Social Media Marketing – How to Convert Social Media Engagement to Customers

Social Media Marketing – How to Convert Social Media Engagement to Customers

You’re happy with your social media engagement, but now you want to turn those browsers into buyers. You are in a great position, my friend. Let’s talk about exactly how to do that. My name is Amanda Bentow from and one of the things I do is to help entrepreneurs create a really clear marketing message because oftentimes we are so close to our business that we actually end up explaining things in a way that our customers don’t understand. If you’re seeing social media engagement that you’re happy with but you just want more purchases, then you are in a great spot, my friend. You probably have people who are waiting to buy from you like they want to work with you. They just don’t know how. So there might be a few areas of disconnect you could be experiencing. So let’s dive into those and see if any of them are true for you and your business. First, we’re going to assume that your engaged audience is full of the right type of people. Okay. So if you are a wheat-filled bakery, we’re going to assume that you don’t have a whole bunch of people with celiacs who are following you that just like you but can’t buy. We’re going to assume that your audience is engaged and full of people who are potential customers that are right would be a right fit for you. The first potential problem is that people just aren’t sure why they should buy from you. Either they don’t know what you do or they’re not sure how that would make their life better. That is actually not a bad position to be in. It’s a pretty easy fix. Just start working more information into your marketing messages and your social media content about the specific problems that you help people solve and get specific here. So here’s an example. If you are a lettering business and you do hand drawn letters and designs for people, they might not be exactly sure how they could use that in their business or in their personal life. So give them an example like, that they’re looking for a great t-shirt design or a mug design for their new online store, but they just can’t find exactly what they want and that you can come in and provide a custom solution so they get exactly what they’re looking for and don’t have to waste their time searching any longer. That would be an example of how we clearly point out the problem and how you serve. It might be obvious to you, but your customer is not always making the connection. So we want to just give them examples of what the problem is in their life that you would help them solve. The second area where you might have disconnect is that they might not be sure that you are exactly the person that would help them solve their problem. And again, this is a simple fix, so provide some testimonials, give them some examples of people that you’ve worked with and how you’ve made their life better. If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a pool of clients that you’ve helped, then ask to help somebody for free in exchange for a testimonial. It’s a great way to be able to get some stories out there to be able to show the value, the benefit of what you do. And the third potential disconnect is that they just don’t know how to get started. Believe it or not, this is more common than you’d think. People just don’t know where to go and they hate asking questions because they feel like an idiot. So we want to make it really simple and clear that we have calls to action either in our social media or on our websites that are very specific and clearly tell people exactly where to go. We want to make sure our buttons stand out and that people know exactly what to do, where to go, and how to find us, giving them the link, making it easier. Those are all ways that you can help your customers get started with you the right way. When you start using this kind of language in your social media, you’ll start reducing the barriers between you and your customers and it’ll make it much easier for them to buy. And then soon you’ll be turning those loyal, engaged fans into loyal customers. Now, as you continue to build your brand on social media, I have some information that would be very helpful for growing your brand in a way that is totally unstoppable so that you can make more money and still have a life. I’m including a link below this. You can download a free copy of that PDF guide. It is just for you, and I really hope that that serves you well. If you’ve enjoyed this video, I’d love for you to leave me a comment or a question about something else you’re struggling with in your business. That way I can create more of the kind of content that serves you and helps you move the needle in your business. And don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and ring that little bell so that you can be notified the next time I post a video because it just might be an answer to the very question you’ve been looking for. And until next time, remember, your dream is worth fighting for.


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