22 thoughts on “Social Media Exposing FAKE Rich People”

  • I had to re-upload this because the previous one bizarrely disappeared! Hope you enjoy!

    Another amazing new video coming up tomorrow! Got any titles you want made into a video? Let me know!

  • Did you happen to mention Trump in the last one. That might be why I don't think the president wants people knowing he's actually quite broke and in debt

  • we Indians are lucky that we don't have this type of investigation departments if not one third of our Indian population will behind the bars .. Cheers to our new fraud dumbass EVM choor modi

  • hidden Death129 says:

    Lil tay actually is Rich even tho she faked it at first due to her fame she got lots of money so stfu f

  • Tomas Lambert says:

    What the hell is that clickbait. It’s not someone acting rich, it’s a car with the chrome that comes off

  • Stay humble, save money and keep it Low profile that’s all that matters.. even if your rich don’t need to really boast about it.

  • The BlackCat says:

    People of the internet please answer this simple question:
    Does Jewelry benefit your life other than being a Target for Robbers? Why do people buy Jewelry?, watches are fine since it can tell you what time it is and quite durable but Neclaces,rings and earing doesn't YOUR'E JUST WAISTING MONEY FOR SOMETHING THAT WOULD MAKE YOU A BIGGER TARGET, and i don't hate them i depise them, if i have billions, i'll just buy house and car and live alone so i don't have to care about anyone other than myself

  • YO TENGO Official says:

    i just dont kill people until 2 alive including me i dont team up but i say "hey i its me and you soo.. Im gonna die now"

    Also my name is albertack when i am friendly and if you kill me your a bad bad person

  • Has gold wrapped car. FAKE RICH PERSON. Like come on the mod isn't effecting anyone so it may be a little stupid looking but really who cares.

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