Social Media Etiquette at Weddings | I Dos and I Don’ts | Mind Your Manners

Social Media Etiquette at Weddings | I Dos and I Don’ts | Mind Your Manners

(“Wedding March”) I’ve always known that you were gonna be the one standing here with me so with thing ring, I thee wed. (woman coughing) Guys let’s take it from the top and do the ring part again. Boomerang. Jackson Montgomery. You should never ever take any photos during the ceremony whether it’s happening in a cathedral or the backyard unless you’ve been explicitly asked to do so by the happy couple or they’re paying you because you are, in fact, the wedding photographer. Otherwise, the risk of ruining a sacred moment with a blinding flash or an obnoxious ring is just too great to warrant and mid-ceremony shots, no matter how tempting. ♪ He’d be the one to tell you all about it ♪ Thanks dad, this is beautiful. Absolutely sweetie. Oh, you deserve the best. Aw. Aunt Loretta, you’re here. I thought I was video chatting with your uncle but I think I may be actually streaming live on Facebook. Yes, I am definitely live. Your cousin Virginia wants to know why she wasn’t invited. Steven, are you crying? Oh, that’s embarrassing. Receptions are a different animal so the rules loosen up a bit where social media is concerned. Even still, it’s best to skip the photos and videos of the cake cutting and first dances as these are special moments that are best left uninterrupted but if you simply can’t live without a photo, be discreet, phone low, flash off, and no streaming. (upbeat music) Hey Jackson and Maribel. Today has been so much fun. We love you guys so much. Hey, Maribel, look at what I just learned. It’s called flossing. Everyone’s doin’ it. Hey, wanna see a cartwheel. Just one cartwheel, I’m really good at it. No, no, no, no, no, no. The rest of the reception is fair game so long as you’re respectful of the couple, the photographer and other guests. Don’t capture any moments that might be embarrassing or revealing and should you capture anything like that on accident, kindly delete it and carry on with your life. Thanks for watchin’ Mind Your Manners. Please be sure to like and subscribe to our page and, if you’re watchin’ on YouTube, please be sure to click the bell. Ding, ding, ding. (upbeat music)


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