Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents

Hi, I’m Sam Ashdown, and in this video,
I’m going to talk to you about How to Use Social Media Marketing as an Estate Agent. The biggest mistake that I see estate and
letting agents make in social media marketing is making it all about them. If you make it
all about you, why would anyone else want to read it? So, you know, tweeting your newsletter,
or just uploading your local press releases and onto Facebook, that’s not going to work
and people are not going to want to follow you and consume your content. As well as making
the content that you’re sharing on social media about them, about the people who are
reading it, you also need to decide first of all, what platform you’re going to use. Once you’ve decided the platform that kind
of helps you to craft the content, because then you will know more about the people who
are that are following you and you understand more about the culture of that particular
platform. So, for example, Facebook is very engaging,
it’s fast, it’s very visual, people share lots of videos and they want to see photographs
and videos of their family and friends. So you kind of understand the type of culture
on Facebook and you need to be guided by that with the kind of content that you have been
sharing. Conversely, you’ve got LinkedIn which is
a professional platform where people are much more likely to consume, say, an article that’s
a How to or a Guide To and perhaps that’s a really good place to find your landlords
as opposed to maybe vendors who might be on Facebook and Twitter. So why not pick 1 platform to get really,
really, good at first, and I would suggest Facebook- the go-to platform for vendors and
landlords despite what you might have heard on the contrary. Then, pick a second platform
once you get good at Facebook, you start to understand the culture and what people are
sharing because the second platform compliment your first. So if you’re predominantly sales, I would
go for Twitter as your second platform and if you’re predominantly lettings, I would
go for LinkedIn. That’s a really good compliment for Facebook and also for your content marketing
strategy. You really do need to embrace social media.
It’s very much here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. It’s where people
now want to consume their content. They don’t turn on the news or read the newspaper, they
go to their social networks and the news feeds on those. It’s a real opportunity to show that you
care, that you understand your local audience, that you want to engage with them, you want
to find local influences and to position yourself as an expert. So go out, enjoy social media, really try
and understand it and really connect with those people in a very caring and meaningful
way. Thank you very much for watching this short
video, I’m Sam Ashdown. Please subscribe, comment and share and I look forward to seeing
you on the next one. Bye for now.


One thought on “Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents”

  • Great video Sam, making the point that its not about the agent. It is so easy to forget this and rush ahead with the wrong content.

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