybe more edgy kind of profiles you can
foresee the situation the Verizon just decides to pull the plug on the
investment into this product and the eventual downfall of this platform my
verdict for tumblr and I really really really hope I’m wrong
you guys should not be investing time in this platform in all fairness I will
continue delivering my content through this platform I love this platform I’ve
been on tumblr forever I have plenty of people who follow me there and guys
sorry for my pessimism about our favorite website but unfortunately I
cannot ask people who are just about to develop their brand to commit their time
to a platform that might not be there a year from now let’s see where the shock
wave of the event that transposed this week will take us where it will take
tumblr and we will probably revisit this topic in a few months maybe at the end
of 2019 and see whether it is still worth coming back and recreating your
breath presence on this website and for now as the things stand come and visit
our pages on tumblr but do not invest your own personal time go develop your
brand elsewhere yeah I’m really sad I really think it was a bad move what
about you guys do you use all this for social media platforms would you prefer
to focus on only a couple of them or are there other websites that I fail to
mention in this video that are worth revisiting in the second edition let me
know in a comment section below and this is all that I have for you guys
this week I know I skipped YouTube I just think it at least needs half off
the next video if nothing tired dedicate the video just to talk about it
plus there’s LinkedIn and snapchat there are some of the other newer social media
platforms that are keep popping up on the horizon so I’m super curious to hear
what you guys think let’s pick a few and come back to this topic thank you very
much for sticking through this video if you new to this channel go ahead hit the
subscribe button and check out the videos in the backlog and if you’re
already a subscriber thank you very much for coming back as always let me know in
the comment section below what you thought about this video and I will see
you all next Saturday 10:00 a.m. Eastern on this very channel alright this is it
for this video as of publishing date of this video we only have a few days left
in 2018 make the most of them go spend time with your loved ones with your
relatives with your friends enjoy your life in general and I’ll see you in the
next one peace you


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  • It’s amazing how huge facebook is, haven’t thought about that! But I also don’t really use it anymore. I like Instagram & YT; they are more entertaining. As for Twitter – I wish it was less toxic 😂 Merry Christmas! 🎄✨

  • P.S. unfortunately I think that anything Zuckerberg-related is now only promoting the sponsored content. I no longer use Facebook for business, it’s just too slow

  • Merry Christmas 🎄 speaking of social media…my favorite is Instagram. It’s visual and I find new features quite entertaining. Well, maybe except their attempt to replace YouTube with Insta live. Don’t have time for that!

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