Social media for actors who do more than one thing (social media for multi hyphenates)

Social media for actors who do more than one thing (social media for multi hyphenates)

– Hey, guys, Heidi here. In today’s video, we’re gonna discuss the multi-artist dilemma. Should I have one social
media account or two? Now there are really two main reasons why you may decide to have
two separate Twitter accounts or two separate Instagram
accounts as a multi-hyphenate. First, if you’re a content creator, you may want one account
for you as an actor and a separate one for your content. And the second reason would be, maybe you want one account
for you as an actor, and one account for a
separate side business. Let’s start with the first scenario. Should he content your
create like a web series, short film, YouTube channel, or podcast be on your actor account? If you’re just starting out
and the content is yours, and it represents the type of
work that you wanna attract for your acting career,
then keep it simple and use your acting accounts for both your content and your acting career. If you go this route, I do
suggest you make a hashtag for your content, that way
if someone clicks on it, they’ll be taken to a
feed of just your content, and nothing else. For a lot of you, sharing that account with your actor’s life and your content, isn’t just simple, it’s smart. Think about, if your
web series in on YouTube and you’re telling people to
go follow you on Instagram, then you’re growing your
following for your web series and your acting career at the same time, since they’re on the same account. Now let’s talk about a few
reasons why this might not work. Well, number one, if your content is not on
brand for you as an actor, and it doesn’t really reflect
the type of work you wanna do, then I’d have a separate account. Also, if your content really takes off, and you wanna start monetizing it, you may consider having a second account, because you’ll have the
funds for somebody to run it. Now one other exception would be if you do this content with other people. So say you’re doing sketch comedy videos with a group of actors. Well, technically you all own the content. So it’d probably be easier
to have a separate account that you guys all can access. Now let’s talk about
whether that side business belongs on your actor account. To do this, we have to
ask three questions. First ask yourself, am I
trying to build two separate, totally unrelated businesses? An example would be using the
account for your actor’s life, but also using it for your
essential oil business, or your jewelry making business. These two things have a
totally different audience, and posting these on your actor account aren’t going to help
further your acting career. Now, a yoga teacher could post about their essential oil business because it all fits under
the umbrella of wellness. They would have the same audience. Likewise, an actor may be
able to share their actor page with their acting coaching business, or a musical theater performer
might be able to share their page with their
vocal coaching business, especially if it’s done under their name. These two things actually
compliment each other. Next ask yourself will
posting about these two things on the same account confuse new followers? If the audiences for these
two businesses are unrelated, you’re gonna have a really
hard time getting new followers because your captions and your posts are going to lack a clear focus. And number three, ask yourself, is there a conflict of interest? For example, if you edit actor
reels as a side business, then celebrating other actors’ reels or posting clips of other actors’ reels on your account for your acting career is a total conflict of interest. Even your side business
as a headshot photographer may be a conflict of interest, because you don’t want
someone you’re networking with to hop over and see
headshots of other actors. You want them to clearly see who you are. So if you’re trying to
decide whether or not you should have one or two accounts for your different talents, always ask yourself these three questions: Am I trying to build two
separate unrelated businesses? Will posting about both
businesses on one account confuse my new followers? And, is there a conflict of interest? If you answered yes to
any of these questions, then having two separate accounts
is probably the way to go. I’m all for working smarter not harder, but you wanna make sure your accounts clearly reflect who you are, and are helping you reach your
goals for your acting career. I wanna hear from you. Are you a multi-artist? Do you have different accounts for your different awesome talents? Hop in the comments below and let me know. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Here are some more resources for you to help you rock your social media on either one or two accounts, and I will see you on social. Bye. (upbeat music)


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  • Jennifer Aquino says:

    I'm an actor/producer, and I have a beauty/healthy/wellness business. As actors, it's important that we look and feel our best!

  • I'm a filmmaker and ultra runner and am about to participate in a really big running event. I know I want to start promoting that on my social media, but am NOT sure if I should just ease into sharing more running photos among my filmmaker photos, or do two accounts? I have running posts and highlights already on my instagram, but know I will need to learn more into that side of me in the coming weeks. I'd like to keep it the same account if I can…neither is really a business, both just "sides of me" thoughts??? Thanks! 😀

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