Social Media Is Making You Weak, WATCH THIS! Most Eye Opening Video

Social Media Is Making You Weak, WATCH THIS! Most Eye Opening Video

nowadays it's very easy to be a coward why we can in Spanish the problem our young people are having is that they live on social media and social media only shows you success so I get an email the other day this young man wants to be a ranger means a friend to go to Ranger School not because the heart of the training is but because he's afraid if he fails what people are going to say by just one thing in life it applies to everything in life eight-time you booth to try to be exceptional people aren't gonna like that number people it makes you feel like real judge you most folks don't tell you to your face they post about like cows though that care of one of the things that we know about life is that it is always changing sometimes you're up sometimes you're down sometimes things go real well and sometimes they don't sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're sad now that's that thing called life people who live on social media live on the mountains of your life but then when they cut off social media and they find the dip then they give the press because my life doesn't look like your pitch and when we begin to understand and know that accepting that reality that that we will never ever have things just on an even keel all the time but you're gonna have some upset you're gonna have some downs but during those down moments that's where the growth takes place so my reality doesn't look like your image and now I'm depressed because I can't get out of the dips with your real power is in the tips that's where the work is anybody can feel good when they have their health their bills are paid they have happy relationships the children are acting normal so you think you saw the most powerful parts of 2016 but but the Pink's are among the most powerful parts it's how do you survive the valleys anybody can be positive then anybody can have a larger vision then anybody can have faith under those kinds of circumstances am I correct see what the real challenge the real challenge of growth mentally emotionally and spiritually comes when you get knocked down into hell we went through in between the pictures that would make you respect the position the reason you think you can handle stuff you're not ready for is that we always show you the good stuff you


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