Social Media IRL

Social Media IRL

– Hmm-ah. Hmm-eh. mmm eh. (indecipherable mumbles) Robbie Hood. Robin Hobb. Sorry not Robin Hood. She sorta–It was actually the flyship traders Julia which is– – How was your weekend so far? – Yeah, I love the weekend. – Have you ever wondered what social media apps or websites would be like in real life? Oh, look. Here comes Facebook – Bup bup bup bup bup – Instagram. lookin’ sharp. – (deranged yelling) HeyaAeaAeaaahaeeaaeagh – Ah. Twitter. Come on in. – (quietly) Better watch out. – MySpace. Come on in. Join the party. – Myeurgh. Eurhm. – Look. Here comes Reddit. -(screeching)GYEEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! – LinkedIn (silence) – Oh look everyone. It’s Pixo. (Guitar solo) Here comes Uber. – I have to find homes for these gnomes. So many gnomes without (pitch lowered) their homes. – Imgur. Huh. – (high pitched squawk) Aaaauuuggh aauugh aaaauuuuuaaaaaaaAAAAAAA – Hey, look, it’s Pinterest. – Do you know where the pâté is? I’m looking for the pâté. – Don’t look now, but here comes Snapchat. – Someonedrankmycokewannaknowwho drankmycoke. Who drank my coke? – That you Zomato? Come on in. -(Echoey scream) mmmmmmAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH – Come in – A saucy night of cabaret. A saucy– – Hey SoundCloud. Come. Come in and take a seat. – (loud, effortful grunting) -Hey Tidal. -Man came in last night took m’wife’s pearls. Just came in through a window took em out the drawer. Didn’t even know ‘im. Ah, Patreon. Come on in (silence) Look everyone. It’s MailChimp. -♫ Shinka Unde- dum.Shumba daisy toozely da. Oofla zeekka coosita Oh! Umba zheshy ♫ – Hey Youfoodz (quietly steams) – MSN. – Yeah, I’m building a house. What’s it to ya? – Ah. Stickdeath. (Distant dog barking) Is that you, AltaVista? – (quietly) C’mere. Are you gonna come in? Are you gonna come in? -Ah. Steam. (hushed metallic sounds) Ask Jeeves. Come on through. – We didn’t land on the moon! – Funny or Die. You’re great. – nwod nellaf s’eH .nwod nellaf s’ymmiJ nisuoC .caM tnuA – Hey eBay. – (high pitched scream) EEEAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAEEEEeee (BEEP) EEEAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAEEEEeee – IMDB. (screams masked by static) G’day there Tumblr. (screams)AAAAAA – Hey guys, we’re expecting a lot of new viewers off this video. So we want to introduce you. We’re Aunty Donna. This is a sketch comedy channel. If you liked this video remember to like and subscribe to get more content. Share it on YouTube community. If you didn’t…if you thought we missed out on any websites or apps and thought they would make great people, mention in the comments. Maybe we’ll follow it up with a second video. For any of our old fans who don’t love this new direction we’ve gone in, please don’t unsubscribe. Although we do have some prank videos and some gaming reviews coming up. We will get back to some classic Aunty Donna sketch comedy in the coming weeks. Peace and love. #Aunty Donna theme


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